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Frolicious is a multicultural online blog and was founded in 2013 by Jen Martens. It is dedicated to promote a cross-section of various information involving the African urban lifestyle. The intention is to share inspirations, pictures about our incredible diversity and beauty throughout the African Diaspora. Furthermore, would like to create a versatile and positive image by showcasing the fashion and entertainment industry with African influences and Frolicious beauties from all over the world.

We would like to spread the self-love with our blog and to empower other Frolicious sisters and brothers to feel the same. Frolicious Beauty comes in all shades.

Our philosophy is: “Be Frolicious – Be You”.

Frolicious was birthed in 2013 with the focus on bringing fashion professionals, students, blogger, vloggers, magazines, retailers and all those who are interested in African Urban Lifestyle together.

Meet Jen Martens (Founder)

image Black Women Bloggers   Germany 11   Froliciousimage Black Women Bloggers   Germany 11   Frolicious
 I am a state certified business economist and founder of Frolicious. I am blogging since July 2013 and I have not been offline since then icon smile Black Women Bloggers   Germany 11   Frolicious

I am of Ghanaian descent and based in Hamburg (Germany). Besides my blog I also work as a social media consultant for companies who are creating products or fashion for people of colour. Furthermore, I host a TV show called Africa Outlook which features news, entertainment, and fashion topics focused on the African Diaspora residing in Germany.

My favourite things to do are cooking, chilling with friends, reading and doing yoga.

My aim is to focus on creating an awareness that promotes the full supply chain of the African versatility whether it is about fashion, music or beauty. According to the African Heritage Magazin May/2014 I belong to the 100 most influential Africans in Germany 2014.


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Space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Source: The Guardian

After graduating with a BSc in physics, and later a PhD in mechanical engineering, from Imperial College London, she worked for the Ministry of Defence on projects ranging from missile warning systems to landmine detectors, before returning to her first love: building instruments to explore the wonders of space.

The telescope is just mind boggling,

she says of the Gemini instruments, her voice abuzz with her trademark fervour.

I like to call it a cathedral to science because sometimes I go out to Guildford Cathedral and [it has] this big vaulted ceiling. It is large and echoey, and the telescope is just the same.

Read the full interview on The Guardian.

Source: BBC

 Space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock

As a dyslexic child, Maggie found reading and writing in school difficult. Nonetheless, it was a book that changed her life. On its cover was an astronaut. As soon as Maggie saw that picture of a man floating without gravity in his amazing suit, she craved more information about space. Driven by a desire to understand how the universe worked, she studied science and went on to make new discoveries about space on her own. Maggie worked hard to overcome stereotypes by staying true to her goal. Despite not fitting the common image of a ‘serious, white male scientist’, she made it. Her message to others is simple:

Believe in yourself, and you can achieve so much.

Black Mental Health UK at 16th session of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent Geneva

Matilda MacAttram UNWGPAD Sesstion 2015 445x335 2 Black Mental Health UK at 16th session of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent Geneva
Human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK (BMHUK) attended 16th session of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (WGEPAD in Geneva last week as the work of implementing the International Decade of People of African Descent gets underway.

This annual week-long session held at the Palais De Nations in Geneva, Switzerland is convened for the Working Group of Experts to agree on the implementation on the Decade of People of African Descent and hear from  nation states, invited speakers  and civil society organisations that advocate for  or serve people of African Descent across the Diaspora.

Now that the UN Decade of People of African Descent has been announced BMH UK’s attendance at this year’s session is part of the campaigns groups work to ensure that this issue as it relates to the Diaspora in the UK is put on the programme of action  for this UN Decade so that some of the most disturbing human rights abuses faced by black people in need of mental health care living in the UK are addressed.

BMH UK presented a 10 page briefing to this working group on the human rights concerns that they have over the way black people living in the UK are treated by mental health services and the police when they are in need of mental health care.

During the week long session BMH UK’s director Matilda MacAttram raised the issue of the mass incarceration of people in the Diaspora in the criminal justice system, and also the issue of policing and it relates to black Britons from the floor of this form.

Connections were also made with many other civil society leaders and agengies around the world also fighting for justice for people of African Descent around the world.
Matilda MacAttram, director of BMH UK and Fellow of the UNWGPAD said: ‘There are very few arenas whether domestically or internationally where the issues that BMH UK have been campaigning on for a number of years now are prioritised. We have found the international human rights community at the United Nations here in Geneva very supportive of our work and now we want to turn this into more tangible action that will make a real difference  for the people that BMH UK have been set up to serve back home in the UK.

One of the reasons for attending this year’s session is that BMH UK are of the view that we cannot continue to see people from this community treated so badly by services that are supposed to help them  just because of the colour of their skin. It is not right that people from our community on psychiatric wards fear being restrained just because they are in distressed or over- medicated rather than offered talking therapies or counselling services that they need.

It is shocking to know that black people are locked up on overcrowded dirty wards fearful that staff will call the police in riot gear in a  hospital with taser, batons and CS spray if they decide a patient in distress is proving to be too much of a handful.

People are truly fearful of what might happen to them and this should not be so. BMH UK are here in at the United Nations so that the protections afforded to this group only on paper right now becomes a reality as is their human right.’

Delegates at this year’s session included Malaak Shabazz, daughter of civil rights leader Malcom X, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, Pastor Elias Murillo Marinez, member of the UN committee on the Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), UN working group expert Professor Verene Shepherd and current chair of the working group, Mirelle Fanon Mendes France.

Recommendations from this 16th session included establishing a Forum for people of African descent as a platform where individual nation states, civil society and the UN will strategise and plan concrete actions for the Decade.

Arlette Bomahou, 2 World champion title and 2-time European Champion title in power lifting in 2013 and 2014.

92470A0C B235 4C71 85DF5D823CDE17E7 W630 H403 Arlette Bomahou, 2 World champion title and 2 time European Champion title in power lifting in 2013 and 2014.

Arlette Bomahou is a 39 years French native lady living in Dublin, Ireland for the past 9 years, She is a full time student in digital and social media marketing in Blackrock Further Education Institute. She works part time looking after social media marketing for Tony Quinn Health centre.

Arlette is a member of the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association since August 2013, and member of the Dundrum South Athletic club since November 2013

Experience in training:

10 years of weight training and 1 year of strength & conditioning

Qualification in Sports:

Level 3 Gym instructor and Level 4 Personal trainer certificate recognized by REP in May/June 2014

75E9495D C122 4D84 AC4003B5F84FC161 Arlette Bomahou, 2 World champion title and 2 time European Champion title in power lifting in 2013 and 2014.

In her own words:

Who I am.

I am 39 years old, born in North of France in Caen in 1975. My mother is from Togo and my father from Benin they both moved to France in the 70’s to study French.

When I was a teenager I was very good at sport but didn’t take it seriously. I was practicing athletics and basket-ball. My dream was to be an air hostess and live in the states. Michael Jordan and Carl Lewis were my ultimate heroes. I was big into Madonna too, I wish I could be as extroverted as she was as an artist. I always felt I would live abroad or travel a lot. I was always fascinated about foreign languages and cultures.

My passion for sport and foreign languages took me to Amsterdam where I lived for nearly 6 years. I worked for Nike and loved it then I decided to move to Ireland to discover a new country and culture. After 9 years living in Ireland I am still enjoying it and hope to raise a family here.

Reason why I decided to get into power lifting:

I have been doing weight training for the past 10 years in order to get into better shape and live a healthier life style. It has helped me to lose up to 10 kg but more importantly to improve my body shape and level of fitness. If it was not for my personal trainer Adrian Quinn with whom I have been working since 2010, I would never have tried to compete in Power lifting.

He saw potential in me I was not aware of. In 2011 he suggested that I should compete, but I didn’t have enough confidence back then. In August this year I turned 38 years old and I decided I needed to achieve something for myself before I turned 40. So I jumped in at the deep end by participating in my first competition in Cork in August 2013 in the Mardyke stadium. Since then I fell in love with this sport.

 My achievements to date:

EC402997 A4A1 4695 B0B93BE042994D59 Arlette Bomahou, 2 World champion title and 2 time European Champion title in power lifting in 2013 and 2014.

-World champion title in Dusseldorf in Single World championship on Sunday 8th June 2014, broke World record in division equipped deadlift with 162.5kg, Silver medal in unequipped deadlift with 167.5kg

-World Champion title in Glasgow in full power World Championship on Saturday 2d November 2013 (Squats: 102.5 kg, Bench press: 62.5kg and deadlift 160kg)

European champion title in full power Championship in Belfast on Saturday 10th May 2014 (Squats: 100 kg, Bench press: 57.5 kg and deadlift 165kg)

European champion title in single lift Championship in Gorey co. Wexford on Saturday 13th September 2014. Broke World record in equipped division with Deadlift @ 175 kg

From 12 – 28 June 2015, Arlette will be a volunteer at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, involving more than 6,000 athletes from the National Olympic Committees of Europe across 17 days of competition, in what will be the largest sporting event in Azerbaijan’s history.

Live 12 April: Sylvana Simons – captivating TV audiences in the Netherlands

sylvana Live 12 April: Sylvana Simons   captivating TV audiences in the Netherlands
Sylvana Simons was born in Suriname and grew up in Amsterdam. From 1995 to 1999 she presented the radio program Sylvana’s Soul and was dubbed the Dutch Queen of Soul. Sylvana in 2000 began presenting TV programs like RTL Live, TV agency and Dancing with the Stars.

From 1999, she presented her own talk show every Sunday on Radio 538. From 2001 to 2003 every Friday she has her own program Sylvana’s Soul on North Sea FM. From July 2009 to September 2010 she made every weekday program Sylvana’s Choice.

Since September 2011 Sylvana is back on Radio 6 Soul & Jazz! Every Monday (23-1) in Radio 6 Presents: Sylvana Simons brings them the best soul classics, new discoveries and soul homegrown talent!

April 12 event in Amsterdam

Sylvana feat 700x432 Live 12 April: Sylvana Simons   captivating TV audiences in the Netherlands

April 12 at 7pm

*Rough event translation

Let’s bring back the soul!

Sylvana’s Soul Live is a spectacular, musical talk show where Sylvana Simons receives top musicians and music lovers.

With the arrival of her weekly show TMF Sylvana’s Soul, Sylvana Simons continued in the 90s soul and R & B for good on the Dutch music map. It earned her the nickname “The Dutch Queen of R & B” on.

In a unique live experience down memory lane in the Amsterdam North Sea Jazz Club, she blows from April 12 each year the music, but also the image of that time new life.

Assisted by DJ, band leader and music connoisseur Dillon Lewis, Sylvana receives artists who share their love of music through interviews and live performances and take us to the origins of contemporary black music. Marvin Gaye, Nile Rodgers, Jodeci and Mary J. Blige to Pharrel, Angie Stone and Justin Timberlake. Old soul, funk and disco and through swing beat to the R & B today.

The crowd enjoying a show with live performances and a special soul food menu, and of course we end the evening swinging on the dance floor with DJ Dillon behind the decks!

Line up & special guests T.B.A.

North Sea Jazz Club
Pazzanistraat 1
020 7220 980

pixel Live 12 April: Sylvana Simons   captivating TV audiences in the Netherlands