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Black Women in Europe

People on the Move

2019 Eurostat digital publication Eurostat has recently published People on the Move – Statistics on mobility in Europe, a new digital publication showing the latest figures on mobility in Europe through short texts, interactive visualisation tools and infographics. The data focuses on immigration, residence permits, commuting between regions, tourism and transportation. The new website allows users to …

Black Lives Matter Oxford
black England, black UK

Do “black” lives matter in Oxfordshire?

Oxford People Need to Know if “black” lives matter in Oxfordshire?  1: Why are Police Constables unable to arrest African-skin people without using a level of violence which contributes to their death? 2: What advice should we give to Oxford’s African-skin people to prevent them from becoming the next Police fatality?   You can help prevent …

Self Love

OYA Weeklong Retreat in Taliouine Morocco

Join the OYA team for a week away in Morocco. The retreat will include yoga, meditation, vegan meals, local activities as desired by the group as well as leisure time for exploring, resting and relaxing.  Tuesday, September 24, 20194:00 PM through Saturday, September 28, 201912:00 PM Theme Our first annual retreat to Morocco is a big …

Tabitha James Kraan
Self Love

Use Tabitha James Kraan’s haircare for self love and love of the world

She made me cry at Stockholm Beauty Week Her presentation was so passionate about why she started her hair care line that I cried during a film she showed emphasizing the world’s current state of environmental affairs. I remember baby whales dying 🙁 The video above shows my test of her Organic 4 in 1 …

black Scandinavia, black Sweden

Sonya A Andersson Beat The Swedish Odds

This sister in Stockholm did what the industry thought she couldn’t. She organized the first ever Scandinavian International Fashion Week in Stockholm and the catwalk was the world famous City Hall! KUDOS Sonja A Andersson! When I tried to get into Stockholm Fashion Week my emails were never returned. It was then that I decided …

Hollywood Skin
Self Love

Hollywood Skin for my Dark Circles – Let’s Give it a Try

I’m using Hollywood Skin, skin care made in Sweden, to target the dark circles under my eyes. I discovered them at Stockholm Beauty Week and and giving them the full jar test. Here’s my kick off. In 30 days I’ll make another video to see if the appearance of my under eye circles has improved.

Women & Money

What to Do if You Can’t Afford to Invest Yet – Make Money Monday

Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay. Every money move you make today is something Future You will thank you for. So if you don’t have the wiggle room to invest right now, here’s what Ellevest recommends. “We want you to meet Ellevest because Black Women …

Black Chibi Magic
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Lola Atobatele’s Mini Key Chains are Black Chibi Magic to Go

Which One Will You Bring Home? What black child wouldn’t love a black doll in their image? I now I loved my Julia doll growing up. Maybe I had others, but she was my favorite. Forget Barbie, I had Julia! And I put her in my Barbie Country Camper. Lola started making these mini dolls …

Women & Money

Make Money Monday – 4 Money Moves for LGBTQIA+ People and Allies (and Why They’re Important)

Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay. We aren’t going to sugar-coat it: Members of the LGBTQIA community have to push harder, especially when it comes to money. But there are always things you can do to move forward, especially when we all work together. Here’s …

Scandinavian International Fashion Week
black Scandinavia, black Sweden

Sonja Andersson is Bringing Scandinavian International Fashion Week to Stockholm

The idea Scandinavian International Fashion Week aims to showcase the art of fashion designers from all around the globe. During 3 days, the catwalk is open to innovative designers and brands, who stage their upcoming collections to international press, buyers and influencers. The catwalk also welcomes new talents, as we believe in opportunities and understand …

Women & Money

Make Money Monday (on a Tuesday) – Money Cheat Sheet

Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay. There are so many things that could be put on a “cheat sheet” about women and money. Ellevest has started with eight big ones. Here’s the financial advice they think every woman should know. “We want you to meet Ellevest because …

Depend Cosmetics
Self Love

Depend Lashes and @marceljehrlander Gave. Me. Life. at Stockholm Beauty Week

Depend was giving people life at Stockholm Beauty Week by doing brows, lashes and nails. While there were several lovely technicians there I saw @marceljehrlander and wanted his services for my lashes. I wanted his lashes if I’m honest. And I wanted him to beat my face. But they weren’t providing makeovers, just brow overs, …

Self Love

Gildaskolan Did My Brows at Stockholm Beauty Week and They Have Never Been Bolder

Brows make the face, right? They frame, they can open up and they can crush you if you have them all wrong. I got my done at Stockholm Beauty Week. I am lucky to have full brows but with full brows comes responsibility. If they are not groomed they can look wild. Time to take …