Serena strong at the start

In 30 appearances in Grand Slams, Serena Williams has never lost in the first round. “Touch wood that record continues,” commented the American former champion after defeating Bulgaria???s Tsvetana Pironkova yesterday. ???It might happen one day, but I???m really proud of that record.” The number eight seed???s earliest defeat in a Grand Slam came in her very first event, the Australian Open back in 1998.

French Open – Venus through

Former world number one Venus Williams overcame a stuttering start to beat teenaged French wildcard Alize Cornet 6-4 6-3 and reach the second round of the French Open in Paris on Monday.

The match was delayed by almost three hours because of rain and Williams looked out of sorts early on. The pair were locked at 4-4 before the American, seeded 26, reeled off eight of the next 11 games for victory.

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African Day against G-8 in Germany 2007/Berlin

At the moment various forums in Berlin are discussing the future of the African continent. One thing is quite clear ??? although Africa needs the support of the industrialised nations, the continent offers fantastic economic opportunities. Policy on Africa will thus be high on the agenda of the G8 Summit soon to be held under the German Presidency.

For over 500 years the relationship between the western powers and Africa has been the continues plundering and denigration of the African continent and its people by the westerners. A crucial aspect of labour, made the Europeans to storm Africa in search for labour force for the production of products like tobacco, sugar, cotton, coffee and gold. This was realised through the inhuman enslavement of Africans, the very first and indelible inhuman crime committed against the African people by the Europeans and Americans.

During this era, Africans were brutally caught, abducted and transported by Europeans under critical conditions that let to the lost of lives of millions. Those who successfully arrived Europe and America were forced to work in plantations and other life destroying sectors of the economy for very long hours without rest. This unforgettable human brutality led to the production of the above mentioned goods that were sold in Europe and America and the profits enormously contributed to the riches of these continents.

Another crime against the African people and their continent took place in 1884, in this event, the Europeans made the second strong waves of movement into Africa. These strong waves was branded colonisation. Europeans like priests, traders, farmers and administrators saw Africa as a spring board of charge to escape from the abject poverty churning Europe at the time in search of a better life. The decision to make these moves was reached in Germany in a conference known as The Berlin conference 1884.

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Angriff auf die Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh

In der Nacht zum Montag, den 14. Mai, wurden mehrere Geb??ude und Mahnmale in Dessau mit Hakenkreuzen und SS-Runen bespr??ht, unter anderem das Telecaf?? ??? Treffpunkt der Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh in Dessau ??? in der Friedrich-Naumann-Stra??e und eine Gedenkstelle, die an die Deportation der Dessauer Juden und die Zerst??rung der Synagoge erinnert. Das Telecaf?? war bis Februar 2006 im Besitz von Herrn Mouctar Bah, Freund des in einer Dessauer Polizeizelle lebendig verbrannten Afrikaners und bundesweiter Sprecher der internationalen Kampagne ???Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh???.


Corporate Counsel Women of Color

This group is having a networking event in Paris this July!

Corporate Counsel Women of Color (SM) is a 501 (c ) (3) not-for-profit organization of women attorneys of color who serve as general counsel, assistant general counsel, corporate counsel, in-house legal counsel, and in other capacities for Fortune 1000 companies, Forbes 2000 companies, not-for-profit corporations, and other entities in the United States of America and abroad. Read the founder Laurie’s bio, and their event schedule.

Rachida Dati

For the first time in French history, the cabinet includes almost as many women as men. Seven of the 15 ministers are women, among them Rachida Dati, a young lawyer and the daughter of North African immigrants, who will head the Justice Ministry.

Commentators said that Sarkozy, the son of an Hungarian immigrant, had made an important move in appointing Dati to the Justice Ministry.

“This is not an Arab in charge of Arabs, it’s a woman of North African descent running one of the most important ministries in the government,” said Yves Michaud, a French philosopher.