Black Women in Denmark Picnic

Black Girl on Mars (BGOM) in organizing a picnic for Black Women in Denmark.

What: Black Women in Denmark Picnic!
Who: Black Women in Denmark & Kids
When: Saturday August 9th , 2008 (Noon)

rsvp by July 31st

We will need drinks, salads, breads, main dishes. Please let us know what you intend to bring.

Contact BGOM via her blog if you would like to attend. Remember, the picnic is for Black Women only and their kids.

Young Motswana Entrepreneur Shines in Sweden

Hat tip to Time Out

TIME OUT caught up with Ayesha Bontle Quraishi, a Botswana born entertainment entrepreneur who now resides in Sweden

Interview By: Thabiso Maretlwaneng on her recent visit to the country of her birth as part of a Swedish Embassy initiative.

Aisha is poster the poster child for ambition. Not content with just being an accomplished hip-hop artist with four albums under her belt, she also has her hand in fashion design, filmmaking, television presenting on Swedish TV1, motivational speaking, lecturing and she runs a fully fledged multimedia production company.

Gazette: Where and when were you born?
Ayesha: I was born in Ramotswa in 1981 and my mother comes from Manyana and my father is an Indian-Swede.

Gazette: How long have you lived in Sweden?
Ayesha: My father moved to Sweden when I was 6 years old, but he traveled a lot around the world. I lived in Tanzania for 4 years, Zimbabwe for 2 years and also in India. I came back to Botswana when I was 18 and worked for the Swedish Friendship Association in Gaborone for a year and went back to Sweden.

Gazette: How did you get into the music industry?
Ayesha: After I finished my Natural Science in A-levels, I decided not to go for university but instead get into the music industry. In 2003, I recorded a controversial demo tape and sold a copy to a well respected club and radio DJ. It got airplay on radio. I went to Universal Music and the CEO liked it but they wanted me do commercial music instead of political issues. I love politics.

Read the full interview.

I just found out the I will be a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention in Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blogging colleague African American Political Pundit has invited me to join his team in Denver in August as a credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention!!!!!

I’m so excited. Now I have to raise the funds to attend and participate.

You can help:

Pass this on.

Paulette West

Paulette West has been recognised in The Queen’s (Queen Elizabeth of England) Birthday Honours List for an MBE for services to Banking & Business for Black Minority Ethnic people.

Here is how Paulette describes herself:

I started out as a 16 year old typist for Barclays Bank and have worked there in Managerial Positions – last position was a High Performing Organisation Manager responsible for looking after 33 sites of Barclays Bank consisting of 1,500 Managers and staff in terms of cost challenge, improving customer service, performance improvement of staff, Management and procedures.

I am the CEO of g.a.p (growing aspiring people)

I am the Director of The Black Pound

I have organised numerous Employee Volunteering Schemes in the BME community – i.e. Schools – I set up a Reading Support Programme, Hospitals – Took kids who were HIV affected on outings, Organised Playground and Youth Centres Makovers amongst others

I am the Chair for the Social Welfare and Counselling at the African Caribbean Leadership Council
I have been the Regional London Leader for the Cultural Diversity Network in Barclays Bank

I am the Events Executive for the Black Fundraisers Network

I am the Chair for Ivy Entertainment – A Performing Arts Company

I am a Connector for Make Your Mark

I am an Ambassador for Spark/Make Your Mark – Womens Enterprise Network – Make Your Mark

I have raised over ??250,000 for various different charities

I have written several articles for The Voice Newspaper and Engage Magazine

I act as a mentor to people starting up their own businesses, people within the community and young children

I am an Inspirational, Motivational Speaker

A Complexion Change Vision II – The Collegium Forum and TV Program, Berlin

***SPECIAL Edition – REPEAT***
JUNE 23, 2008
6.00-7.30 pm/18.00-19.30 Uhr

In addition
Internet Stream: www.

Vision II

THE COLLEGIUM – Forum & Television Program Berlin
in co-operation with
Offener Kanal Berlin

Production & Direction
Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith, (co-founder/producer/director)
Fountainhead?? Tanz Theatre
Black International Cinema Berlin
Cultural Zephyr e.V.

via Television, Internet, Radio in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic


Intercultural Dialogue within a Migratory Society
The future is with us, how do we respond to the inevitabilities of population change,
clash or cooperation?
Partial Portrait / Past, Present, Future?
A relationship of Europe to the world and the human contributions to a developing Europe, at the dawn of the 21st century.

Interkultureller Dialog in einer Migrationsgesellschaft
Die Zukunft ist heute.
Wie reagieren wir auf die Unabwendbarkeit der Ver??nderung der Bev??lkerung?
Konflikt oder Kooperation?
Teilportr??t / Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft?
Eine Beziehung Europas zur Welt und der Beitr??ge der Menschen zu einem sich entwickelnden Europa, im Anbruch des 21. Jahrhunderts.

Moderator: Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith
Fountainhead?? Tanz Theatre / Black International Cinema Berlin /
THE COLLEGIUM – Forum & Television Program Berlin / Cultural Zephyr e.V.

Oral Presentation
“Our World Between Diversity and Coming Together” /
“Unsere Welt zwischen N??he und Distanz und zwischen Dialog und Monolog”
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Director, Sudanese Association
Betriebsrat, Phoenix Pharmacutical


Visual Presentation
Sonjah Prinz, Germany und Esterina Petrauschke
“One World Children’s Musical”
Kinderperformance / Part I

Oral Presentation
“Diverse & Together” / “Vielf??ltig & Gemeinsam”
Sonjah Prinz


Oral Presentation
“Reflections” / “??berlegungen”
Gary Wiggins, USA/Berlin
Program Director, Music as Cultural Diplomacy
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Oral Presentation
“Questions about Identity” / “Fragen zu Identit??t”
Mark C. Donfried, USA/Berlin
Director, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


Oral Presentation
” Un Changement d’image ?? la fran??aise:
le multicultarisme fran??ais et le cas des banlieues” /
” A Complexion Change ?? la francaise:
French multiculturalism and the case of the suburbs”
Harry Louiserre, Gaudeloupe/France/Berlin
Managing Director, Classic In Black


Oral Presentation
“YES, WE CAN – The International Impact of Barack Obama” /
“JA, WIR K??NNEN – Barack Obama Und Sein Internationaler Einfluss”
John Matip Eichler, Germany
Manager, Swiss Bank Berlin


Music and Spoken Word Presentation
A Complexion Change Orchestra

“A Complexion Change” (An Original Composition & Oral Presentation)
Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, USA/Berlin
Saxophonist/Composer & Conductor

Guest Artist
Guitar Crusher, USA/Berlin
Guitar & Vocals

“As Long (there’s a Soul there’s Hope)”
Jumaa Alexander Prvulovic, Germany
Vocals/co-composer for “A Complexion Change”

“Gather Your Men And Prepare Your Women”
Yamil Borges, USA/Berlin
Spoken Word

Jeremy Green, UK/Berlin

Ramani Krishna, India/Berlin

Rico McClaren, USA/Berlin

Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Berlin
Mahgoub Eltayeb, Sudan/Berlin
Lola Zuckermann, France/Berlin
Anke Broszio, Berlin

Rolf G??nsrich, Berlin

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith/The Collegium, U.S.A./Berlin
Angela Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin
Marion Kramer/The Collegium, Berlin

Cordula Alkert/The Collegium, Berlin
Thomas M. Wendt/The Collegium, Berlin
Martin Kersten/The Collegium, Berlin
Tom Penman/The Collegium, Scotland/Berlin

For further information & photographic impressions,
please visit THE COLLEGIUM website.

The Collegium TV Program Berlin 22 June 2008

produced & directed by/produziert und geleitet von
Fountainhead?? Tanz Theatre/Black International Cinema Berlin/Cultural Zephyr e.V.

Offener Kanal Berlin (OKB), Open Channel Berlin
Voltastr. 5, 13355 Berlin-Wedding

***LIVE Edition***LIVE Edition***LIVE Edition***
JUNE 22, 2008
9.00-10.00 pm/21.00-22.00 Uhr

In addition
Internet Stream: www.

“Festival Impressions 2008”
XXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin 2008
Direction/Narration: Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith/Fountainhead?? Tanz Theatre

“Quatro Movimientos por el Cuerpo”
Direction: Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau, Colombia/Berlin 2007

“Faith in Change, the Arrival of Barack Obama”
John-E. Matip Eichler

Choreography: Matthew Thomas
Dancer:Claire Carthew

“Time Flies”
A performance of photograph, dance and music
Akira Ando/Direction, Compositions
Susanne Wegener/Choreography, Compositions
Liebhard Zimmer/Photographs
Mayumi Fukuzaki/Dance
Shiu-Chin Yu/Dance
Orchestra Ignabru
Rainer Korf/Violin
Kai Naeve/Drums, Percussion
Nobuyasu Furuya/Bass cl, Flute
Susanne Wegener/Piano, Voice
Akira Ando/Kontrabass, Cello