Black British Woman Facing Execution in Laos

Several of my colleague bloggers in the AfroSpear have been covering this tragic story including African American Political Pundit, Aulelia, and Field Negro.

I encourage you to read their posts as combined they provide extensive details and insight. Here are the bare bones:

1. Miss Samantha Orobator, 20, from London was arrested last August at Wattay airport in Laos.
2. Prosecutors claim she had 680 grams (1.3lb or 21 oz) of heroin in her luggage.
3. According to the legal campaign group Reprieve she has not met a lawyer since she was arrested 9 months ago but it is believed that she denies the drugs were hers.
4. The death penalty is mandatory for possession of over 500 grams of heroin in Laos.
5. Miss Orobator became pregnant in prison.
6. There is a clause in Laosion law which prohibits the execution of a pregnant woman.
7. Miss Orobator was allowed to see a British government official on Tuesday but refused the chance to speak to a lawyer.
8. The Laotian government will provide Miss Orobator with legal counsel, and the justice ministry is compiling a list of lawyers from which she will be able to choose.

9 thoughts on “Black British Woman Facing Execution in Laos

  1. makes you wonder why we only just started hearing about her case. she must have been raped in prison and apparently it is her 2nd pregnancy kmt

  2. Wow this is crazy. It's 2009. This is really sad. I'll keep her in my prayers.

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