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The Black Women in Europe™ Social Media Group is the funnel through which information is shared from Black Women’s Organizations across Europe.

We leverage the power of the Internet, social media and word of mouth to empower black Women in Europe because as we all know, information is power.

We share a list of organizations across Europe that serve black women.

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Breast Cancer and Women of African descent information event in London

Saturday 29 May 3.00pm to 5.00pm

Roxy Bar, 128 Borough High Street, SE1 (next to Sainsburys) Tube: London Bridge

Entry: over 18’s only £5.00 admission, pay on the door

Bring pen and pad and be on time.

This presentation by Sister Abi* aims to empower women with information to help defeat breast cancer. It will cover:

* The reality of risk rates for black women; how white women skew the risk indicators
* 5 steps you can take to reduce your risk ,
* How not breast feeding can increase your risk
* What food and lifestyles increase liability
* The signs that ensure early detection.
* How such information is made difficult to access (there has only ever been one study on how cancer affects black women in the UK)

*Sister Abi holds a first degree in Medical Bio-chemistry, a masters in Clinical bio-chemistry and is pursuing another masters in Public Health. She is currently Programme Manager for an infomatics project for a major cancer charity and will be in the next edition of the New African Woman magazine for her cancer prevention work.

Help Benedicta get funding to work with her chosen charity for a year

Plan Ireland’s “Because I am a Girl” Ambassador, Benedicta Attoh, needs your vote to win the final place in the Vodafone Ireland Foundation World of Difference competition which funds outstanding individuals to work with their chosen charity for a year.

“Many girls are not so lucky as me “ Benedicta says. “For most young girls, the experience of a forced marriage is one of domestic violence, pain, frustration, anger resentment and even death. For some the wounds never heal, for others the scars never fade but for all survivors, the memories never die”.

Place your vote today.

Two of the three Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Hosts are black women

These ladies will be seen by approximately 120 million views over three days (25, 27 and 29 May 2010).

Haddy Jatou N’jie

Haddy Jatou N’jie (born on the 25th of June, 1979) is a Norwegian singer, songwriter, author and journalist. She holds a degree in journalism from the Oslo University College. Haddy began her television career as a news journalist for NRK. She has since expanded to work on a broader field, and is today recognized as an author, journalist, playwright, musician and a singer. Last year, Haddy hosted one of Norway’s largest TV shows, the yearly TV-Aksjonen, collecting money to charity through an 8 hour live broadcast on NRK.

As a solo artist, she has released three albums: White Lies, Welcome Home and World of The Free. She has toured the country several times, together with Concerts Norway, and produced several full-night performances with her comedy group Queendom.

Haddy N’jies father is from the Gambia, her mother is Norwegian. She grew up in Kolbotn, southeast of the capital Oslo. She fondly remembers Norway’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest of 1985 with Bobbysocks. Haddys mother had to draw a large cross in the roof of their living room as she had lost the bet with daughter Haddy, certain of Norwegian victory. In the Norwegian edition of Who’s Who?, Haddy N’jie is considered one of Norway’s ten most influential professionals with a multicultural background.

Nadia Hasnaoui

Nadia Hasnaoui (born on the 10th of June, 1963) is one of Norway’s most acclaimed and experienced television hosts. Nadia has broad experience from nearly twenty years in television, working for both of the two largest Norwegian stations, NRK and TV2. Nadia grew up in Morocco with a Norwegian mother and a Moroccan father. In 1967, Nadia moved back to Norway, where she went to a French-speaking kindergarten.

Nadia Hasnaoui began her television career at NRK in 1991, hosting the pan-Nordic children’s show Myggen. In 1993, she moved to TV2, and throughout the 1990s, Nadia led many of TV 2’s most popular shows. Many Norwegians remember her portraits of Norway’s King Harald and Queen Sonja. She also became known through the shows God morgen, Norge! (Good morning, Norway!) and Jakten på det gode liv (Chasing the good life) as well as her own talkshow, Hasnaoui.

Nadia came back to NRK in 2004, and hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that year. For the past four years, she has presented the popular weekly quiz show Kvitt eller Dobbelt, airing prime-time on NRK. Nadia is married with three children. She has published several books.

Source: Eurovision Song Contest

Sandra Rafaela is H.M. Senior Commissioner EU / Africa at the African Kingdoms Federation

By Sandrine Joseph

I’m so proud to announce the appointment of my friend Sandra Rafaela as H.M Senior Commissioner EU / Africa at the African Kingdoms Federation.

This is an unique opportunity to discover talented women in Europe who masters her destiny and affirm herself as a leader of the African diaspora living in Europe. She kindly accepted to give us an outlook of her vision of black women empowerment.

Sandrine Joseph (SJ) : You are a European Black Woman Leader, co-founder of Women of the African Diaspora – WAD. Could you tell us more about how you have created it? What were the best moments you live by meeting other Black Women.

Sandra Rafaela (SR): End 2005 I discovered that there were almost no websites for black women created by black European women. And if there were any, than it was only for professionals and was only for business. This made me create a website and network (AESN) with information by and for black women. In 2007 I met Adrianne George (Sweden), who had/ has a very successful blog “Black Women in Europe”, and asked if she wanted to work together with me. She agreed and together we created the Women of the African Diaspora website and social network which was launched in 2008. Important was and still is the visibility of black women on the internet. The website features black female authors/ business owners/ artists/ musicians and provides news about or for black women. The different social networks are a platform for black women to network.

SJ : What are the best moments by meeting other Black Women.
SR : Best moment was to be able to co-organize an International Black Women Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference was about black business women and about women living in Europe and their experiences. There were also black female business owners who could showcase their business during this conference.

SJ : You have been appointed as H.M. Senior Commissioner EU/ Africa on Women Development and Empowerment within the African Kingdoms Federation? I’ve never heard about this organization. Could you tell us more about it? What are your plan for the 2 next years?
SR : The African Kingdoms Federation (AKF) is a union, consisting of all of Africa’s states ancient Royal Kingdoms referred to as the Traditional Kingdoms and Traditional Rulers, forming a Royal Monarchical Federation. The union form by the Sheba Kingdoms ancestors at its earliest period hundreds years ago, was referred to as the Maa-Confederation, later in the period of its colonial history, with its nations broken and in torment, it was referred to within inner Africa, as the Mother Nation, later referred to as Mother Africa by the slaves taken from the Kingdoms out of Africa, and in particular their African-Americans and African-Caribbean descendants of the Diaspora in the later generations as Mother Africa and the Motherland.

The Federation addresses its responsibilities to the Kingdoms and Tribal Nations, through the Federation over 25 years ago initiated Trans-African Nations Rural and Urban Regions Development Agenda Program Protocols activated by the Matriarchal Decree of March 10th 2006, is under the responsibility of the Federation Imperial House Foundations NGOs; Imperial House Foundations in Africa and the USA, and Imperial House – CI Africa.

The Federation has one purpose, one goal, which is working directly with the Kingdoms and Tribal Nations and as well in collaboration with the Trans-African Nations; African Union and ECOWAS Governments as a unified People towards the Development and Empowerment of the African Continent Nations for the Social and Economical empowerment of the African Tribes, African Nations and African Governments. Initiated after the Federation and Matriarchs over 25 years of preparation within the Kingdoms and sealed through the Federation Matriarchal March 10th 2006 Decree.

As being H.M. Senior Commissioner EU/ Africa on Women Development and Empowerment within the African Kingdoms Federation I want to improve the visibility of black women Worldwide and work and work toward an union between all women.

This through strategic Development of the Internal Infra-structure, of these said Nations, Countries and Continent; of the referenced termed 3rd World Nations.

SJ : What are your plans for the 2 next years?
SR : The coming two year I plan to create more visibility for black women globally but also create a bridge to women in general.

SJ : If you wanted to share you knowledge on Black Women, what could be the best source of information you would provide, and why?
SR: There are different sources on the internet where information about Black Women can be found: Afro European Sisters Network Blog/ Black Female Authors Blog/ Women of the African Diaspora website/ Black Women Unite Social Network/ Black Women in Europe Blog/ Black History Heroes Blog. All pages can also be found on Facebook.

SJ :Regarding Black History, do you think that Black Women have the right place in our memories?
SR: In Europe black women are not really visible. As long we cant mention 10 Black European women who were part of the European history, we still got a lot of work to do. Cause I’ am convinced that they are out there, but that we never heard of them.

Her web presence :

Oona King announces her bid to be London mayor in 2012

Oona King

Former Labour MP Oona King has announced she will run for mayor of London in 2012.

The former Bethnal Green and Bow MP will challenge former mayor Ken Livingstone, who will run again, to be named the Labour mayoral candidate.

The bid marks her return to politics after she lost her seat in Parliament to Respect’s George Galloway in 2005.

Both the candidate for mayor and the party’s next leader will be chosen at Labour’s autumn conference.

Read more.

Afrikan Liberation Day – London, England

2010 theme – Reparations Now! – Haiti First! Haiti Now!

Youths are especially welcome – All free of charge

Day 1

Friday 28th May 2009 @ 6.30pm
The real conditions confronting
Afrikan People in Haiti
Venue for Day 1: 44-46 Offley Road, The Oval, London SW9 0LS
Nearest Tube: Oval (Northern Line); Buses: 3, 36, 59, 133, 155, 159, 185, 333, 436

Day 2 (Main Event)

Saturday 29th May 2009 @ 1pm – 7pm
Reparations Now!
Haiti First! Haiti Now!
Venue for Day 2: Yvonne Carr Centre,
2 Thessally Road, SW8 4HT
Nearest Tube: Stockwell; Nearest British Rail: Wandsworth Road
Buses to Thassally Road: P5; Buses Nearby: 77, 87, 156, 196, 344, 452

Libation, dancing, singing, drumming, poetry, children’s activities, dynamic performers
Keynote Speaker – Haiti’s Leading Human Rights Lawyer – Mario Joseph
Plus Panel Speakers & Solidarity Messages

Afrikan Liberation Day planning meetings
Offley Road every Monday @ 6.30pm
For more information: Ring 07940 005 907; email Panascf(at); Website –

Organised by
The Nkrumah Foundation* Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum* All-Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party* George Jackson Socialist League. Sponsored by: Global Afrikan Congress* Pan-African Congress Movement* Alliance of Afrikan Women*

Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum Presents the 2010 annual theme and series of workshops
Afrikan Freedom means Defeating Neo-colonialism: Nkrumah @ 100

Afrikan Liberation Month Workshops
6.30pm Arrival 7pm Start – Youths are especially welcome – All free of charge

Applying the ideas of Kwame Nkrumah

Friday 21/5/10 – The History of Afrikan Liberation Day by Asari St Hill

Friday 28/5/10 – Haiti’s leading human rights lawyer tells us what’s really going on in Haiti by Mario Joseph,

Venue for Workshops:
Starlight Music Academy, 44-46 Offley Road, The Oval, London SW9 0LS
Nearest Tube: Oval (Northern Line); Buses: 3, 36, 59, 133, 155, 159, 185, 333, 436

Kwanzaa planning meetings – Same venue alternate Mondays @ 6.30pm
For more information: Ring 07940 005 907; email – Panascf(at); Website –

When we were oppressed under slavery and colonialism our ancestors knew it; they knew that they had to remove these oppressive systems in order to be free. It is a massive contradiction that despite the fact that we are actually living in the neo-colonial phase of history, most of us do not know what it is. The problem this poses is that if we do not know it, we cannot understand it; if we cannot understand it, we cannot consciously do anything to challenge it; if we cannot do anything to challenge it, we cannot get rid of it; if we cannot get rid of it, we will remain stuck in it; if we remain stuck in neo-colonialism, Afrika cannot be liberated and we will not be a free and self determining people. The critical task before us therefore, is to raise our collective level of consciousness of the nature of neo-colonialism and how to defeat it in Afrikan communities everywhere.

Also – Please note
Saturday 29/5/10, 1 -7pm
Afrikan Liberation Day
Haiti First! Haiti Now!
Yvonne Carr Centre, 2 Thessally Road, SW8 4HT

Thursday 10/6/10, 6.30pm
1st Annual Marcus Garvey Memorial Lecture
University of London, Birkbeck College, Malet Street, WC1