Get advice from Sandrine Joseph in: Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline

When Sandrine told me that she was part of a new book on personal branding I thought, “of course she is!” Whe is a genius at personal branding. Here is her take on her role in the new book, taken from her website PotoMitan:

Why do I want to highlight this hidden story about the book “Storytelling about Your Brand Online & Offline”? I just want to underline the importance to have an active network to reach opportunities AND to share the wisdom one to another. During my latest conference on how to use professional network to boost one’s carreer for eMBA Paris-Dauphine, I was astonished to see how much people in social or business networking are facing the same problem : what am I supposed to say? I don’t know what to say !!!

A few months ago, I received a phone call from Bernadette Martin, brand strategist and Founder of Visibility Branding LLC.

I met Bernadette a few years ago while she was developing William Arruda’s personal branding philiosphy and tool – Reach 360° in France. We then kept in touch through European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN). On her side, she continues developing her business around career coaching, and from my side, I designed my own presence strategy online and offline to develop my own visiblity in order to access the best positions in my company and made my societal engagements to be known : start-up funding (RISKANGEL), women empowerment (European PWN), contemporary artists promotion (Arts & Talents).

Five years later, we’re back together around a questionnaire to deepen our knowledge and wisdom on storytelling, the basics of an efficient personal branding.

At this time, I was leading HR/Talent Management department of Innovation & Marketing division of a major telecom french operator. A time to point out the keys of the success of my disruptive methods in a very conservative world. It consists in translating what I use to do for my hobbies : financing start-ups, promoting women into my talent management tools.

In this book, you will find some answers to these questions :
>>What is the difference between a BIO and a RESUME?
>>How do I develop storied content to write my BIO?
>>What are the essential elements in the Career Personal Brand Tool Kit?
>>What can a BRANDED BIO do for my career?
>>Where can I get the most impact with my BRANDED BIO online and offline?

If I were you I’d buy my copy today! Sandrine, I’d like an autographed copy 😉

Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – France 5 – SocialRendezvous



who i am
An experienced Project Executive with a proven track record of success developing projects combining corporate communications and technical skills.

A team player and positive person who conducted operations leading to successful trade shows based in France, in the USA and in Asia.

Expert in CMS management, as the key contact between external suppliers and in-house team so as to optimize processes, whilst using initiative to implement development solutions.

Excellent customer approach, acquired in a b2b environment added to the ability to think globally.


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We have been given a Sunshine Award!

What a wonderful way to greet the day with the news that we have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by fefe at Fine Hair Sistas. Thanks to her I have been brought into fold of some of the most knowledgable hair divas around. Tusen tack as we say in Sweden! So, here we go:

The rules:

• You must post the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
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Here are my nominees:

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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Italy 3 – My Afro Italian Life

My Afro Italian Life

My Afro Italian Life blog is dedicated to the young African-Italians around the world. This blog should be inspirational for everyone. Through this blog you should celebrate L.I.F.E by LOVING your IDENTITY, promoting continental FASHION and ENTERTAINMENT!

Ohima is a Young African-Italian woman, brought up in Italy and now living in England. She loves her multicultural life and would like to share some of her thoughts concerning race issues and general knowledge. She also hope to make new blog friends on the web.

Brenda King and African & Caribbean Diversity get Actors to encourage more black students to go to Cambridge University.

Black Actors encourage black students

Here is some good news from Brenda King at African & Caribbean Diversity in the UK:

Actors from Coronation Street and EastEnders put aside their soap rivalry to encourage more black students to go to Cambridge University.

Rudolph Walker, who plays Patrick in EastEnders, joined Wetherfield newcomer Colin McFarlane at Corpus Christi College yesterday to back a mentoring scheme by educational charity Afro Caribbean (AC) Diversity, which helps black teenagers from inner London to apply to Britain’s top universities.

The pair was also joined by well-known TV and film actor Shaun Parkes, who recently starred as TV detective Moses Jones.

The three men spoke to a group of London teenagers, who have spent the past week studying in Cambridge on a mini-summer school.

Read the full story on Cambridge’s website.