Black German Cultural Society – Rosemarie Pena – Exploring her German roots from the US

Black German Cultural Society

Rosemarie Pena
Rosemarie Pena, President, Black German Cultural Society

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a community for Black Germans living in the United States of America and in Germany in order to create a forum for their cultural heritage. The purpose of the society is to bring together Black Germans to establish and foster relationships to discuss and carry out research on basic issues and questions of their cultural heritage that include:

• How we want to identify ourselves as Black Germans, individually and as a group within German and American communities,

• How we can educate others and expose them to the Black German community and culture,

• How we can strengthen our Black German community and continue to build upon relationships with the African American community and other groups who are working to eradicate racism and improve opportunities for all people of color.

Family Search & Reunification

Many Black Germans are still searching for their families both in the United States & in Germany. This is a critical issue both for “Brown Babies” who may stiil be seeking to find their identities and other Black Germans who are seeking their Absent Fathers.

Our Search Consultant provides assistance to our community and is often able to reunite families successfully. Others have searched on their own with success, while others are still searching.

Although not all searches end in happily ever after scenarios, the knowledge of one’s identity ends a lifetime of searching, fills the void and inevitably is healing.

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Taking care of business in France 5 – Yolande Kjellberg – Art & Merveille

Art & Merveille

ART & MERVEILLE est une société spécialisée dans la Promotion des Artistes Internationaux – Vente d’œuvres d’art moderne et contemporain auprès des entreprises et des particuliers – Home staging, Décoration – Cadeaux d’Affaires Personnalisés de vos Clients et vos Salariés – Objets de Communication, Oganisateur d’Evènementiel… Notre force de proposition réside sur de fortes valeurs humaines, les savoir-faire, la qualité, l’innovation et le respect des délais.

Yolande Kejllberg

When in Paris drop by Art & Merveille.

Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Republic of Georgia – The Other Georgia

The Other Georgia

This blog is meant to chronicle an experience–the experience of living in საქართველო (Georgia)–and to share that experience with the world. It is meant to be my creative outlet and my creative challenge. Hopefully I can successfully make it as fulfilling and enjoyable as I want it to be.

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Francisca Urio, singer, television presenter, and child advocate in Germany

Source: Wikipedia

Francisca Urio is a German singer-songwriter and radio presenter of Afro-German heritage who lives in Berlin. She was born in Meiningen, a town in southern Thuringia but grew up in Berlin as the only child of her German mother Monica and her father Geoffrey from Tanzania, both architects who met while studying in Dresden. Her father’s RnB, Soul and Pop music collection influenced her music taste from an early age. Her first stage experience was at pre-school age as an extra in a Porgy and Bess performance at the Berlin Theater des Westens. She attended the Fläming-Grundschule in 12159 Berlin-Friedenau and the Paul-Natorp-Gymnasium in 12161 Berlin. After finishing school with the Abitur in 2000 she decided to pursue her singing career full time.

Francisca Urio gained national recognition as contestant and ‘Top 10’ finalist in the 2007 German “Idol” version Deutschland sucht den Superstar (DSDS) broadcasted by RTL. She was considered a unique talent[, having the best voice and being the favorite in this competition, not only by the jury but also gaining acclamation by professional singers like the bass-baritone Thomas Quasthoff.

On 6. February 2007 the German newspaper Bild appeared with an article accusing Francisca Urio and her friend Priscilla Harris (who was also a contestant at the casting show) to be professional singers, having already recorded CDs and are therefore not entitled to take part in the competition. However the accusations where quickly dismissed as the rules of the DSDS show only prohibit participants to have a current recording contract but not to have previous professional experience.

Despite the praise her performances received from the jury Francisca Urio was unexpectedly eliminated in the 4th motto show, which equally surprised the jury, the other candidates and the viewers. However, in an online voting with over hundred thousand votes organized by the newspaper Bild after the casting show was finished, Francisca Urio won the voting by a small margin ahead of the DSDS winner Mark Medlock.

She is engaged to socially deprived children and is patroness of the network Take-My-Hand e.V. Visit Francisca’s official website.

Cecilia Anim has been elected deputy president of the Royal College of Nursing

Hat tip: Paula Dozier

Cecilia Anim

Source: Nursing Times

Ms Anim trained as a midwife in Ghana and came to the UK in the 1970s. She is currently employed as a clinical nurse specialist in contraception and sexual and reproductive health at the Margaret Pyke centre in London.

She has been an active RCN steward for 15 years, is chair of her RCN branch and staff-side secretary.

She said:

“I am honoured to serve my fellow nurses. I look forward to using my time as deputy president to speak up on their behalf. Nursing is a vital and rewarding career.

“I am looking forward to working with our president, Andrea Spyropoulos, and to using my experience and passion to make the case for nursing now and in the future.”

Buika – Sweet sounds in Spanish

Hat tip: Euromight

Photo from Buika’s official website

Source: Wikipedia

Concha Buika (born 1972 in Palma de Mallorca) is a Spanish singer. Her album Niña de Fuego was nominated for the 2008 Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Buika’s family is originally from Equatorial Guinea. She grew up in Mallorca among Spanish Romani people (Gitanos) – who imbued in her the traditional “cante” flamenco – as the only person of African descent in her neighborhood. Her music mixes flamenco and coplas with soul and jazz.

During the 1990s she took part in different productions, such as Ombra by La Fura dels Baus and the soundtrack for the Spanish movie km.O. At the same time she composed several songs such as “Ritmo para você”, “Up to the Sky” and “Loving You”.

From November 2000 to March 2001, she sang at The Luxor, Harrah’s, and Gold Coast casinos in Las Vegas as a Tina Turner impersonator. She also performed as a guest singer in the Blue Note festival with Rachelle Ferrell.

Buika is a singer who handles and fuses many musical styles (flamenco, copla, jazz, rumba, soul), having also appeared as vocalist in house music tracks authored by Spanish producers David Penn and DJ Chus. She is noted as one of the most lively and spontaneous artists in the current Spanish musical scene.

Her second album, Mi Niña Lola, included traditional Spanish Copla songs (Mi Niña Lola, Ojos Verdes, Te Camelo) and flamenco rhythms of “tanguillos” and “bulerías”. The album ended with a flamenco-jazz fusion song titled “Love” and an original song titled “Jodida pero contenta”. Her singing is accompanied by guitarist Niño Josele.

In contrast, her third album, Niña de Fuego, contains mostly songs (Coplas, Bulerías, Rumbas) written by Javier Limón, her artistic producer, and Buika herself, along with remakes of classic Spanish Coplas (including the song that gives name to the album’s title) and a Mexican Ballad song.

Visit Bukia’s official website.

What’s it like to be an African American expat in Germany? Rose-Anne Clermont tells us in her new book.

Busch Girl

Want to know what it is like to be an African American expat in Germany? One sister, Rose-Anne Clermont wrote a book about it:

Basically, the book “Busch Girl” traces my experiences being a black woman in Germany over the last ten years. Many people can’t believe some of the experiences, but it’s all true and written in a humorous tone.

One of the small anecdotes from the book was recorded on NPR Berlin, the link to that is here:

Rose-Anne is touring Germany and Austria. If you are close by be sure to stop in: