Rose Dieng-Kuntz was a brilliant scientist and researcher in France

Obituary by Emmanuelle Delsol, Le Monde Informatique

Rose Dieng-Kuntz, a researcher at Sophia Antipolis, died at age 52 as a result of disease. Specialist in artificial intelligence, she ran for several years the work on knowledge management and semantic web at INRIA. She was the first African woman admitted to the Ecole Polytechnique in 1976 and held a degree from ENST, a postgraduate degree in computer science and a PhD on the specification of parallelism. After debuting at Digital Equipment, she joined INRIA Sophia Antipolis to participate in projects of artificial intelligence in 1985.

Pierre Haren, ILOG founder, remembers “Rose Dieng since 1969, my first distribution of prizes in high school Van Vollenhoven in Dakar, where she won all the top prizes. [I] admired his meteoric trajectory that had not begun his modesty.” In 2005 Rose Dieng-Kuntz was awarded the Irène Joliot-Curie award for exceptional women scientists. The following year she was named Chevalier of the National Order of the Legion of Honor.

“A visionary and a huge talent”

I had the pleasure to interview Rose a few years ago and I keep the memory of a researcher who was exciting, friendly and a great joy. In a statement, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Valérie Pécresse has expressed deep sadness at the death of Rose Dieng-Kuntz. “France and science have lost a visionary and a huge talent,” she added.

WDLS-EU is proud to announce that this year’s host of the Summit is the president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ms Brigitte Jank

Brigitte Jank is a Viennese Entrepreneur, an officially appointed and sworn real estate expert and has been President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2004. She is also chairwoman of the Vienna branch of the Union of Enterprises and of the University Council of MODUL University Vienna. She is Deputy Chairwoman of the Vienna University of Applied Arts-Council and of the Soccer Club FK Austria Wien.

The 2nd World Diversity Leadership Summit EU is being organized by a team headed by Beatrice Achaleke.

2010 Black Women in Europe™ Power Lister, Samata Angel, wins green Hollywood Oscar competition

Samata Angel

British fashion entrepreneur Samata Angel has won the Red Carpet Green Dress competition. Launched by one of Hollywood’s greener couples, Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron (director of blockbusters such as Avatar and Titanic) who are well known for their commitment to helping the environment, the Red Carpet Green Dress competition set the task of designing an eco-friendly dress to be worn on the red carpet. Fashion entrepreneur Samata Angel has won the competition and her winning dress will be shown on shortly after February 23.

The amazing prize includes $2,000 cash, travel, a four-night stay at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, a visit to MUSE headquarters, the opportunity to meet with Suzy Amis and James Cameron and to arrive in style at the red carpet event for the Global Green pre-Oscar party where she will walk the red carpet with the model of her choice who will wear the winning dress. Check out for further information. And join Samata’s Facebook page.

War babies, Germany and love letters explaining the past

Afro-German History
From Noah Sow's blog

From Noah Sow’s Blog:

Afro-German History in New Karasek Book Release

The post before this one is about a book release in German(y). The story is important to me though, so I’ll try to tell you the short version in English:

The book by publishers Hellmuth Karasek and teNeues features important and historical letters and includes a letter from Rosemarie Peña to me. Rosemarie was one of the afro-german babies who had been given up for adoption into other countries after pressure from Germany shortly after (!) WWII.

In Germany, the subject it is being widely ignored by the majority. Not many people know about these historical facts. This is one of the reasons I appreciate this release – another reason being that I get to share a release with Rosemarie ♥.

Thank you, Rose, for teaching me such important things about our history.
It is BHM after all (-:

Read Rosemarie’s personal story.

Visit Noah Sow‘s blog.

Read more about the subject of Afro-German babies and World War II.

Sisters sharing knowledge – Let’s talk openly about weaves

Lori van Echtelt from the Netherlands

If I had a euro for every time a guy called me up and asked me what he can get for his girlfriends hair because “she is wearing a weave and I hate it”. I would be on a private island somewhere. We have seen the explosion of weaves not only within the black community but with white women as well. I can understand that there is a convenience to wearing weaves. It is “get up and go” hair but we are paying an emotional and financial price.

I have dealt with way too many women who are just plain addicted to their weaves. They will not stop weaving their hair even though they are losing their hair to weaving. I have seen women with absolutely no hairlines. First off, not every hairdresser is skilled at weaving. If it is pulling on your hair that is just not good. Some customers like it tight because they feel the weave will last longer. However the weave is pulling on the customers own hair. After a time the customer will develop traction alopecia. What is traction alopecia? It is baldness as the result of pulling on the hair. This can also be caused by tight ponytails and braids. In some cases the hair will not come back. I have seen women in their early 20’s with complete hairline baldness. The scalp is completely smooth, no hair. Hairdressers will see this and ignore this because they are making the money. At this point the customer will then go to lace front wigs because the permanent damage has been done.

Also the hair is often neglected under the weave. Too often when the weave is taken out, a huge amount of hair breaks off. The hair has not been moisturized while wearing the weave. Wearing a weave is not an excuse for neglecting the hair underneath. Sometimes the customers own hair is accidentally pulled out during the weave removal process. It is upsetting.

I had a hairdresser say to me, “why do women wear weaves, it just does not look good”. I told her that she is honest but not all hairdressers are honest. I am against weaves but if you do choose to temporarily wear a weave, it should look undetectable. It should be “be-weaveable”. Nothing looks as bad as a weave that screams fake Asian/Brazilian hair.

Weaves are not a solution to not loving your hair. If you do not love your hair, other people can see it and feel it. You are not fooling anyone. There is an interesting show on TV where they asked total strangers to give their opinion about a person they just saw. It was amazing how accurate they were. We are sending out a message to the world when we step outside the door about how we REALLY feel about ourselves.

Children and weaves…. I am totally against seeing children with weaves. Children are still developing. I think it is just ridiculous to put fake hair in the head of a little girl. She is beautiful just the way she is. She will learn to love herself from her family. I felt beautiful as a little girl because I learned that from my mother. Even though I was an underweight and a bit odd looking. I felt beautiful in the world. If you are a parent, do not let that critical period in a child’s life slip by.

The hair from weaves is often not hygienic. Forensic scientists have found skin cells from the hairs original owner attached to the weave!!! The hair should be washed prior to use. They are treated with chemicals before transport.

Weaves are not an excuse for proper hygiene. I have asked women, “when was the last time that you washed your hair/weave?” and I would hear silence. The smell of the weave was just stomach turning. A weave should be in for a short time, not for 6 months!

The amount of money that we are spending to walk around with someone else’s hair is staggering. Really.

I cannot stop thinking about the economically disadvantaged women who shave their hair because they need the money. We as women know how emotional hair is. I could not walk around with that energy on my head.

I have worn weaves in the past. I stopped when my partner told me how it really looked. I thank him for his honesty. Sometimes the truth hurts. Never again for me.

Please visit the following link “Whose Hair is it anyway?” By pop artist Jamelia. It is a 6 part video

If you need help breaking your weave addiction, do not hesitate to contact me via Mariposa Import. I have helped so many women to end their weave addiction and to enjoy the freedom of their own beautiful hair.

Love Your Hair!

Mariposa Import

Lori van Echtelt

Lori van Echtelt is the owner and founder of Mariposa Imports (MI), based in the Netherlands. She was on the Black Women in Europe™ 2010 Power List. Mariposa Import started in February 2004. It is the first and original shop focused on curly and frizzy hair in Western Europe. MI specializes in unique, high quality, hair and skin products from America and Afrika. We only sell products we ourselves use. The products we sell do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients which block moisture absorption by the hair. We select products is based on our personal experience and that of our friends.

Mariposa Imports

Sisters sharing knowledge – Develop a passive income stream using the internet and membership sites

Diane Corriette from England

Last week I talked about**** creating and selling information products **** online well there is another way that can help you develop a passive income stream using the internet and that is with a membership site.

There are all types of different memberships currently being run online:

• You can send out a new report every week
• You can put together an online course and send out the materials
• You can put everything together in one place and let people login to view it all

Your membership site can charge a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee or a combination of all three with different membership levels. The main thing to ensure its success is that it teaches something that solves a problem. Always remember online we are problem solvers. So you are not a massage therapist – you help people overcome back pain using massage. You are not a personal trainer – you help people lose weight in time for their wedding.

You have to focus on the problem that you solve or solution that you provide and use that as your focus online.

It can take some work to put a membership site together, you need to write out all the material and make sure it has taken people through the steps you have promised. Most importantly it needs to have an end goal and it must meet that for the people who buy it. As long as you can make that happen you will have an endless supply of members.

Here is an example using my membership site – you can take a look at

It helps speakers, life coaches, practitioners and small business owners in the health and wellness industry develop their own online presence.

I use the exact steps that I would take a client through when I build their online presence and I put it into the membership site because not everyone has the income available to pay me to do the work for them. This solves a problem for people who want to get on the internet but they don’t know how to do it and they don’t have the money to pay a professional. Once they are online they now have the ability to bring in clients (as long as they follow the training).

I charge a yearly fee because it is important to stay up to date with changes online – things move so quickly. Right now (Feb 2011) it costs just £67 a year – which is great value when you consider what people are learning and what the end result is – more clients.

Think about how much you could charge for people to get access to your knowledge through a membership site. If you decide on 10.00 euros a month that is 120.00 euros a year x 250 members = 30,000; 67.00 euros a year with x 800 members = 53,600 a year.

These are realistic figures if your material is right and is something people want. It might take some time to build up to 250 or even a 1000 members but the potential is always there and this is additional passive income added on to what you already earn in your profession.

You have the skills and the knowledge already in your head. Whether you choose information products or membership sites – or both, the internet is a real opportunity for you to help people, attract international customers and enjoy a regular passive income.

How do you think a membership site would benefit your business? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Diane Corriette
Diane Corriette helps business owners and professionals use the internet to bring in more visitors, leads and business. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a persona online that will bring in work for you or a local business who wants to use online marketing to attract customers call her on +44208 242 4339 or via Skype at She is a regular speaker at events and seminars, as well as online webinars and shows. Runs training workshops in online marketing in London and offers a 45 minute coaching session for anyone wondering if the internet is for them. Visit