Lola Odusoga-Wallinkoski – Powerful woman

Lola Odusoga-Wallinkoski

Lola Odusoga-Wallinkoski – Finland – Lifestyle – Former Miss Finland 1996, former Miss Scandinavia 1997, 2nd runner-up Miss Universe 1996

Lola Odusoga Wallinkoski – Finland
Lola Odusoga Wallinkoski – Finland - Lifestyle (Photo: Wikimedia)

Lola Remilekun Odusoga Wallinkoski was born in Turku, Finland and is a Finnish model and Miss Finland 1996. In 1997, she won the crown of Miss Scandinavia. On 17 June 1996 at the Miss Universe competition she was second-runner up. She is a television presenter.

Funmi Odegbami – Powerful woman

Funmi Odegbami

Funmi Odegbami – England – Business  & Entrepreneurship- Founder of MINK, makeup education and services for women of color

Funmi Odegbami – England – Business & Entrepreneurship

Funmi Odegbami was a successful makeup artist when she founded MINK London in the summer of 2005. She founded MINK to fill the gap between the makeup services provided to white women and those provided to black women and decided that MINK would lead the way in makeup education and services for women of color. In addition to the international makeup school in London MINK has a professional team of makeup artists. In 2011 Funmi has partnered with Mahogany international in an exclusive one year deal which will see her pro-team providing the makeup services for Mahogany’s three major UK shows, Mahogany Brides, Top Model of Color and Fashion Diversity.

Real Talk – Funmi Odegbami from OH TV on Vimeo.

Saido Mohamed – Powerful woman

Saido Mohamed

Saido Mohamed – Finland – Social Activism – Refugee Woman of the Year, Deputy Chairwoman of the Finnish Somalia Network

Source: Helsinki Times

Saido Mohamed – Finland – Social Activism
Saido Mohamed – Finland – Social Activism

Somali-born special nurse Saido Mohamed has volunteered with bodies such as the Finnish Somali Association and carried out preliminary outreach work for the youth organization Kanava Nuorisory, in which adult Somalis are on call on week nights and weekends in areas affected by unrest by young Somalis. Mohamed worked with the Finnish League for Human Rights in 2002 on the KokoNainen project, a preventative initiative against female circumcision. Saido Mohamed currently serves as the deputy chairwoman of the Finnish Somalia Network, and is the only woman serving on the network’s board. Over the last ten years she has also cooperated on a voluntary basis with the association Sahedry, serving as chairwoman of the board this year.


Saido Mohamed video
Saido Mohamed video


Inna Modja – Powerful woman

Inna Modja

Inna Modja – France – Music – Pop star, fashion icon

Inna Modja – France – Lifestyle
Inna Modja – France – Music

Source: Reuters

“I’m what I call ‘rock ‘n’ love’”, she tells Reuters Africa Journal when asked how she herself would categorize her music. “It’s not rock ‘n’ roll because I don’t go silly drinking or taking drugs, but I’m really rock, so I’m ‘rock ‘n’ love’.”

Born in Mali, she lived in Nigeria, Togo and the USA with her diplomat parents before making Paris her home when she was 18. “I like my life in Paris,” she says. “I love my friends, people close to me – my daily life is very important to me. But in Bamako I have my family – this big town full of energy. I love the market and I love to walk along the banks of the river Niger.”

Kornelia Donato Mango – Powerful woman

Kornelia Donato Mango

Kornelia Donato Mango – Russia – Music – Singer, Artist, Reality TV Star

Kornelia Donato Mango – Russia – Lifestyle
Kornelia Donato Mango – Russia – Lifestyle

Cornelia Mango, born in Astrakhan, is a soul and R n B singer. She was a contestant on Star Factory, has a degree in art, and had shown her work at three exhibitions. She was also a contestant on the Russian equivalent of the Survivor reality show.

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Aïssa Maïga – Powerful woman

Aissa Maiga

Aïssa Maïga – France – Lifestyle – Nominated for the Most Promising Actress at the 2007 César Award for her acting in Bamako

Aïssa Maïga – France – Lifestyle
Aïssa Maïga – France – Lifestyle

Aissa Maiga was born in Dakar, Senegal and moved to France with her parents when she was 4 years old. Aissa studied acting in college, earned small roles before being cast in Saraka Bo, a TV detective series. She has acted in many films including L’avocat (2010), L’aide au retour (2009), Diamant 13 (2009), Les insoumis (2008) as Kathia, Bianco e nero (2008) as Nadine, L’âge d’homme… maintenant ou jamais! (2007) as Tina, Carcasse (2007), Prête-moi ta main (2006) as Kirsten Hansen, Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas (2006) as Léa, Bamako (2006) as Melé, Paris, je t’aime (2006) as Sophie (segment “Place des Fêtes”), Mamadou il est ou (2006) as Mariettou, Travaux, on sait quand ça commence… (2005) as La fiancée de Condé, Caché (2005) as Chantal, Les Poupées russes (2005) as Kassia, L’un reste, l’autre part (2005) as Farida, Libre armada (2004), “Commissaire Moulin” as Dolly (1 episode, 2003), Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autres (2003) as Myriam, Les baigneuses (2003) as La soeur de Rita and 11 others.

Brenda King – Powerful woman

Brenda King

Brenda King – England – Social Activism – Member of the European Economic and Social Committee

Brenda King – England – Social Activism
Brenda King – England – Social Activism (Photo:

Brenda King wears multiple hats including the Chief Executive of African & Caribbean Diversity, Commissioner, Women’s National Commission (WNC) , a member of the Advisory Board of Hays Executive, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO).