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Black Paris Profiles – A Celebration of the Black Experience in the City of Light

Contact: Tom Reeves
001-212-658-9351; info@discoverparis.net

Black Paris Profiles™: A Celebration of the Black Experience in the City of Light

Paris, France, February 26, 2012—In celebration of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March) 2012, Discover Paris! is pleased to announce the release of its latest e-publication: Black Paris Profiles™ by Monique Y. Wells.

Monique Wells
Author Monique Y. Wells

Black Paris Profiles™ presents the stories of 16 contemporary African-American and black Caribbean expatriates. Their lives are rich, uncommon, and complex and their inspiring tales are certain to shatter any stereotypes that readers may hold about living in Paris. Ten (10) of the sixteen stories presented are about women, which counters the prevailing tendency for works about the “Black Paris” expatriate experience to focus on men.

Black Paris Profiles

Black Paris Profiles™ is a “must read” for anyone who is considering a move to Paris or simply wondering what it is like to live there. Nowhere else can you find the viewpoints on forging a successful life abroad in today’s world that each chapter reveals! Color photos and clickable links to sites containing additional articles and images enliven the accounts of these fascinating people.

Monique Y. Wells has been writing about Black Paris for several years. She is co-author of Paris Reflections: Walks through African-American Paris (co-author Christiann Anderson; McDonald & Woodward, 2002), and has an essay on Black Paris in France, A Love Story (Camille Cusamano; Seal Press, 2004). She has contributed numerous articles on the subject to print and Web publications and is the author of Discover Paris’ weekly Entrée to Black Paris™ blog. In 2011, she was named Black Culture and Heritage VIP in Paris by the online magazine African Diaspora Tourism.

Black Paris Profiles™ is priced at $9.97. Those wishing to order should visit http://bit.ly/AyxNT0.

BME Concern – making a difference in the UK and Africa

BME Concern

We are BME Concern


Our vision:

A world where there’s no hunger, where an African woman can feed her family and an African child can survive and develop to his full potential.

Our mission:

To inspire support for the empowerment of minority women (in the UK), inspire support for the African village woman and achieve sustainable and lasting change in reduction of poverty for the African village woman.

What we do:

In Africa we work in African villages to set up Village Enterprises for women, small businesses to generate income to feed children and sustain a family; we run medical surgeries and AIDs awareness campaigns.

In the UK, we support women in distress, help women back to work and run Youth projects that educate the youth about African culture and Norms.

What you can do:

Support our Village Enterprise Appeal, investment in the African village woman, and save a generation of children from a life of hunger and poverty:

From Howard University to post-graduate research in Sweden – Faith’s story

Editor’s note: Faith earned a bachelor and master’s degree at Howard University. If you would like to financial support her research project visit her donation page.

Hej hej Family and Friends,

It is hard to believe that I have been in Sweden for six months. It seems like yesterday that I made the decision to pursue my research goals and finish writing my book. Because of your generosity and the assistance of a scholarship from the American Swedish Institute, I have been able to take advantage of this opportunity of a lifetime.

When I began fundraising last year, I thought it nearly impossible to reach my initial goal of $20,000.00, but with your support I have been able to raise $13,885.00 in cash and in-kind donations. Before I sent this email out, I struggled with what exactly I would say without offending anyone or seeming too much like a late night infomercial begging to help feed starving children in a country far away. However, I was coerced by a dear friend who told me that I should state what my goal is directly and sincerely. This, of course, also reminded me of one of the many lessons my mother taught me: You have not because you ask not!!

My current fundraising goal is $6115.00, and this amount will cover my living and transportation expenses from now until August of this year when I am scheduled to return back to Chicago.

If you have helped me get this far along, I truly thank you and gently ask you to consider donating again. If you haven’t been able to contribute, please consider doing so today by contributing via my fundraising website at: www.gofundme.com/projectsweden.

Many people have asked what living in Sweden has been like for me. Others have asked more about my research which looks at bullying in a multi-cultural school environment and the progress of my book dedicated to girls without mothers. With help from a friend, we have been able to put together a video that I believe depicts quite well what my experiences have been like so far. Please feel free to watch and share the video with others.

Thank you again for your support and for sharing my work and video. Finally, I ask for your thoughts and prayers as I submit additional scholarship applications to support my research endeavors.

Book Launch in Berlin! “the things i am thinking while smiling politely”

Book Launch! "the things i am thinking while smiling politely"

the things i am thinking while smiling politely is a painful love story which sensitively explores the decline and break-up of a marriage as well as the unintentional consequences for close family and friends. At times funny, at times sad, but always searingly honest, the observations on life and relationships, on childhood and parenting, on continuity and change detailed in this quirky novella provide a unique insight from a Black woman’s perspective on timeless issues that concern us all.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

7:30pm until 10:30pm

Schönleinstraße 31, 10967 Berlin, Germany

African Diaspora Congress of Switzerland March Meeting

Latest statistics show that over 60‘000 Africans and people of African orgine live or work in Swit-zerland. This huge population is scattered all over the 26 cantons of the Swiss Confederation, mostly in major cities like Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Berne, Biel etc.

The African population of Switzerland is composed mostly of legal residents who ply their busi-nesses in various fields of the Swiss economy. We have legal practitioners, professional fellows in Swiss Univerties, Financial institutions, Medical and pharmaceutical institutions, informatic and communication firms, sports, science and technological institutions and factories and of course many in diplomatic circles and international organisations mostly in Geneva area and in Berne. There are also African refugees and Asylum seekers.

The African community has been organized largely on regional basis. Some associations that are active on the national level only regroup nationals of particular African nations. Others regroup members of the community with similar interests. Today, the African diaspora of Switzerland has the historic opportunity to establish a national platform that unites all interests with the possibil-ity to speak with one voice on the national swiss scene. The Swiss federal office of migrations has shown sincere interest to address the impediments of integration of Africans in Switzerland. It therefore calls for an African national platform as serious partner in the process. This is why the African Diaspora Council Switzerland (ADCS) is founded in November 6, 2010 after extensive contacts, consultations, exchanges and deliberations since at least June 2010.

The ADCS proposes to be a Federation of the African Diaspora in Switzerland. ADCS is a member of Forum for the integration of migrants, FIMM Suisse. Our mission then is to create a na-tional platform for all Africans living in Switzerland irrespective of our diversity in order to have a strong voice in the Swiss national events and politics. We believe in unity in diversity. We intend to showcase the real face of Africans in Switzerland with their immense contributions to the Swiss real sectors. In order to guarantee efficiency and active participation of our members, we are organized in commissions and our members must be a member of at least one commission which include: Law & Politics, Information & Communication, Education & Health, Empowerment & Capacity building, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Culture & Sport, and Finance & Fund rais-ing. Our aims are thus:

  • Creation of network of Africans, African associations, African business outlets, churches and mosques, African embassies as well as other migrant and Swiss associations pursuing Afri-can interests.
  • Creation of network for the distribution of information in the African community of Switzer-land and promotion of integration of Africans in Switzerland.
  • Creation of a political Lobbying Front for the African Diaspora in Switzerland.
  • Initiation of public campaigns for the promotion of the image of Black people in Switzer-land.
  • Capacity building for Africans in Switzerland.
  • Guarantee a steady media presence for the African community of Switzerland.
  • Conflict resolution among Africans in Switzerland as well as between Africans and Swiss authorities and other offices.

Join the movement today! Register Now online! – http://africancouncil.ch/index.php/en/registration
To contribute financially, please use our postal account: CP 60-683608-0


Berlinale Blackness 2012 – The Mic Movement

Berlinale 2012




Berlinale Talent Campus Short Film



After endless years of the Liberian civil war, 17 year old Vele is struggling to make the future brighter for her and her two daughters – learning to read and write is the first step.

Germany 2012, 10 min



Madli Lääne

Panorama Dokumente

Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992


It is exactly twenty years since the celebrated Afro-American poet and writer Audre Lorde died in 1992. According to her own description of herself she was: ‘a lesbian, a feminist, black, a poet, mother and activist’. In the 1980s Dagmar Schultz, who at the time was lecturing at the John F. Kennedy Institute at Berlin’s Freie Universität, invited Lorde to Berlin as a visiting professor. This move was to have an enduring influence, for Lorde soon became co-founder and mentor of the Afro-German movement. In her documentary portrait, Dagmar Schultz distils hitherto unpublished and often very personal material of Lorde that portrays her among her Berlin women friends, fellow-travellers and students, many of whom she encouraged to begin writing. These women were later to become poets and academics; they were the ones to create the first German-language works about Afro-German history and racism. The film includes appearances from, among others: May Ayim, Katharina Oguntoye, Gloria I. Joseph, Ilona Bubeck, Traude Bührmann, as well as Ika Hügel-Marshall and Ria Cheatom, both of whom collaborated on the making of this film.

Germany 2011, 84 min

English, German


Dagmar Schultz




Chocó is twenty-seven years old; she has two children, a tiny wooden hut on the edge of a Columbian village, an underpaid job in a gold mine and a marimba-playing husband named Everlides, who gambles away the little money they have and forces himself onto her at night when he’s had too much to drink. Nonetheless she truly believes that things will get better. But then she loses her job, her daughter wants her birthday cake and Everlides spends the last of their savings. Chocó finds herself standing in the village shop she passes every day and in front of which Everlides drinks away all their money and loses at dominoes. She looks at the colourful cakes on the counter. You won’t get anything for nothing here, the fat shopkeeper reminds her. If you want a cake, I want you.
CHOCÓ is South American producer and screenwriter Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza’s directorial debut. In quiet, low-key shots that casually capture the landscape of Columbia, he demonstrates how sometimes there’s barely breathing room between hope and despair.

Colombia 2011, 80 min



Jhonny Hendrix Hinestroza


Karent Hinestroza
Esteban Copete
Fabio García
Daniela Mosquera
Ivan Restrepo

Panorama Special



The shoes of African refugees are washed up onto a beach. Then Betty comes into view; she too has arrived in Europe by sea. Her journey as an illegal immigrant takes her across a Europe in transition. She meets people who are rising up against the system, joins their solidarity marches and demonstrations and becomes a witness of the Occupy movement, impoverished illegal immigrants, the dissatisfaction of a younger generation and a society in turmoil. A mixture of dramatised scenes and real-life events are used to portray Betty’s journey to the heart of today’s zeitgeist.
Stéphane Hessel’s bestselling essay Time for Outrage! which has been an inspiration to many of the protagonists of this pan-generational movement, steers us through Tony Gatlif’s film. Betty marches alongside heaving masses through a Europe caught between hope and despair; she hears their wake-up call and the sound of a new song. Images of flyers fluttering down from the skies as well as iridescent flamenco dancers are among the many colourful scenes that convey a powerful impression of the strength of these protests.

France 2011, 88 min

Wolof, French, Greek, Spanish


Tony Gatlif


Isabel Vendrell Cortès


Rebelle War Witch


A civil war in Africa. After her village is burned down by rebels and her parents are killed, Komona is forced into the jungle as a child soldier. Her brutal commander not only trains her in the use of arms but also orders her to sleep with him. Searching for shelter amidst the horror, she turns to a slightly older boy with white hair who she calls ‘Magician’ and falls in love with. After they escape from the camp together, Komona does her utmost to return to her village. She wants to bury her parents to prevent them having to eternally wander the wasted land as ghosts …
Told throughout from the perspective of an adolescent girl, the film – shot in authentic locations in Congo and cast mainly with non-professional actors – visualises the horrors of civil war and the suffering of children and civilians. Realistic images are interspersed with dream sequences which are rooted in African legends and which resonate with infinite grief about hardship and misery. Despite all the horrors she encounters, Komona proves to be a beacon of hope for a continent yearning for peace and humanity.

Canada 2012, 90 min

French, Lingala


Kim Nguyen


Rachel Mwanza
Alain Bastien
Serge Kanyinda
Ralph Prosper
Mizinga Mwinga