CinemAfrica Stockholm Honors World AIDS Day

Each Worlds AIDS Day people will light candles all over the world in memory of all those we lost in HIV / AIDS and to honor their lives. CinemAfrica want to turn our attention to the memory of the 1.2 million Africans who died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2012. In 2012, 260 000 children were infected  with HIV. The majority of these are African children. Here are the CinemAfrica activities for World AIDS Day on December 1, 2013.

Life Above All

During CinemAfrica Movie Breakfast, we will show the movie: Life Above all, based on the international award-winning book, Chandas Secret by Allan Stratton. The film is about the 12-year-old Chanda and her family affected by HIV. We meet Chanda shortly after her newborn sister has died. When rumors spread, the fear and the shame rests heavily on her mom, who is forced to flee. She leaves behind Chanda who may struggle to combat superstition and prejudice with truth and courage.

Ophelia Haanyama

Ophelia Haanyama, was told about being HIV positive when she was in the midst of life. In the book, Ophelia’s Journey, she depicts her life. To live as HIV positive in Sweden with access to antiretroviral drugs and continuous medical checkups and knowing that relatives in Zambia, with just the same disease did not have equal opportunity to live as HIV positive. Ophelia took a conscious decision to publicly talk about their HIV status, and thus inspired many African women and girls to dare to live openly with their illness.

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Join the Black Women in Europe™ Kiva team.

Kiva lending teams

Join the Black Women in Europe™ Kiva team. Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

Let’s support women. Who should we support first? Take a look and say who in the comments below.

Once we decide who to support, here is what you do.

How do I add loans to the Black Women in Europe™’s lending team?: Whenever you lend, you have the opportunity to count that loan toward the Black Women in Europe™’s lending team. You can count a loan toward a lending team of your choosing by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the “Lend” button at the top of the Kiva home page. You will automatically be taken to the entrepreneurs in need.

Step 2: When you find an entrepreneur that you would like to fund either click “Lend $25” to quickly lend $25, or click the name of the entrepreneur and then select the amount you would like to fund from the drop down box and click “Lend”.

Step 3: Add additional loans to your basket or click “Loan Added! Checkout.”

Step 4: You’ll be taken to your basket where you can select what lending team your loans should count towards. Beneath the “Count Towards Team” column, you’ll see a drop down box with Black Women in Europe™’s lending team listed. Click that box and select the lending team you wish the loan to count towards. If you want to change the amount you wish to lend, select the amount in the drop down menu. When you’re finished, click “Continue.”

Step 5: Choose a password to create an account, or log into your Kiva account.

Step 6: Make an optional donation to Kiva’s operational expenses or click “No Thanks.”

Step 7: You will be automatically transferred to PayPal to pay for the loan through PayPal’s secure website.

Let’s get started and choose our first loan recipient. Tell me, in the comments below, who you think we should help.

If you are a parent you cannot afford not to have life insurance.

How many times have you heard a tragic story about a parent dying unexpectedly, leaving behind a grieving partner and child?

The surviving partner then struggles to make ends meet, pay the mortgage and plan for the child’s education.

Please don’t let this happen to you. Life insurance won’t save your life, but it could save the life of those you love.

Via: Life Source Direct

Black Women Bloggers Series – England 15 – Zhana



Zhana is a modern griot, writer, publisher and Transformational  Growth Consultant. Author of Black Success Stories and Success Strategies for Black People, as well as The Key to Everything and What They Don’t Want Us to Know. Editor of the More Black Success ebooks. Zhana’s work offers practical, effective methods, with a particular focus on the healing of the people of the African continent and Diaspora. Individual and collective healing. Physical, mental and emotional healing. Healing our families and our communities. She leads workshops to support the healing of our communities, the healing of our history, the healing of the legacy of enslavement and the Maafa, undoing the damage that has been caused by slavery and racist oppression. To do this work, she draws on ancient traditions as well as modern methods.

By healing our past, we can move forward into the glorious future we deserve.

Visit Zhana’s blogs today:

Ancestral Energies

Ancestral Healing

Questionnaire: Highly skilled women’s migration from Sub-Saharan countries to EU Countries

Find the survey in English, French and Italian from this link:

The survey is conducted in the framework of the research “Highly skilled women migration from SSA to Europe. Beyond the economic point of view” that intend to analyze the highly skilled women migrations flows from Sub – Saharan Africa to Europe in order to explore the present scenario as well as the migration strategies and the social remittances connected to these flows.

The questionnaire will take to you at max 10 minutes and your participation is important for the success of the survey.

As I anticipated the research counts of 2 moments of interview: one is the questionnaire and the other is a short semi structured online interview. It is not necessary to participate to both moment of the research, but it will be important to me your participation also to the semi structured interview.
As you can imagine more respondents we have and better it is, so if you know other women that belongs form one Sub-Saharan Country and live in one EU Country and are highly skilled (at least bachelor degree) please feel free to share the link to them.

I would like to inform you that the questionnaire is anonymous.

If you are interested to take part also to the semi structured interview and for any further questions please contact me through:
Linkedin: Camilla Spadavecchia
Skype: Camilla Unige

Best regards

Camilla Spadavecchia

PhD Candidate
Universitá degli Studi di Genova Andrea Podestá 2

How to give and get with meaning and savvy.

I love giving and receiving gifts. I like to give the gift that is so well suited, totally defines their personality, brings true joy, the recipient can’t believe I actually nailed it!


But I also need to be smart with money. Who doesn’t? I discovered eBates in 2006 and haven’t looked back. When you shop online using eBates you get a cash rebate. No joke.


And the stores offering rebates are actually stores where you want to buy. You trust them, you know they will deliver and provide quality items.


“Well who is going to remember to go to eBates before shopping online”, you grumble. Well I tell you, you don’t have to. Install the web browser button and you will be notified if your shopping qualifies for a rebate. Magic.


“I want to shop using my iPad or iPhone”, you say. Well you can. So no excuses for not getting cash back when you shop for others and dare I say, shop for yourself.


You know how good it feels to give a gift. Did you know you can give a gift that benefits someone else who needs you help?


I love to give the gifts that give more: affordably priced donations in the name of your loved one. Who needs more clutter? Give a gift that truly matters.


But if you are going to buy clothing, jewelry or household items, you can buy fair trade AND donate food at the same time. Win, win! Visit Greater Good for a huge selection of gifts or items for yourself or opportunities to give that will leave you feeling good. The person you gifted will feel good too!

This is how I give and get with meaning and savvy.