Third Annual WZB Conference on Migration and Diversity

National Identity in Motion

The conference aims to discuss national identity at different levels, for example how individuals of immigrant and non-immigrant background negotiate and express national identity (e.g., in implicit and explicit attitudes or behaviors), how national identity is reproduced by public institutions such as schools, how states define national identity through their constitutions and laws or what measures and policies governments take to foster certain forms of national identity.

Through taking a closer look at these phenomena we want to understand if and how national identity content changes and is negotiated within and between individuals or institutions and if and why the concept still matters.

Conference Programme

Registration – Please register until 21.08.2015

: Ines Michalowski, Ruth Ditlmann
Monday, 31. August 2015Tuesday, 01. September 2015
Start: 8:45 am
: WZB, Reichpietschufer 50, 10785 Berlin, Raum A 300
The WZB Berlin Social Science Center conducts basic research with a focus on problems of modern societies in a globalized world. The research is theory-based, problem-oriented, often long-term and mostly based on international comparisons.

Dr. Maike M. Burda
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Remembering Claudia Jones

Remembering Claudia Jones

Claudia Jones

6.30pm Sat 12 Sept, Black Cultural Archives, Windrush Square, SW2 1EF
£5 suggested entry, there will be free light refreshments served

The Malcolm X Movement’s initiated and organised Claudia Jones Research project will see the 10 young participants present their research findings at this event as part of the Malcolm X Summer Festival.

Claudia Jones was one of the greatest cultural, political, internationalist and grassroots organisers that England has ever seen. The Claudia Jones Research Project seeks to keep her legacy alive, imbue new generations with her work and accomplishments in informing the current challenges of organising our communities, developing cultural work and projects and supporting the fight against neo-colonialism and imperialism.

This event is organised from start to end, all the speakers and the ideas of the event are conducted by the participants with guidance and advice from the MXM and partnering and supporting individuals and organisations.

Everyone is welcome to this event, however this event has a particular focus towards young people especially Black and Asian young people to attend.

Many thanks to Black Cultural Archives, Institute of Race Relations, Marika Sherwood and Eric Levy.

By attending this event you are giving permission to being at an event which is being filmed for publication. If you wish to ensure your voice and/or face does not appear in the final edit, please let the organisers know.

ERITREA: Culture & Resistance to Imperialism Attack!

ERITREA: Culture & Resistance to Imperialism Attack!


As part of the Malcolm X Movement‘s #MXSummerFest program, we bring to you this event that is a chance for people to learn something about the culture, politics and resistance of this small and young East African country.

There are special guest speakers who are coming to London especially for this event, and some cultural performances.

Special guest speaker: Mohamed Hassan (former Ethiopian diplomat, expert on African and Asian affairs)

Eritrean speaker: Saba Ghebregiorgis, leading Eritrean community organiser and advocate

Free Eritrean coffee ritual
Eritrean cultural presentation

4pm, Sat 05 Sept
Bush Theatre
7 Uxbridge Road
London W12 8LJ

£5 Suggested entry

BLACK SKIN, WHITE FATIGUES: Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment colonialism’s ‘martial races’, mercenaries and death squads

As part of the First Annual Malcolm X Summer Festival, the Malcolm X Movement is organising this event:

BLACK SKIN, WHITE FATIGUES: Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment colonialism’s ‘martial races’, mercenaries and death squads

Black Skin White Fatigues

Speakers will focus on Asian and African recruitment into colonial armies, recruitment strategies today and the covert recruitment of mercenaries delivering imperialist aims today.

Free light refreshments will be provided.


– Marika Sherwood – Presenting her research on recruitment of African people into colonial armies

– Roshan Kissoon – On Gurkha (Nepali) recruitment

– Moustafa Traore – speaking on French colonial recruitment of African peoples and their uses in divide and rule of African and Asian colonial peoples

– Sukant Chandan – On recruitment of the colonially defined ‘martial race’ of Punjabis into the British Army

Sun Aug 16th 4pm, Marx Memorial Library.
Clerkenwell Green EC1R 0DU (2mins walk from Farringdon tube)
There will be free light refreshments provided
£5 suggested entry

Organised by the Malcolm X Movement as part of the first annual Malcolm X Summer Festival 2015 #MXSummerFest

Facebook: Malcolm X Movement
Twitter: @mxmovement

Black Panther speaking in Oxford 20th Aug, Brixton 22 Aug

From Baltimore to Brixton: Black and Asian Resistance in the US and Britain

Thursday 20th August, 6.30pm

Council Chambers, Oxford Town Hall

(Suggested donation 5 pounds, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Special guest speaker: ‘Marshall’ Eddie Conway, leader of the Baltimore branch of the Black Panthers, political prisoner for 44 years speaks of his experiences in the Panthers and the on-going Black Liberation Struggle today.

He will be joined by veteran revolutionary Minkah Odofo, co-ordinator of the United Friends and Families Campaign, a leading organisation in the fight against police brutality in Britain.

The meeting will be chaired by Sukant Chandan of the Malcolm X Movement.

Black Panther

All About Angel Kaba

Hat tip Women of the African Diaspora

Angel Kaba
Photo credit: Chris Pollard

Angel Kaba is a multi-talented creative in Belgium. Here’s what she can do:

Artistic & Creative Director

Overall artistic vision for the project, manage a team of key people and find the right elements, enhancing the client /project (fashion design, ITW, Sport …).  

Staging & Coaching

Set up a plan for the client/project, coaching and awareness of stage potential.

Management & Marketing

Find opportunities, manage contacts & communication, work and make connection with PR & WEB SPECIALISTS, develop the visual aspects for the client / project. 


Creation of choreography and consistency between universe and ideas of the client/project.


Manage and find the budget, fix set and achieve goals, set up a team that manages and/or assists the project.

Casting Director

Scouting talent and helping the talent to excel.

Visit Angel Kaba‘s website for inspiration and contact information.