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Blog to Prague

Black Women in Europe Bloggers – Czech Republic 2 – Blog to Prague

Blog to Prague

Blog to Prague

A Journey Toward Self-Discovery

I’m Mid-Western Girl out for a twirl.

Writer. Producer.Actor.Brown Bettie

Blog to Prague

I’m a writer and multi-hyphenate entertainer who has lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. My debut novella “Harlem’s Awakening” is available now on BlackHillPress and Amazon (especially for International shipping). It is the 1940s pre-story to “Harlem’s Night”, a dinner theater show performed by the Brown Betties and is about a young woman’s journey through hell on her way to finding peace. I love Zora Neale Hurston and Jackie Collins. If you do too, you just might like this poetic, visual piece of dramatic fiction. If you’re in Prague, you can get a copy at Shakespeare & Sons!

In 2005 I created the sultry, sassy, sophisticated “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” which is a cabaret/dinner theater experience that includes singing, dancing and acting and essentially is my autobiography of how I continually looked for love in all the wrong places until I learned to love myself first.

Blog to Prague

As spin-offs from the cabaret, which also stems from my love of all things vintage, I created and am the editor of “The Brown Betties Gazette”, an online magazine; the award-winning webseries based on “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look for Love In All The Wrong Places” (Amazon); and the “Be Your Own Bettie” Burlesque and empowerment workshops.

Check out my first go at being published in “Split: Stories From A Generation Raised on Divorce” edited by Ava Chin (Amazon), whom I met while living in New York.

I’ve also written, “15 Monologues to SLAM!” which is available electronically if you email me (my first name at hotmail dot com) and I’m in the midst of writing and re-writing “Making Lemonade: Bittersweet Tales From An Actress Being Squeezed In LA” which is my candid memoir.

Blog to Prague

My play, Dick & Jayne Get A Life, a sorta romantic sorta comedy, debuted at Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2013 where it earned a “Best Of” Extension and has been accepted to the Prague Fringe Festival in May 2014. UPDATE: While accepted, Dick & Jayne was not able to attend. Instead, we presented my novella “Harlem’s Awakening” as a one-woman show about a book, with a book! This is/was first time doing a one-woman show and this blog will live to tell about some of it.

If you scour the internet, you can find pics of me as a former Chicago Bulls Luv-a-Bulls Dancer and Milwaukee Bucks Energee! dancer. I’m a graduate of Marquette University where I still hold my triple jump record (yippeee!) and I was the Senior Speaker, of which I am extremely proud.

Visit Blog to Prague today.

Lyota Swainson by Odou John Andrews

Lyota Swainson: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

Lyota Swainson, Holistic Hair Care Expert: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

I chose Lyota to be a 10th Anniversary Shero because she epitomizes so many things for me: the selfless mother; the relentless entrepreneur; the driven advocate who really wants women to understand their outer beauty and teach them how to nurture it as well as honor their inner beauty; and the woman’s woman. You know strong, beautiful, confident, generous, kind, caring and wise. I first blogged about Lyota when she became a distributor for Sacha Cosmetics. I have had the pleasure of Lyota having her talented hands work their magic with make up and brushes on my face to transform lovely to wow! And I have been fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of samples of her hair care line along it’s road from development to distribution and my hair is thankful. I’m thankful for how good Lyota makes me feel and how she empowers me and any other sister fortunate to be her client through her ethos of education, education, education. Lyota ensures you know what you need to know to make the right choices for caring for you. Lyota is sharing her advice for winter hair care for Afro textured hair.

Thank you Lyota! And our locks are thanking you in advance.

Winterize Your Hair – Stopping Hair Breakage, for Afro Hair

The most common problem I know concerning black hair is breakage.  Especially in the winter months where the harsh and dry conditions could reek havoc on your hair. We have all suffered from this one time or another in our lifetime.  If proper care is not given in the winter months, it could set your healthy hair journey back months or even years with the possible breakage that could ensue. So prevention is key here.

Lyota Swainson's Core Radiance Holistic Hair Care
Lyota Swainson’s Core Radiance Holistic Hair Care

The main cause is lack of moisture in the hair shaft. Following these tips is a sure fire way to alleviate breakage using Core Radiance Holistic Hair Care Products. Wash regularly. Weekly washes and treatments is your best line of defense in imparting moisture into the hair and increasing elasticity.

Core Radiance

Core Radiance RRR Protein treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to help hair retain moisture and strengthen the hair using quinoa protein.


Core Radiance


Use Core Radiance Moisture Trap deep moisturizing treatment weekly, 20 minutes under heat is sufficient. Sodium Hyaluronate, imparts moisture into the shaft.  MSM, Biotin and Niacin nourishes the follicles to promote growth.


Core Radiance

Using Core Radiance Silky Smooth conditioner for Co-washing is great for naturals.  Just remember to use Core Radiance Detox shampoo to clarify once a month to remove build up of natural oils.


Core Radiance

To infuse moisture into the hair in between washes by adding Core Radiance Hydro-Lock leave-in when hair feels slightly dry to the touch. Follow by sealing with CR Flawless Finish cream or Forever Oil, to seal in the moisture and slow the rate of evaporation.

Core radiance brush
Core Radiance brush

These simple daily to week habits below will make a world of deference to your hair. Try to use minimum to no heat.  This will retain the moisture levels in the hair shaft. Use a silk material when sleeping, other materials are inclined to absorb the moisture from the hair. Keep hair up in protective styles to brace against the weather. Wear warm hats lined with a silk material to retain moisture.

Core Radiance comb
Core radiance comb

Follow these simple steps and you should see your breakage subside. Lush, soft, shiny and healthy head of hair should emerge shortly. Lyota can be reached on and +46 73 687 5818.

Lyota Swainson by Odou John Andrews
Lyota Swainson photo by Odou John Andrews

Lyota Swainson, is originally from New York City. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden with her son. Distributor of Sacha Cosmetics in Sweden and Creator of Core Radiance Holistic Hair Care Line. Supports  beauty from the inside out projects that help empower young girls and women to build one’s self esteem.

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