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Christine Osazuwa arrived in Stockholm in July 2017

Christine Osazuwa
Christine Osazuwa

Source: Invest in Stockholm

I knew what most Americans know about Sweden, that it’s very liberal and there are a lot of opportunities,” Christine tells The Local.

Following the US election, Christine and her husband packed their bags and figuratively set sail for Stockholm, seeking a city more in line with their political beliefs.

For Christine, it was also a priority to move somewhere she could fulfil her potential as a woman.

The couple knew about Sweden’s glowing reputation for equality — a reputation often galvanised as ranking after ranking declares it the best (or thereabouts) at, well, nearly everything.

In 2017, Sweden was ranked number one in the world regarding its commitment to reducing inequality and, just recently, The Economist named it the best country in the world to be a working woman.

To top it off, Sweden has never finished lower than fourth in the annual Global Gender Gap report which, since 2006, has measured equality in economics, politics, education, and health.

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