Black Youth Achievements Publication – Out In October 2017

The Black Youth Achievements (BYA) is the initiative of our 2010 Power Lister Kay Oldroyd.

Young People Insight

Black Youth Achievements

We’re working with ‘Young People Insight’ who are currently conducting interviews with various young achievers from around the UK and these will be published as ‘Stories of Success’.

The A4 magazine will also contain a directory of much-needed products and services that will enable and empower young people, parents, schools, and communities.

Black Youth Achievements

We’ll be having a launch event with UCL and Leading Routes who are our partners on this initiative. The magazine is due out in October and 5000 free copies will be distributed in the following areas to start with:-

Black Youth Achievements

London / Luton / Milton Keynes / Birmingham / Manchester / Leeds / Sheffield / Ipswich / Nottingham / Surrey / Sussex.

There will also be an online version.

Black Youth Achievements

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** – restrictions apply e.g – we will not advertise tobacco, alcohol, chemically enhanced food products, sexually explicit material etc


Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations

Hat tip: Monique Wells. Source: British Black List

Baroness Patricia Scotland Makes History as 1st (Black) Woman Secretary General of The Commonwealth of Nations!

Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations
Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations

Nominated to discuss her life and career on the ‘Inspiring Women’ segment of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour by ‎Grace Ononiwu, the Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, PC, QC, aged 60, took up her newest landmark position as Her Excellency, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations on April 1st 2016.

Nominated by the Hon ‎Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica, the main issue of contention for the appointing Commonwealth Heads of Governments, was her Catholic faith! That’s saying something for a lawyer and politician!

This pioneering barrister, Britain’s first black female Queen’s Counsel (QC), Privy Counsellor (PC), member of the House of Lords (Upper House) since 1997 (life peerage), former UK Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1999 – 2001, former member of theCommission for Racial Equality, UK Parliamentary Secretary (Lord Chancellor’s Department 2001-2003), UK Minister of State (Home Office, 2003-2007), Labour attorney general (2007 – 2010), andshadow attorney general (2010 – 2011), obviously rises to any challenge!

Read the full story on The British Blacklist.

BWIE 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10 Year Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe we have our 10 year anniversary in 2016. Sounds cliche but I remember launching the blog as if it were yesterday. But 1,827 posts, 15 awards, and 3 international speaking engagements later it truly does add up to 10 years of passion.


BWIE 10th Anniversary

Logo created by Andy Collins

We have grown from blog to social network, to private groups, with Twitter list and You Tube channel, and as we’ve branched out to more platforms we continue to grow and learn new things always keeping in mind that the Black Women in Europe Blog was created to celebrate the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary black women  living in Europe.

We will celebrate all year with special contributions from sisters across Europe and a brother that supports us.

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

One such brother is Andy Collins who created the Black Women in EuropeBlog logo several years ago and graciously created our anniversary logos. I first met Andy when he called me to ask what I thought about a website he was launching: an urban website in Sweden. I was on Sweden’s west coast, he was on the east, easterly at least up in past Stockholm. We talked, we clicked, I encouraged, he laughed, I laughed, we talked some more and I remember thinking, wow: aren’t British dudes cool? But when I hung up the phone I marveled, with a grateful heart,  at the power of the Black Women in Europeblog to make connections. It was my vision come true. I not only wanted to “meet” black women in Europe who were doing amazing things, I wanted to meet other people in my community doing amazing things. And that’s what Andy is doing: amazing things! And he’s incredibly talented in graphic design and he’s a visionary too. He’s putting Soul Music on the map in Scandinavia. Or rather Scandinavian Soul Music on the world map.

Thanks for being a brother who supports black women in Europe, Andy! We love you back.

Here’s more about Andy:

BWIE 10 year anniversary
Logo by Andy Collins

I moved from London to Sweden in September 2005 with my native girlfriend hoping to lay some foundations for my children, to realise some hopes and dreams for a better life for ourselves too. After the initial disorientation that comes with emigrating I found myself a student again but this time learning about life. Not ordinary life but ‘urban life’, right in here in Sweden. I had to learn how to speak Swedish, read Swedish, shop in Swedish and convince other people that I could be ‘Swedish?’ (Being of Afro- Caribbean descent, that was no mean feat!).

It wasn’t long before I had yearnings for my previous life. There were things I missed from home, my heritage and I began to question ‘would I ever fit in here?’ I feared not least for myself but for children and the same unanswered questions they would face whilst growing up here. It was then that the concept and website ‘ – a website for the afro-swedish community’ was born. I turned to the best blog/website I could find for inspiration, which was Adrianne George’s Black Women In Europe (BWIE). It was literally the only website discussing and highlighting life for black people in Sweden!

Thanks to her advice and guidance the platform was born and I happily worked on creative projects with her. Times have changed for me since then. I now promote soul music in Scandinavia,, which also highlights the multi-cultural background that represent modern Scandinavia.

Meanwhile BWIE is still going strong and I’m simply delighted to help celebrate such a wonderful, positive blog driven by such a delightful and hard working woman.

Andy Collins

Meet our Anniversary Sheroes.

DJ Candice McKenzie

Lyota Swainson by Odou John Andrews 150x150 Ellen Kountz: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

Holistic hair care specialist Lyota Swainson

Ellen Kountz

Financial guru Ellen Kountz

Lesley-Ann Brown

Poet Lesley-Anne Brown


European Dialogue Skills and Migration

Skills and Migration

European Commission’s 1st Dialogue on Skills and Migration

In preparation of a possible reform of the EU Blue Card and a new Commission communication on legal migration and integration, the dialogue will help the Commission to better understand the challenges economic actors face with skills and labour shortages and the role played by skilled non-EU workers. These challenges will require new actions on labour migration and in facilitating labour market integration.

The public event will take place on 28 January 2016, with a session made of keynote-speeches, workshops and a conclusive session where outcomes of the discussions held on 27 and 28 January will be summarised. On 27 January, a dinner roundtable with selected representatives of public and private employers will take place on the basis of individual invitations sent by the Commission.

Registration for the 28 January session can be done here. Participation will be confirmed by the Commission as there are very limited places in the selected venue.

European Commission

Cercle de Lorraine, Brussels

28/01/2016 at 08:30

28/01/2016 at 12:45


Black Europe Summer School Program 2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Summer School on Black Europe

Interrogating Citizenship, Race and Ethnic Relations

Black Europe Summer School Program 2016

June 20 – July 1, 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Now in its 9th year, the overall goal of this intensive two-week course is to examine the contemporary circumstances of the African Diaspora in Europe. We will focus on the historical and colonial legacies of European countries to discuss the origins of Black Europe and investigate the impact of these legacies on policies and legislation today.

This course addresses the dimensions of race and ethnic relations that are unique to Europe; examining the ways in which conceptions of the “other” are institutionalized and reproduced; the rise of xenophobia in various EU countries; issues such as global racisms, everyday racism, and epistemic racism; the legal definitions and discourse surrounding the conceptualized “other”; and examining the ways in which each country has dealt with issues of race and national identity. Issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality are central analytics, and scholars from the social sciences and humanities and NGOs working against racism and xenophobia in Europe are encouraged to apply.

Applications due February 1, 2016.

Visit our website for more information.

Visit us on Facebook.

Email anytime with further inquiries:

Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE, the Chineke! Foundation and the power of classical music

Chineke! Foundation


Viva Chineke! Viva Musica!

At the Chineke! Foundation, we think that all young people deserve the chance to grow and develop as musicians, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Chineke! therefore seeks to be a force for good in the classical music industry, levelling the playing field for young Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) music students, and helping to create a vibrant new generation of professional musicians of all colours.


At the Chineke! Foundation, our goal is to make music, so at the heart of our project are our two orchestras.

The Chineke! Orchestra is Europe’s first, professional all-BME orchestra. Drawn from orchestras across the continent, our players represent some of the best musicians of any colour working in Europe today.

Chosen through a rigourous audition process, the Chineke! Junior Orchestra represents the very best young BME talent between the ages of 11-18. Mentored and tutored by our senior musicians, the Junior Orchestra is truly where the future of classical music lies!

Board members

Meet the two sisters that make up half the Board of Directors


Candace Allen

Candace Allen is a novelist and essayist, with a particular affinity towards music. In her book Soul Music The Pulse of Race and Music she investigated the inspirational personal, social and political power of music, visiting the Sistema programme in Caracas and its off-shoots in the UK and US as well as similar projects in Palestine and Kinsasha. Her novel Valaida, was based on the life of trumpet-player Valaida Snow. She was a political activist in her time at Harvard University in the late 60s/early 70s – instrumental in the establishment of its African and African-American Studies Department, now headed by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. — and again during the 2008 Obama campaign. She is frequently asked for broadcast and newspaper comment on culture, race and politics.

In a previous life she was the first African-American female member of the Directors Guild of America, spending some twenty years in Hollywood film production. She lived in Berlin for several years in the 1980s and has lived in London since 1994.


JOYLady Joy Amazu

Joy qualified as a chartered accountant with Horwath Clark Whitehill and became a member of both the ICAEW & ICAN, in doing so, setting a Guinness world record for the most chartered accountants in one family along with her father Chief David Dafinone and her 3 brothers and sister.

After qualifying as an accountant Joy worked for KPMG in their UK Financial Services tax division before joining General Electric (GE).

In 2003, she became a partner at Horwath Dafinone, the largest indigenous firm of Chartered Accountants in Nigeria. Joy used her expertise in UK tax to customise Sage’s payroll software in the Nigerian market and in 2005 the firm were in the top 10 resellers of SAGE worldwide.

Following the birth of her first daughter in 2006, Joy joined Amazoil, where she is now a director.

Founder – Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE

Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE
Chi-chi Nwanoku MBE

Chi-chi is Principal Double Bassist and co-founder of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. She is Professor of Double Bass Historical Studies at the Royal Academy of Music, and was made a Fellow there 1998.

Her range of musical interests has resulted in a broad career performing and recording in a diversity of styles from authentic baroque through to 21st century and new commissions, with many of Europe’s leading chamber orchestras and ensembles. Some of her notable chamber recordings include Schubert’s ‘Trout’ Quintet (recorded three times), and Octet, Beethoven Septet, Hummel Piano quintet and Boccherini Sonatas. Her solo recording of Dittersdorf and Vanhal Concertos with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra; Hyperion CD 67179 received critical acclaim.

In 2012 Barrie Gavin directed a documentary film about Chi-chi’s career, called ‘Tales from the Bass Line’.

As a broadcaster, Chi-chi presented BBC Radio 3 Requests for four years, she guests for the TV Proms and was Jury member of BBC 2 TV Classical Star. She will be presenting a new two part series for BBC Radio 4 in 2015 which brings to life the stories and music of black composers and musicians from the eighteenth century, whose vivid presence on the classical music scene have slipped through the net!

She sits on the Board of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, and National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, is a Patron of the Mayor of London’s Fund for Young Musicians, Music Preserved, and the Cherubim Trust. Chi-chi is a past board member of the Association of British Orchestras.

The Salomon Prize was launched in 2011 by the ABO/RPS and celebrates the ‘unsung heroes’ of orchestral life; the orchestral players that make our orchestras great. It is Chi-chi’s brainchild.

Chi-chi was awarded an MBE for services to Music in the 2001 Queen’s Birthday honours. She was voted one of the ‘100 – Happy List’ in the Independent on Sunday 2011. And she still loves the blues!

Read more on her website including tour dates.

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I’m living in South Korea now, but I want this website to be more exhaustive with activity from many different countries.

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