Serena wins, Venus out

Once again, Serena Williams is the last U.S. woman standing at a major. The eight-time Grand Slam champion briefly struggled late in the day against young Dutchwoman Michaella Krajicek, but powered through 6-3, 6-4 to enter the fourth round on Friday.

Serena’s older sister, Venus, was less fortunate, when fourth seed Jelena Jankovic knocked out the five-time Grand Slam winner 6-4, 4-6, 6-1 to race the fourth round. Australian Samantha Stosur was also sent packing by No. 6 seed Nicole Vaidisova 6-4, 6-4.


Rachida Dati

For the first time in French history, the cabinet includes almost as many women as men. Seven of the 15 ministers are women, among them Rachida Dati, a young lawyer and the daughter of North African immigrants, who will head the Justice Ministry.

Commentators said that Sarkozy, the son of an Hungarian immigrant, had made an important move in appointing Dati to the Justice Ministry.

“This is not an Arab in charge of Arabs, it’s a woman of North African descent running one of the most important ministries in the government,” said Yves Michaud, a French philosopher.


Rama Yade, une jeune etoile montante dans l’equipe de Sarkozy

Femme, jeune et noire: 30 ans, la secretaire nationale de l’UMP charge de la francophonie Rama Yade est l’une des figures montantes de l’equipe de campagne de Nicolas Sarkozy, charg??e de porter haut les couleurs de la diversite.

Beau visage et grande allure, la jeune femme d’originie senegalaise, diplome de Sciences-Po et administratrice au Senat, vice-presidente du club XXIe siecle qui milite en faveur de la diversite, fait partie des douze femmes promues dans les instances du parti le 6 mars 2006. Read more.

Slaver voyages

Here are some brutal facts about the French slavers:
– Slaver voyages: France, 4,200; British North America/United States, 1,500.
– Slaves transported: France 1,250,000, British North America/United States,
– Slaves delivered to: French West Indies: 1,600,000, British North America/United
States, 500,000.

In the history of the Atlantic slave trade, the French turned four times as many Africans into slaves as the Americans did, they used them far more brutally, and French slavers not only got a head-start on Americans, they continued the slave trade — legally — until 1830, long after the rest of Europe had given it up. And they kept at it clandestinely until after the U.S. Civil War. France officially abolished slavery in its colonies only 14 years before Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, and then only under pressure from slave uprisings. Get the facts


L’ AURORE was built in 1784 in France by the shipbuilder H. Penevert. The length amounted to 31 m, the width to 8.7 m, the displacement to 500 tons at 4 m draught. From France ships of this kind sailed to the coast of Angola, in order to take over 600 slaves for the journey to Haiti, at that time French colony Saint Domingue. From there colonial goods were bought, usually sugar, and transported to France.

Taking Care of Business in France part 2 – Sandrine Joseph – Arts & Talents

Sandrine Joseph supports the arts in France:

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