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Susan Enie Muyang Tatah, Germany – Powerful woman

Slide 12 Susan Enie Muyang Tatah, Germany   Powerful woman

The Arts: Germany
Founder & CEO
International African Festival

Susan is an Entrepreneur and Visionary and African Leisure tour promoter and events manager. Her goal is to gather and empower the African Diaspora worldwide, irrespective of their country of origin, religious background, gender and status for a short vacation, cultural bath and spiritual pilgrimage once a year at the African village in Tübingen, south of Germany. This is the fastest and largest growing African festival in Germany with more than 30,000 visitors over 4 days.


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Twaambo Kapilikisha – In the middle.

In a new series of articles, black women living in Europe share their views from the inside. In our fourth article, Twaambo Kapilikisha addresses sisters in Europe with children “in the middle”. 

Twitter is an interesting place,where mere mortals can connect with celebrities and get a message to them directly, a place where the masses gather for different causes,good and bad ones.

I was a witness to some recent twitter backlash towards a singer who tweeted another singer about the fact that they were both half African (They each had one parent from a certain African country)

That was not taken too well with some of the citizens of said country.

They sent her lots of mean tweets, going on about her not being able to properly pronounce her last name, tweeting things like ‘Oh you’re one of us now are you?’

The artist was indeed shocked and could not believe how mean people were being!

I remember when this artist was hot on the charts, she did acknowledge her African side, but seemed not to identify too much with it and could not.

This got me thinking about how we are raising our children far away from where we were born.

There is a large number of women, living in countries where they were not born, married to men of a different citizenship, culture and sometimes colour.

These amazing women have uprooted themselves,l eft the familiar and set up homes away from the home that they knew.

They have accomplished things their mothers only dreamed about, have access to what some women in their homelands only fantasize about.

They have beautiful children or are planning on having children.

Sometimes these children have a hard time with their identity. Not only because there is an obvious difference in how they look in comparison to the rest of the kids at school, but because sometimes no matter how much they try to fit in, they may not be accepted as a real part of the culture.

A lot of children feel they are in no man’s land. Born in a country that one of their parents was not born in, in a land where Mummy has had to adjust to as well. A land where she has embraced a new culture but still in some ways holds on to her own.

She may give them names that she believes will help her children fit in more, shying from her own traditional name that gets shredded to pieces while being pronounced every day. She may work on getting them to join clubs, sports and associations that will keep them grounded and rooted in that culture. This is fantastic, nobody wants their child shunned or sticking out like a sore thumb.

I do believe it is important though to take a brave step and educate them about where you are from.

Where is it? Who are your parents? What games did you play when you were a little girl?

How are you teaching them to celebrate where YOU are from?

Is your child proud to say he/she has a parent that is from a different nation? Could your child say that she has visited been there is in touch with extended family? Could she have a story to tell about that place?

This middle ground is not exclusive for a child that is mixed race. I know someone that is half German and half French and born and raised in Germany.

When in Germany everyone calls him the ‘French guy’, when in France he is the ‘German guy’. He has admitted to feeling he does not belong anywhere and has come to accept it. He has done a good job of shrugging it off and enjoying both sides of his heritage. Finding a good spot in being knowledgeable about both sides of his parentage and embracing the fact that yes, he is a mix and loves both, celebrates both and can adapt on either side. Granted Germany and France are not that far away from each other, but that is the point exactly!

How are we preparing our children to deal with being in the middle with regards to their heritage? How do we tie in the two?

As for the singer that suffered the twitter massacre, in her defense, its not her fault she never visited when she was younger, its not her fault she could not relate. She may have never been taught to.

Teach your children to embrace every side of their heritage, if they choose to walk away from it that is their choice, but you are equipping them with a powerful weapon. Being able to empathize, relate to people from all walks of life. Most of all to live more comfortably and lovingly in the middle.

Twaambo Kapilikisha 300x200 Twaambo Kapilikisha   In the middle.

Twaambo Kapilikisha. Photo: Philipp Hamedl


Twaambo Kapilikisha who has discovered she has a knack for radio is a on a personal writing and speaking journey of discovery. She enjoys exploring the different facets of women and  exploring life by asking questions, through her blogs and You can also listen to her radio show called Diasporan Truth on where her intention is to engage Zambians in the diaspora to mobilise and bring positive change to Zambia.

Next month Kendra Williams-Valentine learns to love strawberries.

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DeVon Thompson – Music, Memories and Moving ahead

In a new series of articles, black women living outside of Europe share their views from the other side. In our fourth article, DeVon Thompson discovered that music build bridges. 

France 1 DeVon Thompson   Music, Memories and Moving ahead

Photo: DeVon Thompson

Europe looms big!

France 3 300x225 DeVon Thompson   Music, Memories and Moving ahead

Photo: DeVon Thompson

That may sound strange coming from a black American woman but when you say the phrase ‘I’ve been to Europe people’s eyes light up, there is usually a pause followed by a ‘wow!’ or ‘you have!?’ The amount of Americans holding passports is low and even lower for black Americans. We know what Buckingham Palace looks like, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognized manmade structures in the world but despite many black Americans especially those my age (I’m an early 80′s baby) growing up with the sounds of Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Incognito, Les Nubians and of course everyone knows ‘Return of the Mack’, the continent of Europe might as well be Mars for most.

France 2 300x225 DeVon Thompson   Music, Memories and Moving ahead

Photo: DeVon Thompson

I know Europe as a tourist, first in 2008 and just recently earlier this year in 2013. I grew up near a military base and had a friend who grew up in Germany as a pen pal; Europe wasn’t new to me when I landed at Frankfurt International Airport in 2008, although I was overly excited because like many I couldn’t believe I was actually there. Things changed when I landed at Heathrow this year, it was much more comfortable. I have a music focused blog and the ideas started to swirl while in Heidelberg, Germany on my first trip, I knew I had to reach out beyond my borders and found many of my associates were based in Europe. On my first trip and my most recent trip, I took note of the music scenes, the impact of American hip hop culture specifically. I felt that there was an energy that just wasn’t present in the U.S. I had the chance to visit Paris on my first European trip and I felt that Paris displayed just as much hip hop culture as you would see in New York City. Music was a way to connect with other black women in Europe some of whom are associates as well as those I met while visiting and I’ve learned that sharing the same culture interest transcends race even though we were all black women interacting. However the interest of music and hip hop was just a part of our initial meeting and conversations went deeper into racism, sexism and overall cultural differences.

DeVon Thompson DeVon Thompson   Music, Memories and Moving ahead

DeVon Thompson







DeVon Thompson is a writer and event producer. She currently publishes the website, a website that focuses on music, travel and film. She has been writing online since 2008 and interviewed artists such as the Nigerian artist Nneka and UK MC Kano. DeVon has also written for several blogs and websites some of which include and DeVon has also been featured on the London based creative culture site

Next month Shaniqua Farrior lays out her plan to move to Antwerp.

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7th Annual Summer School on BLACK EUROPE

Thank you for the reminder Angela Shaw. Every year I say I am going to take this course one summer. I have to ensure that it comes to pass.

BE 300x198 7th Annual Summer School on BLACK EUROPE

7th Annual Summer School on Black Europe
Interrogating Citizenship, Race and Ethnic Relations

Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 23 – July 4, 2014

The Summer School on Black Europe is an intensive two week course offered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The 7th annual Summer School on Black Europe will take place from June 23rd to July 4th, 2014 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in collaboration with The Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues (Barcelona, Spain).*

The Summer School on Black Europe will be held at:

International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)
Lombokstraat 40, 1094 AL Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The overall goal of this course is to examine the contemporary circumstances of the African Diaspora (and “other” immigrants of color) in Europe. We will focus on and discuss the origins of Black Europe and investigate the impact of these legacies on policies, social organizations and legislation today. This course will begin with a historical overview of the African Diaspora in Europe that traces the involvement of European nations in the colonization of the Americas. We will address the migration and settlement of Blacks in Europe, and examine immigration and citizenship laws that regulated their settlement. We will also look at anti-discrimination laws as they have arisen in various European countries. We compare the history of regulation and management of race and ethnic relations and the discourse surrounding the concept of Blackness and self-identification. Historically, social forces and social movements within Europe have given rise to policies to combat racism. We will trace the chain of events following social and civil conflicts that prompted these policies and analyze the legislative and intellectual discourse produced in the aftermath. In addition, we will explore notions of Blackness as official categorization; as a social construction employed by the dominant groups to indicate (non) belonging; as a Diaspora living within Europe; and as a contestation of the dominant (White) paradigm. In this way, we examine the social mobilization of Blacks to resist domination.

The above issues will be considered in light of the immediacy of contemporary global and European forces, including competing issues and discourses on Islamophobia, increased non-Black migration into and across Europe, and the debt crisis in the European Union.

This course will also seek to address the dimensions of race and ethnic relations that are unique to Europe; examining the ways in which conceptions of the “other” are institutionalized and reproduced; the rise of xenophobia in various EU countries; issues such as global racisms, everyday racism and epistemic racism; the legal definitions and discourse surrounding the conceptualized “other”; and examining the ways in which each country has dealt with issues of race and national identity. To this effect guest speakers for the 2013 program will be drawn from Germany, Italy and Portugal for case studies in those countries.

Affiliated Faculty Members include:


(More Faculty Info)



The tuition for this course is € 1600 (or € 1300 without housing) .

Tuition includes housing, the opening reception, lunches on all class days, weekly get-togethers with faculty, a course reader, a public transportation pass, and travel costs and entrance to museums and exhibitions during excursions (excluding an optional excursion to Paris).

The Paris excursion includes participation in a workshop on Migration and Social Movements at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) in Paris.

Tuition does not include travel to and from Amsterdam.

For more information over the Summer School, please email:
blackeurope [at]

K. Nimako, Director
Email: obee [at]

Mano Delea, Project Manager
Email: mano.delea [at]

Camilla Hawthorne, Coordinator North America
Email: camilla.hawthorne [at]

Giovanni Picker, Coordinator East/Central Europe & Russia
Email: giovanni.picker [at]


About the Center

logo dialogo global 7th Annual Summer School on BLACK EUROPE


DIÀLEG GLOBAL (Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization promoting research, knowledge-making, education (through seminars, workshops, exhibits, round-tables discussions, publications and video-making) and public policy to invent and work towards non-competitive horizons of life, of socio-economic organization and international relations. Non-profit and non-governmental organizations emerge from within civil and political society to address issues that are not supported or attended to by government and corporations. Their function is crucial in building futures that are beyond the regulations of States or the needs of the Corporations. In order for civil and political society to become relevant actors in social transformation and pointing out the limits of corporate values and state regulation, it is necessary to create institutions of knowledge-making not at the service of the state or corporations, but to the benefit of the civil society.

For further inquiries and information, please send e-mail to blackeurope [at]
Find us also on Facebook!

During the Summer School, we will also be hosting the International Symposium on Black Europe 2014. The 2013 Symposium on Black Europe was titled, Inside Black Europe: Racial Configurations in the Post 9/11 Era (in Europe). Click here for information on the 2012 Symposium.


* Previous sessions of the Summer School on Black Europe were organized in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and NiNsee, the National Institute for the study of Dutch Slavery and its Legacy.

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International Africa festival 2014

Afrika 300x49 International Africa festival 2014

Tübingen  will once again host the International Africa festival 2014. The 5th Edition will bring you the best in African diversity, culture, music from the continent and beyond. Save this date now, and join us in Tübingen for world-class performances, unbeatable atmosphere, meet and make new friends.  We welcome you to the African Village in Tübingen – 4days non-stop, spice up your life and be amongst the thousands of people that will celebrate the 5th anniversay of Tübingen Africa Festival.  Stay online for more details

afrikafestival 2013 3 300x199 International Africa festival 2014


Call for Artist 2014

Are you interested in performing next year at the 5th International African Festival in Tübingen – Stuttgart – South of Germany?

Are you a band on tour, looking for festivals to promote and sell your CDS?

Are you interested in supporting the aims and objectives of our festival with a free concerts?

Are you musicians or a band that support the spirit of freedom, love and non descrimination?

Our festival is open to all nationalities, denominations,  age groups, poor and rich, simple and uncomplicated! We believe that no amount of money can compensate freedom, love and peace.

Applications are now open to all bands, artist, traders, interested to perform at the 5th Edition of International Africa Festival Tübingen- Stuttgart, south of Germany. Our festival features live as well as soundsystem music, traditional dance and music groups, acrobatic shows, theater, comedy and more.

Note that we receive lots of applications every year and not all applications shall be considered. All artists have to complete  and send recordings to reach us before 15 May 2014. Selected acts will be informed per mail.


Call for Sponsors & Donors

Daily solidarity entry fee for the 5th International African festival is 2Euros. To help keep it this way we rely on support from donors and sponsors. We have ingenious ways your organisation can be seen as part of the Festival’s success. If you are interested in sponsoring the festival Email:


Call for festival / Eventsmanagement Internship

The International African Festival Tübingen is founded and developed on the principles of being a family oriented event where the surrounding communities could gather for socializing, entertainment, education and friendly competitions. These principles have continued to play an integral role in the festival’s purpose throughout the past three years. Without the dedication of the founders, board members, staff, exhibitors, sympathizers, activist and patrons, it won’t be where it is now.


A Festival with exciting opportunities for experiences, network and fun

If you´re seeking for an outstanding internship within diversed departments, so as to broaden your know-how and build experience in the domain of Festival / Eventmanagement with a focus on sub -Saharan Africa in the following areas…

• Social Media Marketing

• Sponsorships

• Commercial Vendor Accounting

• Entertainment Attraction Marketing

• Client Services

• Advertising

then contact us.

The ideal candidate will enjoy working on a variety of tasks and should bring along an exhibit of work ethics, be detail-oriented, display a professional demeanor, and have the ability to multi-task when needed. The Festival/Event Management interns will have a measurable impact on the success of the 5th International African Festival Tübingen 2014.

Interested applicants should submit cover letter, resume and availability to, we’ll keep you informed about the procedure.


Call for Volunteers 2014

The International African festival depends on a large team of talented and dedicated volunteers who take part in all aspects of the Festival. Volunteer opportunities range from working with the Festival’s operations team to ushering, administration, and special events. We invite you to lend your time and talents and be a part of the incredible experience of the Festival.



Sincerely yours

Susan Tatah founder and CEO 221x300 International Africa festival 2014

Susan Tatah



Susan Tatah – Founder & CEO

Tel: +49 152-106-10374

pixel International Africa festival 2014

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