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Nyamko Sabuni
Nyamko Sabuni – Photo: Johan Ödmann

In a tall, blond government, a small black woman like Nyamko Sabuni was always going to stand out.

It is, though, the former refugees outspoken views that have demanded attention in her adopted Sweden, where she wants a ban on the veil for under-15s and compulsory gynaecological checks for all schoolgirls to protect against genital mutilation masquerading as female circumcision.

Her views have led to death threats and round-the-clock protection in Europe’s most tolerant country.

Being appointed Minister for Integration and Equality in the right-wing Government provoked a petition signed by 50 Muslim organisations declaring that she breathed populism and Islamophobia.

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Source: David Charter in Stockholm of the The Times Online

Taking Care of Business in Sweden – South of Sweden Magazine – Collette Logan Andersson

Moving to a new country is often daunting, but this sister in Sweden is easing the transition with her magazine.

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This year it’s two hundred years since Great Britain abolished the Slave trade. But there are countries which instead of following suit, took advantage and expanded their transatlantic slave-trading, and it might come as a surprise for many that among them was Sweden. It didn’t abandon the practice until nearly 40 years later…but how much do Swedes today know about their country’s shameful past? Tom McAlinden finds out…

And if you want to know what happened to the small number of African slaves brought to Sweden and how the British eventually scared the Swedish Parliament into abolishing slavery, read more about Sweden’s slave colony and listen to the broadcast.

Pictured: King Gustav III of Sweden

Nyamko Ana Sabuni – First Black Minister in Sweden

Nyamko Sabuni
Nyamko Sabuni – Photo: Johan Ödmann

Nyamko Ana Sabuni (born 31 March 1969) is the Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality. A member of the Liberal People’s Party, Sabuni has been a member of the Riksdag (Parliament) since 2002 and a member of the party board since 2004.

As an opposition politician, Sabuni proposed banning the veil for girls under the age of 15. She proposed that schoolgirls undergo compulsory medical examinations to check for evidence of genital mutilation. She denounced what she called the “honor culture” of some immigrant groups, proposed outlawing arranged marriages and called for an end to state funding of religious schools.

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