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Blog to Prague

Blog to Prague

A Journey Toward Self-Discovery

I’m Mid-Western Girl out for a twirl.

Writer. Producer.Actor.Brown Bettie

Blog to Prague

I’m a writer and multi-hyphenate entertainer who has lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. My debut novella “Harlem’s Awakening” is available now on BlackHillPress and Amazon (especially for International shipping). It is the 1940s pre-story to “Harlem’s Night”, a dinner theater show performed by the Brown Betties and is about a young woman’s journey through hell on her way to finding peace. I love Zora Neale Hurston and Jackie Collins. If you do too, you just might like this poetic, visual piece of dramatic fiction. If you’re in Prague, you can get a copy at Shakespeare & Sons!

In 2005 I created the sultry, sassy, sophisticated “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” which is a cabaret/dinner theater experience that includes singing, dancing and acting and essentially is my autobiography of how I continually looked for love in all the wrong places until I learned to love myself first.

Blog to Prague

As spin-offs from the cabaret, which also stems from my love of all things vintage, I created and am the editor of “The Brown Betties Gazette”, an online magazine; the award-winning webseries based on “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look for Love In All The Wrong Places” (Amazon); and the “Be Your Own Bettie” Burlesque and empowerment workshops.

Check out my first go at being published in “Split: Stories From A Generation Raised on Divorce” edited by Ava Chin (Amazon), whom I met while living in New York.

I’ve also written, “15 Monologues to SLAM!” which is available electronically if you email me (my first name at hotmail dot com) and I’m in the midst of writing and re-writing “Making Lemonade: Bittersweet Tales From An Actress Being Squeezed In LA” which is my candid memoir.

Blog to Prague

My play, Dick & Jayne Get A Life, a sorta romantic sorta comedy, debuted at Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2013 where it earned a “Best Of” Extension and has been accepted to the Prague Fringe Festival in May 2014. UPDATE: While accepted, Dick & Jayne was not able to attend. Instead, we presented my novella “Harlem’s Awakening” as a one-woman show about a book, with a book! This is/was first time doing a one-woman show and this blog will live to tell about some of it.

If you scour the internet, you can find pics of me as a former Chicago Bulls Luv-a-Bulls Dancer and Milwaukee Bucks Energee! dancer. I’m a graduate of Marquette University where I still hold my triple jump record (yippeee!) and I was the Senior Speaker, of which I am extremely proud.

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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Sweden 6

Madeleine Fall

About me

History in The Making.

My name is Madeleine Fall and I am a citizen of the world, Senegal made me and Sweden raised me.

I can Only see the Opportunities in life and there are no limits for how far I can go. My fantasy is my best friend.

In my world it is all about love, joy, hardwork and Gratitude of course. I want to get out, travel, experience the world and live in total Freedom. Fashion is my passion, bussiness women my biggest inspiration and the rest is History.

My life My choices and I choose to be Me.

Madeleine Fall

Madeleine’s purpose for blogging is to uplift. Recent posts titles include

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Black Women Bloggers – England 16 – Afroblush



My name is Louisa, I’m a Ugandan currently living in London and the creator and voice behind Afroblush, an online extension of my cultural experiences and interests.  Since 2010, I’ve been nurturing this blog as a platform to celebrate, share and explore African culture, innovation and its growing potential. 

Behind the blog, I work in brand and consumer research, consulting for businesses and brands expanding into Sub-Sahara Africa. I also contribute to Impact Magazine, Arise News, Dazed and Confused, BBC Radio 2, BBC Three and Cosmopolitan Magazine, among others. 

My tales as an Afropean

I often described myself as an Afropean, as I was born in Uganda, brought up in London and travel to countries in both Africa and Europe quite frequently.

I have a strong connection with my African heritage, and even through my accent, disposition and even banter is dominantly English by nature. I will always describe myself as Ugandan, even though a large part of me is British too.

Creativity and culture, in around Sub-Saharan Africa

African fashion and design is creating its own mainstream, setting its own standards, opening its own doors and is no longer being influenced, but is now the influence.

Afroblush continuously promotes Africa as having provided one of the richest sources of imagery for designers. Going as far back as the 19th century and remaining a source of traditional and new age style and inspiration, expressive in the vitality of modern life within both urban and rural environments.

It goes without saying that Africa is truly rising, and alongside rising incomes, confidence and pride is rising too.  It’s exciting to see both domestic businesses and global brands creating products for global Pan-African communities region-specific features, elements and quirks as possible.

A spotlight on women of colour

The range of cosmetics for women (and men) of colour has grown tremendously in the last decade but is still inadequate, by comparison to the offerings of other ethnicities. Therefore, the products, tools and education on maintaining skin and hair care are still respectively limited, and somehow, in the war against variety, women of colour are seemingly becoming a nation divided by our choices.

Black British women spend six times more than white women on hair products that cater to their needs, pointing to incredible profit potential. As brands marketing their products to women of colour grow, we encourage them to cater to our and concerns rather than capitalising on our differences.

It’s time to tell our own stories

I pride my blog in providing entertaining and insightful updates and interviews from leaders of FABA (For Us By Us), a concept that promotes innovation entrepreneurship and thought leadership in the form of fashion, music, design, technology, travel,business and community engagement.

If you have a story to tell or would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate.


Otherwise, for all editorial matters, submissions and contributions, or if you would just like to say hello, please drop me an email or tweet:

Louisa Kiwana


Email: , tweet me: @afroblush


Black Women Bloggers – Germany 11 – Frolicious


Frolicious is a multicultural online blog and was founded in 2013 by Jen Martens. It is dedicated to promote a cross-section of various information involving the African urban lifestyle. The intention is to share inspirations, pictures about our incredible diversity and beauty throughout the African Diaspora. Furthermore, would like to create a versatile and positive image by showcasing the fashion and entertainment industry with African influences and Frolicious beauties from all over the world.

We would like to spread the self-love with our blog and to empower other Frolicious sisters and brothers to feel the same. Frolicious Beauty comes in all shades.

Our philosophy is: “Be Frolicious – Be You”.

Frolicious was birthed in 2013 with the focus on bringing fashion professionals, students, blogger, vloggers, magazines, retailers and all those who are interested in African Urban Lifestyle together.

Meet Jen Martens (Founder)

 I am a state certified business economist and founder of Frolicious. I am blogging since July 2013 and I have not been offline since then 🙂

I am of Ghanaian descent and based in Hamburg (Germany). Besides my blog I also work as a social media consultant for companies who are creating products or fashion for people of colour. Furthermore, I host a TV show called Africa Outlook which features news, entertainment, and fashion topics focused on the African Diaspora residing in Germany.

My favourite things to do are cooking, chilling with friends, reading and doing yoga.

My aim is to focus on creating an awareness that promotes the full supply chain of the African versatility whether it is about fashion, music or beauty. According to the African Heritage Magazin May/2014 I belong to the 100 most influential Africans in Germany 2014.


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Black Women Bloggers – Germany 10 – Munich Mom

Munich Momo

Keoshia Walden created for English speaking expats living in Munich. It’s a mommy lifestyle blog and guide for living in Munich with kids.

Hello and thank you for stopping by our blog, We created this little community to provide English-speaking expats living in Munich with information to really live and be apart of this beautiful city.

We are two expat moms ourselves, who know how hard it can be to find things to do for your family. Be it restaurants and cafes that are kid friendly or awesome activities to do with with your whole tribe. We are here to fill in the gap, give up the secrets and hopefully entertain you and make you laugh along the way. Please join in and comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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