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An Unexpected Road to Life in Europe

In the 10th article in the “Inside View” series, Terra Robinson shares how education lead to her life in Europe.

During my undergraduate days, I decided to do a semester abroad programme in England. Little did I know this experience would be the spark that led to me living, studying and working in Europe for most of my adult life (thus far).

After graduating with my BA and spending a few years of working – mainly bouncing between Atlanta, New York and London – I decided to get my Master’s degree. My undergraduate experience studying abroad really left a mark on me. I was intrigued by the English teaching approach I experienced while studying abroad, so in 2007 I applied for graduate schools in the United States and the United Kingdom, ultimately ending up at King’s College London in the Fall of 2008.

After assuring my mother that I would be back in the United States by the end of Summer 2009, I spent a year in London exploring the city and studying international relations. While still a student, I applied for a six month competitive internship in Brussels. My work background was mainly communications (my undergraduate degree was in journalism) not international relations (the main focus of the organisation), so I figured my chances of getting the internship were slim to none.

But lo and behold, I was chosen for the internship, which didn’t start until a year after I finished my studies. So I had a choice to make: wait for a year and do the internship or try my luck at getting a paying job now and forgo the internship. I picked the first option. While filling the year-long gap between finishing my MA and starting my internship, I took a temporary job in London then relocated to France for six months to take intensive French courses (something I’d wanted to do for a while) and teach English part-time (something I’d done in the past), and spent some time with my family in Atlanta. At the end of my self-imposed gap year, I headed off to Brussels for what I thought would be a six month internship. It turned into a nearly 2.5 year stint (six months as an intern and nearly two more years as a consultant with the same organisation) in the city that bills itself as the capital of the European Union.

Funnily enough, my time in Brussels is what led me to my current job working as a corporate journalist for a Danish firm just outside of Copenhagen. Working in Brussels showed that I was comfortable working for an international organisation in a city far away from my family for an extended period of time – something I think came in handy when my boss was shortlisting and interviewing candidates for the position. A year and a half after moving to Denmark, I just passed the six year mark of living in Europe. What was meant to be a one year stint in London ended up being much more – and ended up taking me to countries I never even considered living in.

Terra Robinson 213x300 An Unexpected Road to Life in Europe

Terra Robinson is an American Black Chick in Europe. She chronicles her time living, working and travelling in Europe through the filters of being an American, a woman and black. One part travel, one part expat and one part personal blog, American Black Chick in Europe serves up tidbits and information about life in Europe straight up with no chasers. Having lived in Europe since 2008, with stints in England, France, Belgium, and currently Denmark, this American Black Chick in Europe seeks to demystify what she affectionately refers to as these crazy Europeans.

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Our DC brunch – thank you so much for coming

Yesterday sisters in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York city and Philadelphia gathered in the Nation’s Capitol for brunch with Black Women in Europe founder and DC native.

Good food, laughs, smiles, and hugs were plentiful as we soaked up the sun, personal and professional stories and made promises to get together again this year.

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Joselin St. Aimee’s Acting Out English Academy in Venice, Italy

Acting Out English Academy is a non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching English through music, theater, and the performing arts.

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The multi-award winning Black Women in Europe™ Blog is looking to hire interns for 3 positions. In addition to an award winning blog, 2 Facebook groups and the Black Women in Europe™ Power List: A Room of Our Own© are part of the Black Women in Europe™ brand started by an American living in Europe. Interns hired for these positions will need strong planning, organizational or writing skills in order to drive the blog content and publication schedule. Exciting opportunity for people with great online experience who are interested in expat life. 3 non-paid positions available for academic credit only.

1. Publication and Community Manager Intern
2. Blogger and Social Media Specialist Intern
3. Design and Search Engine Optimization Intern


Preferred majors are journalism, communications, marketing, design, and IT.


These internships are unpaid but provide the opportunity to portfolio build, expand professional networks, learn new skills while honing old ones, and receive a professional letter of recommendation from an award-winning blogger and business consultant.


1. Publication and Community Manager Intern
Major Responsibilities

Create website publication schedule for minimum 1 post a week with goal
of 3 posts a week

Source guest blog posts

Create integrated social media plan (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to
distribute posts

Write Black Women in Europe™ monthly newsletter

Manage Black Women in Europe™ Facebook page

2. Blogger and Social Media Specialist Intern

Major Responsibilities

Create blog posts to implement publication schedule

Use social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., to implement social media plan

3. Design and Search Engine Optimization Intern

Major Responsibilities

Website redesign

Website and social media optimization

Keyword analysis


Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and be able to receive academic credit. Must be a member of or sympathetic to the African Diaspora. Priority given to students who can commit to a 2 consecutive semesters internship and/or are studying abroad, especially Europe. Past travel to Europe is an advantage, as is fluency in an additional European language other than English. All work is performed online.

How To Apply


Only students may apply.

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Black Women in Europe™: Power Lists – A List of Our Own© are in the top 4% most viewed on SlideShare in 2013.

Slideshare 2013 Black Women in Europe™: Power Lists – A List of Our Own© are in the top 4% most viewed on SlideShare in 2013.

Since debuting in 2010 the Black Women in Europe™: Power List – A List of Our Own© has been popular. 2013 was no exception. Have you read the power list? Nominations for 2014 can be submitted to through 1 September 2014.


View the 2013 list today.

pixel Black Women in Europe™: Power Lists – A List of Our Own© are in the top 4% most viewed on SlideShare in 2013.

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