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Isabellah Andersson wins the Tjejmilen 10k in Stockholm

This year marked the 30th Anniversary of the Tjejmilen 10k, the biggest sporting event for women in Sweden. It is a beautiful run/walk through the royal park ”Djurgården” in Stockholm.

Isabellah Andersson
Isabellah Andersson wins with a time of 33:42.

Isabellah Andersson’s average pace was 03.22 min/km.

Top finishers
Top finishers.

Six women were recognized for their achievement.

I did it.
This sister felt a sense of accomplishment.

This sister did her best and enjoyed it.

I did it too.
I did it too.

But this race wasn’t just for elite runners. It is a celebration of womanhood and open to women of all abilities. So I walked it. My very first 10k and completed it at a pace of 15 miles a minute.

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