Black Women in Europe

Obama Training Sessions: Berlin and Germany

Berlin, Germany & London, England


Location: Babylon Theatre, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str 30, Berlin

Time: Morning, unconfirmed (as soon as the time is confirmed, we will let you know)

This event will be your opportunity to meet Obama for America staffer from the United States, Ali Sutton. Ali is an experienced field staffer who will be conducting a training session and Q&A all about how you can help make Barack Obama our next President.

We also hope to have some discussion of our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and field plan. As we’re inviting volunteers from across Europe, this will also be a unique opportunity to share various projects in person.

Please rsvp to Eva Adams,

**Stay tuned for more information on a public event on July 24th in Berlin**


This training will also be conducted by Field Director for Americans Abroad for Obama, Ali Sutton.

Location: River Bar, London

Time: 3:00 p.m.

To rsvp please email Karin Robinson at

We are very excited about this on the ground effort. As we move closer to the election, we must be working together to turn out the vote for Senator Obama and our Congressional Candidates. I’m counting on you to help make this happen!

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