Germaine Thomas competes in season 4 of Hela Sverige Bakar (All of Sweden Bakes) 2015 topp Germaine Thomas competes in season 4 of Hela Sverige Bakar (All of Sweden Bakes)

Over 10 weeks 12 contestants compete to win Sweden’s top baking prize. This season American expat Germaine Thomas competes.

%name Germaine Thomas competes in season 4 of Hela Sverige Bakar (All of Sweden Bakes)

Photo: TV4 – Germaine Thomas polenta delight and wake up Suzy Q with espresso cream filling.

Good luck Germaine!

Sandy Parris and Ladies Who Lunch

sandy image parris front 1024x443 Sandy Parris and Ladies Who Lunch

The founding principle of Ladies Who Lunch UK is ‘Women Empowering Women’ and my aim is to provide a forum for women of all backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to meet, share and exchange experiences, views and ideas in order to gain confidence, knowledge and grow. My extensive work experience includes legal PA, senior EA, project management and hospitality roles in corporations such as Marriott International, where I gained considerable insight and experience working in multi-national organisations.

In 2008, I pursued my passion for event management and following a series of successful social and business networking events, I founded Ladies Who Lunch UK. To date, the Ladies Who Lunch team have designed, managed and hosted events around the world, including the US, the Caribbean and most recently the UAE.

I am passionate about issues affecting women and actively raise awareness and funds for several charities including Cancer Research UK’s Breast Cancer Campaign, Breast Cancer Care, Champions in Pink (Barbados Cancer Society Breast Screening Program), Women For Women International and The Eve Appeal.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we host annual ‘Ladies Who Lunch UK’ fundraising events in the UK and the Caribbean.

As a co-founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC, I’m delighted to have helped create an inclusive forum to support teen girls to embrace their uniqueness, share, learn, grow and successfully navigate their teenage years to make change happen.

Jenny Garrett is Rocking her Role

video background3 Jenny Garrett is Rocking her Role

Women’s Coach of the Year 2014, APCTC award winner Jenny is a sought after executive coach and trainer, author of Rocking Your Role, the how to guide to success for female breadwinners, speaker, founder of Reflexion Associates leadership consultancy and Co -Founder of Rocking Ur Teens CIC.

Jenny mentors women entrepreneurs and executives internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and was a finalist for the PRECIOUS Mentor of the Year 2012. She is a selected Sage Business Expert.

Jenny was honoured to be listed in LinkedIn Uk’s Top 10 Power Women 2013 and is Vice Chair of the TwentyTen Club, an award-winning organisation and website committed to connecting, supporting and inspiring Black female entrepreneurs and the enterprising women of the future. Jenny is an Advisory Board member for Generation Success,  a student-led society built on creating shared value between three key stakeholders: students, employers and charities.

She has been featured on TV across Europe, has been a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, featured in Magic FM’s Book Club and been quoted and written articles for numerous publications. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post, has her own radio show and has been quoted on the front page of The Daily Telegraph on the rise of stay at home fathers being fuelled by the growth of female breadwinners.

Black Women Bloggers in Europe Sweden 6

madelenfall logga gold1 Black Women Bloggers in Europe Sweden 6

About me

History in The Making.

My name is Madeleine Fall and I am a citizen of the world, Senegal made me and Sweden raised me.

I can Only see the Opportunities in life and there are no limits for how far I can go. My fantasy is my best friend.

In my world it is all about love, joy, hardwork and Gratitude of course. I want to get out, travel, experience the world and live in total Freedom. Fashion is my passion, bussiness women my biggest inspiration and the rest is History.

My life My choices and I choose to be Me.

cropped MG 4825 r Black Women Bloggers in Europe Sweden 6

Madeleine’s purpose for blogging is to uplift. Recent posts titles include

Visit Madeleine Fall’s blog today.


Black women take 1, 2, 3 in the 32nd Tjemilen 10k in Stockholm

Foto Ryno Quantz Rickard Forsberg och DECA Text Bild 9 Black women take 1, 2, 3 in the 32nd Tjemilen 10k in Stockholm

Foto Ryno Quantz, Rickard Forsberg och DECA Text & Bild

Ethiopia’s Webalem Ayele (33:28) and Yewbdar Gela (34:07) and Sweden’s Isabellah Andersson (35:24) place 1, 2, and 3 in Sweden’s biggest 10k for women, the 32nd Tjejmilen.

Tjejmilen black Black women take 1, 2, 3 in the 32nd Tjemilen 10k in Stockholm

The scenic course

The race runs around the beautiful scenery of the Royal National City Park “Djurgården”. It starts on “Lindarängsvägen” which is a wide, flat road. The course continues 1.5 kilometres down the road until it turns to the right and up a slope. Make a right- hand turn on “Kaknäsvägen” and then pass the “Kaknäs” TV Tower, the tallest building in Stockholm with a height of 155 metres (500 feet).

After 2.5 kilometres, the course reaches “Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen”, a canal where you can choose between running along the north or the south side towards “Parkudden”. Either distance is equal.

Before we reach the canal, on the right hand side, we pass “Djurgårdsbrunns Värdshus”, a restaurant that dates back to the 18th century. At the end of the canal, at “Parkudden” you turn to the right and round “Blockhusudden”.
The course continues on the road, “Djurgårdsvägen”, and you pass some magnificent mansions and the “Manillahemmet”, a school for deaf children.

At 6.5 kilometres, you run uphill for e few hundred metres towards the palace of “Rosendal” which was built 1823-1827 for the king Karl XIV Johan. Then the course goes downhill through an avenue of old and beautiful oak trees. You turn right at the restaurant “Godthem” and follow the waterfront through “Lusthusporten”, an iron gate to “Djurgårdsvägen”.

On the left-hand side you can see the spectacular building of The National Museum of Cultural History and, further down the road, the amusement park “Gröna Lund” and “Skansen”, an open-air museum with 150 historical buildings.

You run over the bridge “Djurgårdsbron”, turn right on the road “Strandvägen” before reaching ”Oxenstiernsgatan” where you make a left- hand turn. This road takes you up the last hill of the course. On the right hand side you can see the huge building of the Swedish national radio and TV company.

The last part of the course is an easy run downhill on “Oxenstiernasgatan”, continuing into ”Lindarängsvägen” where you pass the Swedish Film Institute and run into the finishing stretch.

Along the course you will be pumped up by rock bands, brass bands, samba orchestras and DJs who will cheer you on with music. This is very appreciated by tired runners!

Foto Ryno Quantz Rickard Forsberg och DECA Text Bild 3 300x196 Black women take 1, 2, 3 in the 32nd Tjemilen 10k in Stockholm

Isabellah Andersson from Hässelby SK. Foto Ryno Quantz, Rickard Forsberg och DECA Text & Bild

I happened to meet world class runner Isabellah Andersson from Hässelby SK two evenings before the race in a hotel elevator. She was so gracious and said hello and then I recognized her.

You’re an elite runner“, I said.

Isabellah smiled and said,


And I asked,

You’re here to run Tjejmilen, aren’t you“?

And she said,

Yes. Are you“?

I’m walking it“,

I answered. And as she got out of the elevator she smiled and turn and stood as the doors were closing and said,

Oh that’s good! What matters is that you’re doing it“.

DSCN1853 e1441530819385 225x300 Black women take 1, 2, 3 in the 32nd Tjemilen 10k in Stockholm

And I did. Jag gjorde det!