5 power foods that every pregnant woman should eat

pregnant woman

Pregnancy is the most special feeling for women. So, the sustenance should be unique as well. It’s very much important to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy as your little one eats what you eat. So, won’t you like to serve the best and healthiest foods to him? Of course, you would, right!! Then you shouldn’t just eat anything. During this time, your body needs additional vitamins and nutrients. In fact, consuming 300-500 extra calories is the must!

Nowadays, there are various kinds of exclusive top quality pregnancy supplements like folic acid tablets, multivitamins, etc. available in the market. These products would do wonders for the mom-to-be working ladies who don’t get much time to prepare the healthy recipes due to the hectic work schedules. These are easy to take, handy and will certainly fill up the blanks in their diet. Moreover, these supplements are the great add-ons in the healthy diet of the pregnant ladies.

But these supplements are not that cheap! However, If you’re one among such women who is expecting your baby soon, then there’s good news for you! Just check this boots.com promo offers page, and you can find a hell lot of ways to eat healthily & save your bucks as well.

Now, when you’ve got a basic idea of how good are supplements for you, how can I forget about the major supernatural pregnancy foods? Of course, the real ones are outstandingly good! So, here I’ve listed out the seven must-take nutritious foods for the pregnant women.

1.Dairy products

During the pregnancy period, you must intake extra calcium and protein as these elements are must for a growing fetus. There are two types of high-quality protein present in the dairy products. They are whey and casein. Dairy is one of the best dietary sources of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, etc.

Are you fond of yoghurt? Then, especially you should go for greek yoghurt! It is particularly advantageous for pregnant women as it contains more calcium than all other dairy products. This type of yoghurt also include the probiotic bacteria that supports digestive health.


When it comes to healthy foods, eggs are the ultimate ones. It contains a little bit of all the nutrients needed by a pregnant woman. Do you know how much calories you intake with an egg in your breakfast? It’s 77 calories!! You also get some high-quality protein and fat. It also contains many vitamins and minerals. Eggs are also a great source of choline which is responsible for brain development. So, if you go through a low choline intake during pregnancy, then it will possibly lead to decreased brain function of your yet to come baby.

3.Green veggies

The greens like spinach, broccoli, kale, etc. contain various useful vitamins and minerals like the vitamin- C, vitamin-K, vitamin-A, calcium, iron, folate and potassium which are extremely beneficial for the pregnant women. This is not the end, these green foods contain a huge amount of antioxidants that makes our immune and digestive system work pretty well.

4.Fish liver oil

This special oil is made up of oily liver of fish which is known as cod. Fish liver oil is an excellent source of omega-3-fatty acids like EPA and DHA which are needed for foetal eye and brain development. It is also a very good source of Vitamin D which is very essential to maintain your baby’s bone health. Are you allergic to seafood? Well, many of us are. But, that makes you deficient in Vitamin D. So, that’s when fish liver oil makes up for all the deficiencies, and you get enough of this vitamin in your body.

5.Dried Fruits

Different kinds of dried fruits are high in calories, vitamins, and minerals. One piece of dried fruit will give you the same amount of nutrients as a whole fresh fruit, just without water in a much smaller form. And as there is no water, it is very good for you pregnant ladies because you need to maintain the water balance to avoid excessive swelling up of your body. But, make sure you avoid the candid varieties to prevent excessive intake of sugar.

You’ve to usually pay some really good amount to buy a pack of dried fruits as these are processed ones and ready to serve edibles with high benefits. But, now you can purchase the exotic varieties of dried fruits and other groceries at affordable rates. For that, you just have to use the exciting deals from the leading grocery stores in the UK which are available all together at Vouchershops.co.uk. So, what are you waiting for? Make the smart move and snap up your saving.

I’m sure, the foods mentioned above will help you to lead a healthy and happy pregnancy. So, enjoy chomping these foods and pamper the most precious version of your life – Motherhood.

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US tax help for Americans in Europe

Source: Taxes for Expats

expat tax

No matter where you reside – you must file. All US citizens and Green Card holders must (if they meet minimum filing thresholds) file an annual tax return reporting their worldwide income.


expat tax

While all must file – most don’t owe. The good news is that most expats don’t end up paying any taxes to the IRS. There are many tax deductions available which allow taxpayers to deduct more than $100,000 from their taxable income. But – they must continue to file. Failure to do so can lead to penalties.


Head hurting? Want to know more? What expert help? Get in touch with Taxes for Expats. They have lots of tools on their website and offer a free phone consultation.


International Women’s Day – We celebrate us everyday here

Source: Facebook’s She Means Business

International Women's Day
Jamelia Donaldson


Championing girls through hair care

“Every day, I think about how I can improve or contribute to the world and make life more exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling—not only for myself but for the women and girls around me.”
Since around the age of 4, Jamelia Donaldson has had a thing about hair. “I’d braid my own hair and my friends’ hair,” she explains. “In fact, you could say it was my first ‘business’; I’d get paid to do hair for my mum’s friends and their daughters after school.” It was an interest that never went away and over time Jamelia became particularly interested in finding the best natural techniques and products for styling curly hair like hers.

While studying for her Business and International Relations degree at Aston University, Jamelia spent time working in Beijing and New York before returning to London to take up a role in financial services. But on her travels, Jamelia had noticed something. There was a wealth of great curly and Afro hair products out there—they just weren’t easily available in the UK. “I was determined to tackle the issue,” say Jamelia. “I wanted to help girls discover and experiment with European and American curly hair care brands that they wouldn’t find in their local salon or high street beauty store.”

Hair care by post

The idea for a monthly hair care subscription box was born, with the intention of giving young curly-haired girls everything they needed to care for their hair and experiment with new products and styling techniques. But it wasn’t just about the hair, though. Jamelia wanted little girls to feel celebrated, represented and special. It worked and since the first boxes were shipped in November 2015, the Treasure Tress range has already expanded to include monthly subscription boxes for teens and women, too.

The early days brought some inevitable challenges—and opportunities to learn. “For example, I had a really clear idea of how I wanted the box to look and the size it would be,” says Jamelia. “But soon after launching we were approached by an amazing brand that wanted us to feature their products in our boxes. Obviously we jumped at the opportunity! But once the products arrived, we realised they were way too big for the boxes. With days to go before shipping we had to completely re-design the boxes to accommodate the products.”

Overnight growth

Another challenge was Treasure Tress’ unexpectedly quick growth in popularity overseas. Having anticipated selling only in the UK for the first few months, Jamelia woke up one day to orders from America and Europe. But there was a snag. “Because the website was set up to sell to the UK, they’d been charged UK postage—which doesn’t even come close to the price of international shipping.” Undeterred, Jamelia honoured the orders despite making a loss on them and made sure that the website and shipping processes were updated immediately to reflect her new, international audience.

Connecting to the world

So how did Jamelia achieve this sudden global reach, seemingly overnight? “I can only say I underestimated the power of connectivity, social media and hashtags!” she laughs. Instagram was Treasure Tress’ primary social media platform when it launched, and the brand has been right at home there ever since. Particularly popular are the unboxing videos that feature the Treasure Tress team revealing each new selection of subscription box goodies.

Jamelia calls Instagram “a fundamental part of our DNA” and says that she owes much of her business growth to the exposure and customer engagement that it has enabled. “I’m still astonished that I’ve been able to reach women in the Middle East, Europe and America so quickly,” she admits.

New energy

Reflecting on her first year of business, Jamelia has never felt more motivated. She was recently selected to take part in Future Girl Corp, a 12-hour business bootcamp organised by beauty industry pioneer Sharmadean Reid, where 100 up-and-coming female entrepreneurs came together to learn from, and inspire, each other. Still riding on the energy of the event experience, Jamelia is excited about what’s to come. “I’m a firm believer in finding your purpose, in adding something to the world. To me, that means creating and putting in place the products and services that women like me need—or will need in the future.”

Learn more about Jamelia Donaldson and Treasure Tress:

Website: http://www.treasuretress.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treasuretressbox/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/treasuretress/


Call for Abstracts – 2nd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism, and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

Women of Colour in Europe

2nd Annual Black Feminism, Womanism, and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

A One-Day Symposium
Saturday, 7th October 2017, 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In September 2016 in Edinburgh, we welcomed over 100 activists, practitioners, artists and scholars to critically debate contemporary Black feminist and womanist theories and practices in Europe. Our first event demonstrated the possibilities of building solidarity across race, class, gender, sexuality and legal status. However, the symposium also highlighted the inter-generational tensions between veteran and newer activists and scholars about how to build and sustain inclusive and democratic Black feminist spaces for education and action.

For our second symposium, we seek to expand and deepen our debates about the theory and practice of Black feminism and womanism in Europe but also spotlight the very real conflicts between different types of women who identify as Black feminists and womanists. Our aim is to examine how we might build community, collective strategies for survival and a politics for social justice in an unstable European context wracked by a variety of crises linked to austerity measures, racist and xenophobic public discourses about migration and the rise of far right political parties and groups.

We seek activist narratives, academic papers, practice-based reflections and art/music/film contributions related, but not limited, to:

  • Theorising European Black feminism and womanism
  • Gendering racial capitalism
  • Building Black feminist and womanist activist spaces
  • Black feminism and sex work
  • Women of colour and the European racial contract
  • Developing transnational, intersectional and intergenerational coalitions
  • Queering European Black feminism and womanism
  • Race, gender and affective relations
  • Gendering migration experiences
  • Women of colour and digital diasporas
  • Black feminism and Black Lives Matter in Europe
  • Black feminism and trans* women’s rights
  • Women of colour and anti-fascist resistance

Please send titles and abstracts of no more than 300 words, which include your name, affiliation and contact details to woceuropeconference@gmail.com by Monday 3rdApril 2017.

Organising committee

Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick

Marly Pierre-Louis, Tracian Miekle, and Lene Hypolite, Amsterdam Black Women’s Meet-Up 


Chopstreets is your guide to discovering African and Caribbean Cuisines in the U.K with the touch of a button.

We believe eating is a social activity and it is said that the best friendships are made over food, we agree!


African food is rich, diverse, colourful and flavoursome and we have made it our mission to help you discover great places where you can enjoy delicious food from the African Continent and the Caribbean Islands right here in the U.K.

LERATO LONDON – Supper Club based in Brighton

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Etzia competing to represent Sweden at EuroVision 2017

Source: SVT

Etzia in Melodifestivalen 2017: Want to help other women

On Saturday it’s time for debutant Etzia to take the stage in Malmö Arena with the song “Up”. The song is an energetic and full motion and Etzia want with it spread joy and warmth in February cold. But her participation also means a lot to her in her efforts to help other women get around in the music industry.

Etzia has a cheerful number with lots of dancing. But her contribution also stands for something much bigger and more important. Etzia has for several years been working to help other girls in the music industry through the organization Femtastic. The organization is a music network that works to highlight the girls in hip hop and urban music culture and to try to even out the difference between men and women.

Male-dominated industry

– The goal is to promote the live scene to make it 50-50 between men and women and giving women the confidence to take on more in all artistic disciplines, says Etzia.

Etzia explains how the music industry and particularly in just hip hop and urban music is male dominated and it can be difficult for women to take place. Even in Melodifestivalen Etzia mean that there have not been many women who have come forward as a songwriter but more and more people take for themselves.

– It’s only a matter of time. It is time now, says Etzia about the change.

Read the full story.


Gisele Mwepu, founder of Okapi Finance, has been awarded Innovation of the Year.

Gisele Mwepu

This year’s innovation talent goes to Gisele Mwepu that with a huge drive and a desire to improve people’s lives has created Okapi Finance. Okapi has helped to reduce financial exclusion in poor countries by giving people the ability to conduct fast and secure financial transactions and gain legitimacy with banks and financial institutions. It contributes to a safe, inclusive and sustainable financial system in poor countries.

Swedish innovation talent of 2017

What an honor to be Swedish innovation talent of 2017! Thanks to all of you my employees, partners, board members, friends and family! You are the unseen heroes.

VINNOVA is the Swedish innovation agency. Our mission is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden by funding needs-driven research and developing effective innovation. Vinnova is a government agency under the Ministry of Industry and national contact authority for the EU’s framework program for research and development. General Director is Charlotte Brogren.