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[raceresist] Race and Resistance – Week 7

Dear all, With Trinity Term coming to an end, the Race and Resistance team is looking to close out the year with an informal meeting to discuss our plans, events, and team for the upcoming year. Come along to the seminar room on the top floor of TORCH on Friday 8 June from 12.45-2 to chat with us about what you would like to see happen …

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Taking care of business – Sweden-Part 9: African Queen

I found this sister on Facebook and LOVE what she is doing in fashion. AND I’m so lucky because she is here in Sweden like me so I will try and meet her and hug her and thank her for bringing African fashion to Sweden and the world via her website. BACKGROUND Ever since …

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Dating in Black and White: A Guide for Black Women

Interracial relationships are becoming quite common these days. Some people are getting used to it and have started thinking beyond skin color and race. Interracial dating is no longer taboo. There are many special websites that support interracial relationships and if you are a black woman looking for white men for romantic relationships then you …

Black Women in Europe

Tell me about the microagressions you experience.

It. Is. Not. In. Your. Head. Wonderful Black women in Europe. It took me researching and writing a chapter in a book about Black Feminism in Europe to realize how many microaggressions I have experienced and continue to experience. Standard definition: microaggression [mʌɪkrəʊəˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n] NOUN microaggressions (plural noun) · micro-aggression (noun) · micro-aggressions (plural noun) a …

Doria Ragland
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Doria Ragland beams alongside her daughter Meghan Markle

Game changer. Mother of the Bride with the Bride. It can’t be easy when all eyes are on you. Doria Ragland, mother in law to Britain’s Prince Harry, simply glowed. The American actress Meghan Markle is arguably not the first woman of African descent to marry into Britain’s royal family but she is the first …