Gisele Mandaila – First Black Minister in Belgium

Portrait express

nee le 4 septembre 1969 Kinshasa (Republique Democratique du Congo)
Etat civil : marie
Graduate en marketing (Institut superieur Ville de Mons)
2me annee de licence en science du travail (ULB)
Carriere professionnelle
en 2000 :

collaboratrice parlementaire d’un deput du Parlement de la Communaute francaise

de decembre 2000 mai 2003 :

aide comptable

de 2001 mai 2004 :

Membre de l’asbl Dunia Action (aide humanitaire)
Membre de l’Union des femmes africaines (UFA)

depuis octobre 2000 :

conseillre communale et pour la Zone de Police d’Etterbeek

depuis le 18 juillet 2004 :

Secretaire d’Etat aux Familles et aux Personnes handicapes

Belgian Government

The Transatlantic Slave Trade stands apart from both past and present forms of slavery in terms of its scale and brutality; the legal framework that supported it; and the long term repercussions it would have on three continents.

The human cost of the trade is difficult to quantify, but it is estimated that out of approximately 24 million people who were enslaved in Africa only some 10 million managed to survive long enough to reach the Americas and the Caribbean. Those that did had to endure conditions so hard that, in the Caribbean, approximately one in every three Africans died within three years of arriving.

On 25 March 1807, the slave trade was abolished in the British colonies. This was not the end of slavery, people could still own other human beings, but it ended the trade from Africa to the British colonies and marked an important step on the path to the total abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the liberation of those who had been enslaved. Read about this historic anniversary, modern day slavery, and how you can do something to stop it now.

Lewis Hamilton drives fast

It is well documented that at the tender age of 8, little Lewis Hamilton approached McLaren boss Ron Dennis, to advise him of his talents. The Englishman responded by telling the youngster to win some races then come talk to him again.

By the age of 10, Lewis had won his first British Kart Championship, and in the years that followed he added a further four titles to his tally.

Consequently, Dennis stuck to his word, and at the age of 13 Lewis was signed to the prestigious McLaren Driver Development Support programme, the youngest driver ever to be signed up by a Formula One team. Read more about Lewis here.

Recent floods in Mozambique

The recent floods in Mozambique have caused havoc typical of any region in the world being flooded.

But added to the misery suffered by Mozambicans who survived the floods is a chilling thought “where are the landmines now”?
Your guess is as good as mine.

We want to find the landmines and clear them from currently unusable albeit fertile land. But without the technology available to The Mineseeker Foundation to find landmines, landmines typically buried underground which may or may not have been dislodged will probably be ‘found’ by an innocent victim.

They may or may not survive the blast.

Mozambicans will now have to play a deadly guessing game before stepping onto land after the floods subside.

A step in the wrong direction may be fatal. Click here to see how you can help.

Nyamko Ana Sabuni – First Black Minister in Sweden

Nyamko Sabuni
Nyamko Sabuni – Photo: Johan Ödmann

Nyamko Ana Sabuni (born 31 March 1969) is the Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality. A member of the Liberal People’s Party, Sabuni has been a member of the Riksdag (Parliament) since 2002 and a member of the party board since 2004.

As an opposition politician, Sabuni proposed banning the veil for girls under the age of 15. She proposed that schoolgirls undergo compulsory medical examinations to check for evidence of genital mutilation. She denounced what she called the “honor culture” of some immigrant groups, proposed outlawing arranged marriages and called for an end to state funding of religious schools.

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