Nyamko Ana Sabuni – First Black Minister in Sweden

Nyamko Sabuni
Nyamko Sabuni – Photo: Johan Ödmann

Nyamko Ana Sabuni (born 31 March 1969) is the Swedish Minister for Integration and Gender Equality. A member of the Liberal People’s Party, Sabuni has been a member of the Riksdag (Parliament) since 2002 and a member of the party board since 2004.

As an opposition politician, Sabuni proposed banning the veil for girls under the age of 15. She proposed that schoolgirls undergo compulsory medical examinations to check for evidence of genital mutilation. She denounced what she called the “honor culture” of some immigrant groups, proposed outlawing arranged marriages and called for an end to state funding of religious schools.

Sources: IHT, Wikipedia

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So now, ladies and gentlemen, live from Somalia and the Netherlands! Give it up for new-to-Washington Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Muslim heretic, self-proclaimed “Infidel,” whose memoir by that name is at No. 7 on the New York Times bestseller list! She was elected to the Dutch parliament, but resigned in a scandal that brought down the ruling party. Read more about Ayaan Hirsi Ali here.

Source: The Washington Post

Exclusive Daniels Counter contribution – 1st Black Female Performer of post war Germany to release autobiography

Leila Negra / Marie Nejar 1952: 1st Black German Female Performer
Marie Nejar who was known as “Leila Negra,” was perhaps the first post war African-German to follow the footsteps of Josephine Baker, as a “media spectacle.” She was born in 1930 in Germany and survived through luck and help by some well meaning persons the nationalsocialist genocidal German catastropy. Read Marie’s story.

Films With Black Stars Seek to Break International Barriers

???The international marketplace is still fairly racist,??? said James Ulmer, proprietor of the Ulmer Scale, which compiles input from about 100 international film professionals in a periodic rating of stars??? ???bankability.??? In Mr. Ulmer???s rating, Will Smith, the highest-ranked black star, placed No. 12 over all last year, behind Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey and others, notwithstanding industry chatter that has often tagged Mr. Smith as the biggest star today. This state of affairs may be changing.

Source: NY Times