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Set up your budget and stick with it – Kick Butt with your Finances in 2018

New Year’s Money Guide Part 2 Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay. Set up your budget and stick with it Setting up a budget can feel as painful as a visit to the dentist, but here’s a simple rule to make it easy. Look at your …

Gollywogs again
Black Women in Europe

Who wants to bring back the Gollywog? Apparently lots of people.

Lots of people want their Gollywogs back in a big way including a (Spoiler alert) former Labour Party official. Hat tip: @BlackGermans Source: Metro A senior Labour councillor has given her support to a campaign to ‘Bring Back the Golliwog’. Lynn Sterry, chair of the Standards Committee at Forest of Dean district council, shared a …

May Ayim
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May Ayim – Black poet fighting racism in Germany celebrated by Google

Afro-German May Ayim – Fighter against racism Hat Tip: @AfroGermans – Source: Speigel.de Brigitte Sylvia Gertrud Opitz was born in Hamburg in May 1960, her father was from Ghana , her mother was German. May Ayim was her stage name. She grew up in Münster with a foster family, she studied pedagogy in Regensburg, from the mid-eighties she lived …

Black Women in Europe

Should you drink or apply your coffee for a skin benefit?

Caffeine In Skincare: Should You Believe The Buzz? The love story between Britain and its tea is a tale nearly as old as time itself, but recent trends show that coffee lovers are well on the rise. Studies and surveys show that England’s coffee industry pushed 3 billion in sales last year alone, but drinking …

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Decolonizing the Mind – 20 Questions and Answers

News from Power Lister Jennifer Tosch: Congratulations Prof Stephen Small, my UC Berkeley and BHAT Int’l board member! We are thrilled to share this new book with all of you! Producing new knowledge helps to advance the field and definitely helps to inform our tour narratives! The Decolonizing the Mind book is available online.

Thank you
African Diaspora, Black Women in Europe

Her Thank You Restored My Faith in Strangers

Most of my European life has been spent helping others. In no small part because I founded JobsinStockholm.com in 2006. The very purpose of this job board was to help desperate people. I was one of those desperate people, so I knew how they felt. They found themselves in Sweden with English and their native …

Black Women in Europe

Black History Matters! Thanks for asking Metro Sverige

Adrianne George, our Founder, talking ever so briefly to Metro Sverige about Black History Month. She is very grateful her colleagues Sigma Dolins and Alexander Lange – Vice Chair and Chair, respectively of Democrats Abroad Sweden sent them her way. Here is the full interview from which the article above was written:   MS: How come …