2018 Power List
Black Women in Europe

2018 Black Women in Europe™ Power List: A list of Our Own©

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Nov 11, 2018 — The Black Women in Europe™ blog, created in 2006 by Adrianne George, released its 9th Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2017 – A List of Our Own© that pays tribute to 9 outstanding black women in the following categories: Activism, Education, Entrepreneurship, Media, Politics, Society and Writing. …

2018 US Mideterm Elections, Black Women in Europe

If you’re a black American women in Europe it may not be too late to vote today.

I woke up scared today. I know two African Americans who live outside of the US who have not voted in their State’s midterm elections. I feel like I have failed and it makes me cry real tears. But if you haven’t voted and woke up today wanting to, depending on your State you can …

2018 Power List
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Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2018 – A List of Our Own©

Our 9th list. The 2018 awardees are in the following categories: Activism, Education, Entrepreneurship, Media, Politics, Society and Writing. Biorgraphical and more informatoin about the awardees will be published soon. For now feel free to share the YouTube video above and the Slideshare presentation.

I voted
2018 US Mideterm Elections

I Voted in the US Midterm Elections From Sweden. What about you?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for my American sisters and brothers: If (LIKE ME – you did not receive your ballot to vote in the US Midterm Elections you can complete an emergency ballot. Find that here: https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/fwab2013.pdf You will have to go to your State’s board of elections website to research the names of your candidates …

Aleto Foundation
Black Women in Europe

Aleto Foundation Black History Month Leadership Learning Skills day

Are you a graduate or know one that would benefit from hearing from some of our community’s most inspirational leaders? Aleto Foundation is holding a Black History Month Leadership Learning Skills day hosted by the Tri-Forces on HMS President on the banks of the River Thames at St Katherine’s Dock SE1 Tuesday 30th October, and …

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I wouldn’t feel safe onboard Ryanair

Leave our mothers and grandmother alone. It is always precarious travelling while black, especially for a woman. Let’s face it. Women are less valued in society or we would earn the same pay as men, proportionately occupy the same leadership positions as men, and not get punished for having children as career women. Another irrefutable …

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Racialisation and Intersectionality: A Facilitated Discussion

Race and Resistance Across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century Following the BME’s staff network’s Black History Month Lecture ‘Destablising Identities at Home: Racialisation and Intersectionality in a Brexit – Windrush Landscape’ on Tuesday 23 October, this is an opportunity to discuss the issues that were raised. The discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Victoria …

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Black Girl Festival

We’re so excited to share with you the full programme for this year’s Black Girl Festival 2018! From coding to writing articles, from theatre to history lessons on Black british queer women, there’s something for everyone across both of our venues. pic.twitter.com/xllZISAKd3 — Black Girl Festival (@BlackGirlFest) October 21, 2018 OUr Power Listers Paula and …

Yema Ferreira
Black Women in Europe

My mission is to spiritually liberate black and African people all over the world

My name is Yema Ferreira and I am a healer, psychotherapist and life coach. My mission is to spiritually liberate black and African people all over the world, and to be part of the movement to heal the collective trauma of black people and people of African descent resultant from slavery, colonization and neo-colonialism. Part …

Black Feminism
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DECOLONIAL BLACK FEMINISM Cachoeira, Bahia (Brazil) – July 29 – August 2, 2019 Application Readings2017 DECOLONIAL BLACK FEMINISM Cachoeira, Bahia (Brazil) July 29 – August 2, 2019 Application deadline: February 20, 2019   Affiliated Faculty Members: Kimberle Crenshaw, Ochy Curiel, Angela Davis, Patricia Hill Collins, Gina Dent, Angela Figueiredo Contact: blackfeminism(at)dialogoglobal.com   The international school of …

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Our (Queer) Caribbean

Booking is now open for the symposium ‘Our (Queer) Caribbean’ co-organised by Prof. Thomas Glave, Race in the Americas (RITA), and the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research. The event will take place on Friday 26th October 2018, at Senate House, University of London. The keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Alison Donnell and there …

Black Britain
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19 OCTOBER ’18 & 20 OCTOBER ’18 LOOKING B(L)ACK SYMPOSIUM TRAVELS AS GAZE REVERSAL Bernardine Evaristo © Marlon James of Trinidad BERNARDINE EVARISTO Bernardine Evaristo is Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel University and the multiple award-winning author of seven books of fiction and verse fiction that explore the African diaspora, as well as writing short …

Black Sara
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A worthy grave of “Black Sara” – 1st black woman in Kalmar, Sweden

Once she was known in Kalmar, Mazhar Makatemele, the first black woman in town, perhaps throughout Småland. She had been captured by slave hunters in South Africa and taken to Sweden. Here she got the name “Black Sara”. “Kafferkvinnan Sara” stands on her tombstone where she is buried at Södra Kyrkogården in Kalmar. Until recently, …

refugee women
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Triple Disadvantage? A first overview of the integration of refugee women

A first overview of the integration of refugee women 45% of refugees in Europe are women, yet little is known on their integration outcomes and the specific challenges they face. This report summarises prior research on the integration of refugee women, both compared with refugee men and other immigrant women. The report also finds that …

African Diaspora, Black Netherlands

Born in Suriname, raised in the Netherlands, I have always been surrounded and raised by strong women.

In 2009 I opened the first natural hair salon in the centre of Amsterdam, offering several treatments to natural haired ladies. Soon enough parents with  adopted children with afro-  and curly  hair as well as parents with mixed raced children found us.  In that same year I launched my first natural  hair care  line. — JANINE VAN THROO Read her fabulous story …

Kristin Lewis
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Kristin Lewis Opera Singer Benefit Concert

  Biography from Kristin Lewis’ website. Kristin Lewis, a lyrico-spinto soprano, has graced the stages of many of the world’s leading opera houses. Noted for her wellfocused, majestic sound, rich in overtones and possessing a rare blend of piano culture and flourishing emphasis, she has been directed by among the most illustrious conductors. A native of …