Black Women in Europe

Dating in Black and White: A Guide for Black Women

Interracial relationships are becoming quite common these days. Some people are getting used to it and have started thinking beyond skin color and race. Interracial dating is no longer taboo. There are many special websites that support interracial relationships and if you are a black woman looking for white men for romantic relationships then you …

Black Women in Europe

Tell me about the microagressions you experience.

It. Is. Not. In. Your. Head. Wonderful Black women in Europe. It took me researching and writing a chapter in a book about Black Feminism in Europe to realize how many microaggressions I have experienced and continue to experience. Standard definition: microaggression [mʌɪkrəʊəˈɡrɛʃ(ə)n] NOUN microaggressions (plural noun) · micro-aggression (noun) · micro-aggressions (plural noun) a …

Doria Ragland
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Doria Ragland beams alongside her daughter Meghan Markle

Game changer. Mother of the Bride with the Bride. It can’t be easy when all eyes are on you. Doria Ragland, mother in law to Britain’s Prince Harry, simply glowed. The American actress Meghan Markle is arguably not the first woman of African descent to marry into Britain’s royal family but she is the first …

Taking care of business

For too long, our society and institutions have kept women at a disadvantage with regard to money.

Let’s Disrupt Money from Ellevest #ad Our society and institutions have long put us at a disadvantage with regards to money, leaving us at less than full equality: It will be 38 years until the wage gap closes for white women, 106 years for black women, and 230 years for Latina women. Women are 80% more likely than …

Angela Davis
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Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis

Angela Davis to Visit Amsterdam! Save the Dates: May 12 – 17 Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis and her long-time collaborator, Prof Gina Dent, will be a week-long program taking place from 12-17 May at various arts, cultural, educational and heritage institutions, and community centers in Amsterdam. We’re …

Return to your roots
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This is a two day cultural festival for those loving all things natural. A weekend of celebration, embracing Natural Hair, Beauty, Health & Wellness. Day 1 – Saturday 5th – Natural Hair and Beauty Day 2 – Sunday 6th – Health and Wellness A family occasion full of positive vibes and high energy. If you missed …

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It is shocking to see that so little has been done to tackle persistent and widespread racial discrimination in employment across Europe.

No progress in curbing racial discrimination in the European labour market – in particular for women of colour Brussels, 21 March 2018 – Despite anti-discrimination laws, ethnic and religious minorities and migrants continue to face racial discrimination when looking for a job and in the workplace, according to a new report by the European Network …