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Join the March for Black Justice on October 13

20101013 marchforblackjustice philly thumb Join the March for Black Justice on October 13

Africans around the world will march just before Diop’s hearing on Wednesday, October 13. Marches are planned in Philadelphia, Toronto and London, UK so far.

Philadelphia • 8am
Start at 8th & Market
End at Criminal Justice Center, 13th & Filbert

London, UK • 1pm
Start at Bond Street Tube
End at United States Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, WC1A 1AE
Info: 077-2306-7486

The Campaign to Free Diop is part of the larger struggle to end the war being waged on the African community.

Police beatings, frameups and shootings are daily occurrences in the black commmunity. But the police are not the only criminals in the justice system.

The DA defends the criminal activity of the police in court while they work overtime to prosecute African people.

Judges take money under the table from private prisons in exchange for more convictions.

Public defenders and many paid lawyers do nothing to protect their clients’ interests.

Together these forces maintain a prison industry that generates trillions of dollars for the US economy at the expense of African people. Only a court system controlled by the African working class will bring forth justice or Africans!

We are marching to jail the crooked cops, judges and lawyers!

March demands

Free Diop Olugbala – all charges dropped, no sentence!
Reparations to the African community – $1 billion for economic development, not police, prisons and courts
Independent investigation of all cases of Africans who have been brutalized, framed up and killed by police, judges and attorneys
Jail the police, judges and attorneys found guilty of crimes against the people
Immediate release of all African people in prison due to the corruption of Philadelphia’s criminal justice system

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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 7 – Yoruba Girl Dancing

Yoruba Girl Dancing

cropped Bim 3 Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 7 – Yoruba Girl Dancing

Hi. I’m a London-based freelance writer and journalist, writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites. I’m also currently working on a collection of short stories.

On Yoruba Girl Dancing I write about things like race, women, pop culture and feminism, but also silly things like telly, boys and video clips of babies tasting lemons… I love all ‘low’ culture and am a telly and film geek. As such, I’m that annoying person who quotes liberally from the screen – perennial favourites are The Princess Bride, Spaced, 30 Rock and Zoolander.

I am a Word Twist fiend, love books, crosswords, magazines, graphic novels, food and fashion. I wear my ’sandal-wearing, bleeding heart liberal’ badge with pride.

I have awesome hair most of the time.

Link to Yoruba Girl.

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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 5 – Valerie’s World

Valerie’s World

Vals world 300x46 Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 5 – Valeries World

I am single and I am a mother of one grown up daughter. I love things about health, hair, beauty and romantic stories.

Link to Valerie’s World

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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 4 – Ms. Afropolitan

Ms. Afropolitan

Afropolitan Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – England 4   Ms. Afropolitan

About the MsAfropolitan Blog:

- The cosmopolitan African woman

The term Afropolitan is a hybrid of the words African + cosmopolitan. This is a great in depth description if you want to read more about Afropolitanism.

MsAfropolitan (miss Afropolitan) is an analytical lifestyle blog for and by the cosmopolitan African woman.

MsAfropolitan is a resource for those wishing to learn more about the increasingly influential Afropolitan lifestyle, particularly from a female perspective.

MsAfropolitan highlights the issues that affect the African diaspora.

MsAfropolitan aims to highlight the successes and resourcefulness of African women in the diaspora.

About the blogger:

I’m Minna Salami, the founder of this blog.

I call myself Afropolitan as I was born in Finland, grew up in Nigeria and studied in Sweden. I’ve also lived and worked in Spain and New York. Currently I reside in London and Lagos.

I love learning new languages and speak five (well, if I count in shy German).

I’m a fun person although I studied Politics at uni. Really, it’s true!

Sorry, I don’t eat Salami.

I have an affinity for commas that sometimes results in grammatical errors, so, thankfully, this blog, ain’t a dissertation.

I love veggie sausages.

I also love coconuts and EVERYTHING that contains coconut; coconut candles, coconut body lotion, coconut rice, coconut ice cream, beaches with coconut palm trees…

Link to Ms. Afropolitan

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Black Youth Achievements (BYA) Awards nominations are open

nominate mod Black Youth Achievements (BYA) Awards nominations are open

Black Youth Achievements (BYA) CIC is a community interest company based in London. Founded by Kay Oldroyd in October 2008 with the objective of creating opportunities for change for young people aged 8 – 25 and of African / Caribbean / Mixed Heritage in the UK. BYA will focus on positive events and experiences, to redress the balance of negative stereotypes and representations amongst this group.

In 2009 BYA hosted their first very successful event – ‘Black Youth Achievements – The Awards’, which saw 12 finalists out of 400 nominees receive an award. Some of the winners then started on the BYA Mentoring Programme, where they are receiving support from a range of professionals specific to their category. They can then choose to become Peer Mentors to the winner’s of the 2010 awards, creating an ongoing network.

‘Black Youth Achievements’ has a ten year plan which it sees will best support young people in reaching their full potential and help individuals to incorporate their skills, knowledge and talents, empowering their peers during the process. The aim is for young people to gain recognition and become part of the decision making process for their community to aid integration between services, businesses and wider communities.

Nominate a winner today.

pixel Black Youth Achievements (BYA) Awards nominations are open

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