Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Denmark 2 – Siovhan in Scandinavia

Siovhan in Scandinavia

Siovan in Scandinavia

I am an American actress that is getting ready to make a huge move to Denmark with my fiancé. He is handsome, and amazing, and a Dane, and has to return to his country for at least 2 years after completing his masters in Architecture at a school in Los Angeles this September. I’m going with him. We were engaged last July, and plan on getting married next July both in Chicago USA, and in Copenhagen DK. I am beside myself excited about starting a new chapter of my life in Copenhagen. I am a working actress with a bachelor of fine arts degree from a theater conservatory in Chicago, a theater arts teacher, and a certified Yoga instructor. Or you could just call me an artist. I’m ready to take advantage of what opportunities Denmark has to offer, and am ready to take steps to fulfill my dream of performing on many amazing stages in Europe and around the world…connecting people through the stories told onstage. Josephine Baker is a real inspiration for my art and life. I will use this blog to document my move and life in CPH with pictures, videos and all of that good stuff. It will also be a great place for Americans thinking of moving to Denmark, because I will be sure to fill you in on all of my struggles and truimphs along the way. Here we go! This is my journey. This is my story.

Link to Siovhan in Scandinvia

Dyana Gaye’s films is part of CinemAfrica movie breakfast 28 / 3, and Norway’s first African Film Festival

Sunday, March 28th at 10:45 (movie playback starts 11:00) to 14:00

Bio Rio, Hornstull Beach 3, Subway Hornstull

St. Louis Blues
Directed by Dyana Gaye
Senegal (2009), 48 min
Language: French, Wolof, English subtitles

In a dusty parking lot in Dakar waiting six passengers and a tired driver impatiently for a seventh show up, so that they can come off on its journey to St. Louis. Then, suddenly breaking one of the passengers out of an irritated song – “Come then, sometime, so we’ll go!” And the film turns into something as unexpected as a mixture of song and dance film à la Jacques Demy French fifty and a road movie in today’s Senegal. A small film that breathtaking smile that may move in time with the music.

You buy your ticket to the movie breakfast of Bio Rio, . It costs SEK 150 (including breakfast). The ticket then you show up at CinemAfrica info table during breakfast, film, and pay £ 150 for your membership card and CinemAfrica movie Moolaadé.

FILMAFRIKANA – Norway’s first African film festival!

Emilia is in the Swedish Song Contest for the lead up to EuroVision


Emilia Rydberg is a Swedish ballad/pop music singer, mostly known for her hit “Big Big World”. Emilia was discovered in 1996 by Lars Anderson, son of ABBA’s manager, Stig Anderson.

Rydberg’s father is Ethiopian singer Teshome Mitiku; and her mother is Swedish.

In 2008 she released two new singles called “I Won’t Cry” and “I Can Do It”, available as download at all legal download shops. In January 2009 “I Can Do It – The Snoopy Lads Mixes” were released at all legal download shops.

In 2009 she´ll compete in “Melodifestivalen” the Swedish national selection for Eurovision Song Contest. The song is called “You´re My World”.

Visit her website and MySpace page.

Announcing Urban Life – the website of Black culture in Sweden

Andy Collins has launched a great website about Black culture in Sweden.

Andy, a brother from the UK has worked tirelessly to put together an excellent product.

Take a look at and if you like it, share it with others.

And yes, there is Black culture in Sweden!

Meet Danish Singer, Songwriter and Producer Ida Corr

Ida Corr was born in Århus is a Danish singer, songwriter and music producer.

In 2004 Corr collaborated with house producer Morten Trust on “I Put My Faith in You,” a moderately popular dance hit on MoHo Records. She rose to fame in her native Denmark in 2005 with the release of her debut album ‘Streetdiva’ and in 2006 with her follow up album ‘Robosoul’. After creating a special song as part of the Live Earth set of international music concerts, her popularity began to spread outside of her homeland. The song, entitled ‘Mirror 07-07-07’, was played at exactly seven minutes past the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month of 2007.

In 2007 she received exposure in the Netherlands due to her work with Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand, and her most recent self-written single, remixed by Fedde le Grand, ‘Let Me Think About It’ spread to wider Europe quickly. It is the best-selling single outside Denmark from a Danish singer since the Danish bands Aqua and Infernal. In 2008 Ida released the compilation album “One” in Scandinavia. The single ‘Let Me Think About It’ continued its success and reached Nr. 1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay. “One” was released in the United States on August 26, 2008 as the first release on the new founded label “Ministry of Sound US”.

Ida Corr is also member of the band called “SugaRush Beat Company”, that has performed on Later with Jools Holland with a debut album being released in August 2008.

Visit her official website.
Visit her fansite.