Wendy Rådström is a TV journalist and producer in Sweden

Wendy Rådström

Wendy Rådström is a Swedish journalist and television presenter. She has worked as a reporter and producer for Fråga Olle (see the clip from a documentary on the sex industry below), a reporter for the Nobel Banquet in 2007, program manager for Lattjo Lajban on TV4 and on several programs in TV400.

Lorén Talhaoui is a singer, TV personality and inspiration behind a jewelry collection in Sweden

Lorén Talhaoui

Lorine “Lorén” Zineb Talhaoui is a TV reality show participant, singer and producer. She appeared in Sweden’s Idol 2004 , where she finished in 4th place. In 2005 she released her single “The Snake” with the group Rob’n’Raz. She is a presenter on TV channel TV400 She also has her own jewelry collection.

Lucette Rådström is a TV journalist and presenter in Sweden

Lucette Rådström

Mary Lucette Rådström is a Swedish journalist and TV program presenter and has worked for Swedish TV 4 since 1998. She is originally from Brazil. She previously worked on ZTV as the host for the program Efter plugget between 1997 and 1998. On New Year’s Eve 1998 and 2005 she was one of two hosts for TV4’s celebration.

She has also worked on På rymmen, Lattjo Lajban, and participated in the Gladiators.

This is her at work:

Sarah Wamala, BSc, MSc, PhD, is the Director-General of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health

Dr. Sarah Wamala, is the Director-General of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health since 1st November 2008.

Public health is as important as economics for development and should be given the priority it deserves!

Prior to this appointment she worked as the Head of Department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at Stockholm County Council and as associate professor in community medicine at Karolinska Institute.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Sarah Wamala on Swedish Radio below.


Dr. Sarah Wamala has a PhD in medicine with focus on public health sciences from Karolinska Institute and is trained in economics, public health and epidemiology at various universities including Makerere University (Uganda), Stockholm University (Sweden), and Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Tufts University (USA) and Cambridge School of Public Health (UK).

Dr. Sarah Wamala has written extensively both scientific articles in international scientific journals and debate articles in daily news papers on wider determinants of health and relevance of preventive strategies and interventions that promote health, save lives and save money.

Dr. Sarah Wamala (together with Dr. Ichiro Kawachi at Harvard School of Public Health) is among the first to edit a text book on globalization and health (by Oxford University Press, New York), including a critical analysis of the benefits and shortfalls of globalization for health.

Bokrelease för “Afrosvensk i Det Nya Sverige” – Book release party for AfroSwedes in the New Sweden

AfroSvenk book cover

Den viktigaste boken i år!

Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Folkoperan
Street: Hornsgatan 72
City/Town: Stockholm, Sweden
Email: cecilia.garding(at)afrosvenskarna.se

Description”Afrosvensk i det nya Sverige” är en ny gymnasiebok som kan användas i både Svenska, Samhällskunskap och Historia. Boken behandlar Afrika och Europas gemensamma historia samt beskriver hur det är att vara ung och afrosvensk i dagens samhälle. Detta är den första boken av sitt slag i svensk historia där Europas relation med Afrika tas upp från ett objektivt och spännande nytt perspektiv.

Detta är också den första boken som berättar om hur afrosvenskar lever sina liv i Sverige och hur de ser på sin framtid här. Genom publiceringen av denna bok har 23 nya författare med afrosvensk bakgrund blivit till. Detta har dubblerat antalet afrosvenska författare i Sverige. I dagens mångkulturella samhälle behöver vi fler böcker som berättar om de ungdomar som lever i Sverige samt berättar något om deras bakgrund. Vi behöver även böcker som stärker ungdomars möjligheter att motverka rasism som sätter ord på deras erfarenheter.

Announcing Urban Life – the website of Black culture in Sweden

Andy Collins has launched a great website about Black culture in Sweden.

Andy, a brother from the UK has worked tirelessly to put together an excellent product.

Take a look at UrbanLife.se and if you like it, share it with others.

And yes, there is Black culture in Sweden!