Welcome Laura Bazile as Black Women in Europe™ private network administrator.

My decision to move the private Black Women in Europe™ Social Network off of Ning and into two private groups on Facebook and one on LinkedIn was bittersweet. The thought of moving something you created out of personal need and social commitment and built up to over 900 members was sad. What if I loose members? But then again, what if I get more members? What if we grow and enable ourselves to prop each other up even higher? Can I do this all alone? Of course not. But it needed at least one other sister in Europe to step up and say,

“My role here will come as a support of Adrianne’s amazing work”.

Well not exactly that but that is indeed what Laura Bazile, Events professional, fellow sister in Europe, and generous soul said after the announcement was made. She volunteered to be a Facebook group administrator (for sisters in Europe, and sisters on both sides of the Atlantic) even with her busy life running her own business in France and the UK. Yay! I said. And thank you. Laura is a giver (like me). She faithfully writes a Sisters Sharing Knowledge series for the Black Women in Europe™ Blog where she gives professional insights into her work. She describes herself as addicted to travelling, meeting & helping people (I can vouch for that), a blogger, and founder of |SocialRendezvous©| a blog by Laura Bazile. She is a consultant @blufreelance_ (events marketing boutique agency).






Merci beaucoup Laura! Cheers. I am very grateful for your support! I thank you and our network thanks you.

Kick the year off with a new logo – exclusive offer for Black Women in Europe™ Social Network members

Happy 2011! Kick the year off with a new logo – exclusive offer for Black Women in Europe™ Social Network members

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To the members of the Black Women in Europe Social Network on Ning

Hi Ladies,

This is your last opportunity to let me know if you can help keep our network on Ning. I am having second thoughts about moving platforms after reviewing your profiles during vacation.

We are rich in members in so many ways (diversity, locations, talents, etc) that I do not want to loose any of us in a transition.

You are needed to take a few minutes to answer a few questions, once and for all via our Black Women in Europe Social Network survey link.

Hugs from Sweden,


“I want more health tips, networking and social networking gatherings”.

I am working on resolution #1 this week:

resolution #1

1. I resolve to give the Black Women in Europe™ blog readers and social network members exactly what they ask for.

I’ll take the information gleaned from our 3rd blog and 2nd social network anniversaries survey in 2009 and literally give my readers and social network members, who responded from Australia, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Rwanda, United Kingdom and the United States, what they asked for as far as features and content.

Tara in the UK wants “more Health tips, networking and social networking gatherings”.

1. Thanks Tara! Here’s a healthy tip I am going to eat using this raw food recipe from Rev. A. McKenzie in London:

Black-eyed Pea Salsa
200g/7oz sprouted black-eyed peas
1/2 cucumber, peeled & diced
2tbsp diced red pepper
2tbsp diced yellow pepper
1 clove of garlic, puréed
Paprika to taste
Juice of 1/2 a lime
3tbsp olive oil
Combine the ingredients and mix well. Add the lemon and olive oil last. Season to taste.

Did you see the post last month about getting Aliesh Pierce’s skin care secrets? She’s a professional make up artist who has worked in Europe, New York and is now in Los Angeles.

I’m inviting sisters who work or have worked in Europe as doctors, nurses, researchers, aestheticians, Yoga instructors, and/or dieticians to send me your health tips so that I can share them here and link back to your website. Equally I would love to know what health tips you have from your mother, grandmother, best friend or other trusted source.

2. Tara, and other sisters in Europe, please join the Black Women in Europe™ group on Linkedin. Sisters in Europe are also invited to join the Black Women in Europe™ social network.

Sisters are invited to send me information about networking events in Europe. I am happy to include them in the events section here on the blog. Be sure to send photos afterwards as I’ll share those in the events section too.

3. There will be a Black Women in Europe™ social network gathering in Washington, DC early this month. If you are in the DC area (social network members only) email me with your full name and number so that I can pass your information on to the organizers.

A Gathering of Sisters Recap

A Gathering of Sisters Recap: Honoring Adrianne George, founder of Black Women in Europe™, Women of the African Diaspora Networks and co-editor of Black Expat Magazine

New BWIE SN logo Andy

On August 1, 2009 about 15 ladies from the Black Women in Europe™ and Women of the African Diaspora social networks and readers of Evia Moore’s Ezine, at the bequest of Lorraine Spencer, gathered at the home of Katrice N. Jones on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Sisters were in town from Philadelphia, New York and Stockholm as well as the Washington, DC metropolitan area and were treated to a regional delicacy, crab cakes, fruit, veggies, chicken, sweet and savory patisseries and smoothies.

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In between the jovial and robust conversations, among women in a variety of professions, about world travel, autism, and living in Asia, Europe and the United States we were treated to massage therapy by Barbara Hakal of Hakalistics Healing Hands.

And no one left empty handed but instead with swag bags filled with treats including the career book for women, Ambition is not a dirty word, soothing help for high heel wearers appropriately called “Soulmates”, a Pingo calling card and more.

“This is the second time Lorraine has pulled us together as a group. The first time I met some of the sisters from the Black Women in Europe social network was in January 2007. I was in from Sweden visiting my parents in Washington, DC and called Lorraine”, Adrianne George explains. “I put the word out in the network and Lorraine, Didi and Katrice met me at the Washington Marriott. We had a good time. But when Lorraine pulled the network together this past January for ‘A Room Full of Sistahs’ it was magical. So many members were in from Europe for Obama’s inauguration”, says George. “Our August event felt just as good”.

Autism: http://www.AutismAnthem.com
Black Expat: http://www.BlackExpat.com
Black Female Interracial Marriage: http://www.BlackFemaleInterRacialMarriage.com
Black Women in Europe™ Social Network: http://BlackWomenInEurope.ning.com
Hakalistics Healing Hands: http://www.hakalistics.org
Women of the African Diaspora Social Network: http://WomenOfTheAfricanDiaspora.com

Books: http://www.AmbitionIsNotADirtyWord.com
Booklets: http://www.LAForFreeAlmost.com
Book marks: http://www.DivaToolBox.com
Phone Card: http://www.pingo.com
Gift Certificate: http://ImpactLifeCoaching.info
Soulmates: http://www.Soulemates.com

B.W.I.E Social Network Inauguration Meet Up

If you are a member of the Black Women in Europe Social Network and will be in Washington, DC for Obama’s Inauguration please contact me no later than 7 January on contact(at)blackwomenineurope.com.

Two members of our group have organized a meet up for us on the 17th. Members from France, Greece and Sweden will be there as well as sisters coming in from Philadelphia and the Washington, DC Metro area.