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Ellen Brudet – Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2016 – A List of Our Own©

Power List 2016

Ellen Brudet, Entrepreneurship: The Netherlands, Creator of dolls of color

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In her own words:

My name is Ellen Brudet and I’m 49 years young … mother of two beautiful boys (28 and 14) and myself a child of a mixed marriage.

* My father Surinamese and my mother * Dutch . I am a proud Moksi Baby.

When I was a child, around 1966, it was hardly possible to get a puppet with brown-skin. The moment my mother finally found a doll of color I had no interest. Why? Because I was already accustomed to the white dolls, I think. For my mother, of course, this was very annoying and quickly became sad because all she ever wanted was that I could identify myself.

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Her own words were, “Every child should have a brown doll”. And I am living her words!

Colored Goodies opened its doors on February 14, 2016.

It is the very first Black Doll Gift Shop in the Netherlands and I am more than proud. My oldest son said to me, “Mom … you will leave a nice legacy”. Yes … its true …. I made history with my shop 🙂

Editor’s note: Ellen has since discovered hers is the first black doll shop in ALL of Europe!

Ellen Brudet, Gift Maker: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

Ellen Brudet, Gift Maker: B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary Shero

B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

I chose Ellen Brudet to be a Black Women in Europe Blog 10th Anniversary Shero because she creates strong and playful images that reflect what I see in the mirror. She is an entrepreneur graphic designer who was creating cards and logos when I met her what must have been 8 or 9 years ago. She’s even hosted me in Amsterdam and anyone who lovingly gives me a place to rest my head and feed me is very special.  I first blogged about Ellen in 2007. She’s also a Shero because she now has an exclusive line of dolls that again, reflect what I see in the mirror.  Ellen is also a mother and friend and makes everyone in the black community she inhabits feel a little bit happier when they see her Coloured Goodies creations

Thank you for making lovely coloured goodies Ellen.

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Taking Care of Business in The Netherlands-AESN-Coloured Goodies-Emancipation-Keep Track Concierge

These sisters are taking care of business in The Netherlands. They are building communities, serving our community, restoring calm to busy exeuctives and travelers, and using their artistic talent to express our community. Take a look:

The Afro European Sisters Network (AESN) is a site that focuses on networking black women in and outside of Europe. As women tell their stories it allows others to learn lessons from their lives. Sharing this knowledge will also empower women with the ability to become one.

Look at Sandra’s website here.

Coloured Goodies is een multicultureel relatiegeschenken webwinkel opgezet in Juli 2006.

Coloured Goodies betekent letterlijk vertaald Gekleurde Cadeautjes. De reden dat deze naam van toepassing is op de webwinkel, is omdat alle producten die Coloured Goodies biedt, het doel hebben mensen van een andere cultuur en van een ander ras zich ge??dentificeerd te laten voelen bij het kopen van een persoons gerichte give away (cadeautje).

Coloured Goodies heeft een assortiment van wenskaarten, schilderijen, baby/trouw/doop showerartikelen, etc, etc. Dit alles met een culturele insteek.

Of je nu Surinaams, Antilliaans, Marokkaans of Turks bent, Coloured Goodies kan je advies geven en je zelf laten zoeken naar het juiste cadeautje of wenskaart voor jouw geliefde. Ook maken wij ontwerpen geheel naar uw wens.

Coloured Goodies is vernieuwend door haar multiculturele aanpak en vernieuwend assortiment. Visit Coloured Goodies here.

EMANCIPATION is an exclusive lingerie line designed for the fuller black woman.

Conceived as a backlash to the trend of increasing emphasis on physical appearance, we at EMANCIPATION realized that the masses still do not have the right concept of beauty. Beauty lies within and as the saying goes, ???is in the eye of the beholder.???

Visit Emancipation here.

Keep Track Concierge is a European Lifestyle Management Company that was started in the North West of The Netherlands by Nicole Delamore. My career started in Investment Banking, but over the years moved towards International Communications. As a business professional I am well aware of the challenges a normal day can carry and the stress that goes with it. Visit Keep Track Concierge here.