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Black American Expats – Don’t miss your deadline to request your absentee ballot

In order to vote absentee ballot in the November election you must request your ballot from your State before it’s deadline.

160 proud black voter transparent white Black American Expats   Dont miss your deadline to request your absentee ballot

The Proud Black Voter Blog has a great post including all of the State deadlines. Click on their badge above directly to the post. Read that post today and take action. Use votefromabroad.org to request your ballot online.

Be sure to let your fellow Expats know time is running out for them to do the same.

Want to do more? Find a way to get people in the US to the polls. Be a community organizer.

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Americans Living Abroad Can Contribute to the Obama Campaign

1st family2 300x225 Americans Living Abroad Can Contribute to the Obama Campaign

One of the remarkable things about Obama’s campaign has been his engagement with people across demographics and the enthusiasm felt for him by Americans living abroad.

Until recently it was not possible for Americans living abroad to contibute to the Obama campaign without a US address. Well, we asked for it and we got it! If you’re an American living outside of the United States of American, you can make your contribution(s) here.

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Barack Obama in Berlin

Anyone in the Munich-area, that would like to hop on the “Obama Express” bus to Berlin, who has not already reserved a seat, should send an e-mail post-haste to:

dag-munich (at) democratsabroad.org.

The bus is open to eyeryone, not just DA members or US citizens (although the more of those the better).

We will be leaving Munich sometime on July 23rd (as early as possible) and returning very late on the 24th.

These dates are now jour fixe!

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Bonnie Greer

BonnieGreer Bonnie Greer
Playwright and critic Bonnie Greer was born in America. She studied theatre in Chicago with David Mamet and in New York with Elia Kazan.

She has lived in Britain since 1986, where she has worked mainly in theatre with women and ethnic minorities. She has won a Verity Bargate Award for Best New Play and has played Joan Of Arc on the Paris stage.

She has had many plays produced by Radios 3 and 4, including a translation of The Little Prince, and her latest play, Jitterbug was presented in London in 2001.

She is working on a play for the National Theatre Studio. Her musical “Solid” had a workshop production in Stockholm for the National Theatre of Sweden. Her co-produced documentary, “Reflecting Skin” was shown over the BBC in 2004 and she is currently in pre-production with another about the education department of the Royal Opera House.

Bonnie’s second novel, Riding The 903, was published in 2005. Other books include How Maxine Learned to Love Her Legs and Other Tales of Growing Up Bonnie Greer, and Hanging by Her Teeth (90′s) Bonnie Greer (Hanging by Her Teeth (90s) Bonnie Greer for US readers).

Bonnie is a trustee of the British Musuem.

Read Bonnie’s articles in the New Statesman.

Listen to Bonnie on BBC Radio.

pixel Bonnie Greer

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