Welcome Laura Bazile as Black Women in Europe™ private network administrator.

My decision to move the private Black Women in Europe™ Social Network off of Ning and into two private groups on Facebook and one on LinkedIn was bittersweet. The thought of moving something you created out of personal need and social commitment and built up to over 900 members was sad. What if I loose members? But then again, what if I get more members? What if we grow and enable ourselves to prop each other up even higher? Can I do this all alone? Of course not. But it needed at least one other sister in Europe to step up and say,

“My role here will come as a support of Adrianne’s amazing work”.

Well not exactly that but that is indeed what Laura Bazile, Events professional, fellow sister in Europe, and generous soul said after the announcement was made. She volunteered to be a Facebook group administrator (for sisters in Europe, and sisters on both sides of the Atlantic) even with her busy life running her own business in France and the UK. Yay! I said. And thank you. Laura is a giver (like me). She faithfully writes a Sisters Sharing Knowledge series for the Black Women in Europe™ Blog where she gives professional insights into her work. She describes herself as addicted to travelling, meeting & helping people (I can vouch for that), a blogger, and founder of |SocialRendezvous©| a blog by Laura Bazile. She is a consultant @blufreelance_ (events marketing boutique agency).






Merci beaucoup Laura! Cheers. I am very grateful for your support! I thank you and our network thanks you.

A message for sisters in Europe and sisters who want to connect with us.

Let’s stay together and grow.

On the closure of our private network on Ning:

I want to be clear that I am only closing the private social network on the Ning platform. I am not giving up on the original purpose of having a social network dedicated to providing sisters in Europe a safe space, a place to meet friends, network, share information, encourage each other and even do a little business. That mission continues, now via other channels.

Exclusively for black women living in Europe:


If you are a black women living in Europe I invite you to our private group on Facebook for social networking and LinkedIn for professional networking. Both of these groups are the only ones of their kind. Just think of the possibilities!  I still believe that it is important for us here in Europe to have our own network as a support system as we deal with daily life in Europe.

For African American women and our sisters around the world:


A need that became apparent after the formation of our network was a platform for sisters outside of Europe to network with sisters in Europe to seek advice, information, and a personal take on life in Europe. For that reason I formed our Facebook group that is open to black women living in and outside of Europe.

Join the private Facebook group for black women in and outside of Europe. This too, is the only group of it’s kind with a focus on linking sisters in Europe with sisters primarily in the US, but also around the world.

Let’s not forget what started it all:


Most importantly the multiple award-winning Black Women in Europe blog (another first) ,the inspiration for the social network, continues and will continue to shine the spotlight on the ordinary and extraordinary lives of black women living and thriving in Europe.

Thank you for your emails and support and I remain excited for the future. Not only mine here in Europe but all of ours.