Etzia competing to represent Sweden at EuroVision 2017

Source: SVT

Etzia in Melodifestivalen 2017: Want to help other women

On Saturday it’s time for debutant Etzia to take the stage in Malmö Arena with the song “Up”. The song is an energetic and full motion and Etzia want with it spread joy and warmth in February cold. But her participation also means a lot to her in her efforts to help other women get around in the music industry.

Etzia has a cheerful number with lots of dancing. But her contribution also stands for something much bigger and more important. Etzia has for several years been working to help other girls in the music industry through the organization Femtastic. The organization is a music network that works to highlight the girls in hip hop and urban music culture and to try to even out the difference between men and women.

Male-dominated industry

– The goal is to promote the live scene to make it 50-50 between men and women and giving women the confidence to take on more in all artistic disciplines, says Etzia.

Etzia explains how the music industry and particularly in just hip hop and urban music is male dominated and it can be difficult for women to take place. Even in Melodifestivalen Etzia mean that there have not been many women who have come forward as a songwriter but more and more people take for themselves.

– It’s only a matter of time. It is time now, says Etzia about the change.

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Camilla Henemark and Army of Lovers strike out at Melodifestivalen

This week we watched ‘Hotel Rawanda’ instead of Melodifestival this week. But we were able to catch the voting to see who made it to the final and second chance rounds. We forgot Army of Lovers was competing. My Swede said they were good, before.

Hmmmm. Well Army of Lovers is a Swedish dance music group which formed in 1987, and has had a number of hits in Europe throughout the 1990s with songs such as “Crucified”, which was number one on the Eurochart for eight consecutive weeks. Not this time Army.

Mary N’Diaye got robbed, or in other words, why didn’t she make it past round 1 in Melodifestivalen?

So siked I was to cheer Mary on in Melodifestivalen, the Swedish Song Contest in the lead up to Eurovision. Here’s her performance in round 1:

She didn’t receive enough votes to go directly to the final or the second chance round. The name of the song translates into cuddle and is used by kids (so I’ve been told). But I can’t imagine Mary doesn’t appreciate the experience, and it looks likeshe had a fun week leading up to the competition.

And life for the talented office goes on. Most recently she was spotted at a Mercedes Benz Stockholm Fashion Week party.

Emilia is in the Swedish Song Contest for the lead up to EuroVision


Emilia Rydberg is a Swedish ballad/pop music singer, mostly known for her hit “Big Big World”. Emilia was discovered in 1996 by Lars Anderson, son of ABBA’s manager, Stig Anderson.

Rydberg’s father is Ethiopian singer Teshome Mitiku; and her mother is Swedish.

In 2008 she released two new singles called “I Won’t Cry” and “I Can Do It”, available as download at all legal download shops. In January 2009 “I Can Do It – The Snoopy Lads Mixes” were released at all legal download shops.

In 2009 she´ll compete in “Melodifestivalen” the Swedish national selection for Eurovision Song Contest. The song is called “You´re My World”.

Visit her website and MySpace page.