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Brussels, 8 November 2017

Over 26 West African females, suspected to be from Nigeria and aged 14-18, have been found dead in the Mediterranean Sea in the recent days. The death of migrants at sea, from being a “tragedy” once, has now become a “norm” in Europe.

In the case of Sub Saharan females whose lives have been lost en route to Europe, it is an outcome of the border management aggressively pursued by the European institutions. It is also an outcome of systemic male violenceperpetrated against women at every stage of their journeys, outside and within Europe.

While the Italian authorities are investigating this criminal case, European Network of Migrant Women condemns, in strongest terms, this act of Violence against Women, and is calling for timely, lawful and effective investigation in which the primacy of human rights should be respected above “security”, “political” and “economic” motives, in accordance with the EU Treaties and Charter of Rights.


WE DEMAND that this act of violence is recognised for what it is – Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and Femicide, i.e. murder of women motivated by patriarchal attitudes towards females as a group that sanctions treating women as male property to be owned, exploited, violated and deprived of life.

WE DEMAND that the perpetrators of this act of violence are brought to justice in full strictness of available laws, including the Istanbul Convention, EU Anti-Trafficking Directive, EU Victims Rights Directive, CEDAW, UN 1949 Convention, Palermo Protocol and Geneva Convention.

WE DEMAND that the authorities responsible for restoring justice to those victims who have survived as well as the families of those who have not, do so by actively cooperating with the specialised services – feminist experts on VAWG, women’s shelters, migrant women organisations – as stipulated in the European laws and policies.

WE DEMAND that the European authorities recognise the devastating impact of militarisation of European borders, stop imposing financial pressure on external governments to “manage migration”, and put an end to EU subsidising “detention centres” in Africa that have now become unofficial trafficking, sexual exploitation and slave markets.

WE DEMAND that now, as Europe is coming towards the end of Year of Focused Action to Combat Violence against Women, the European authorities explicitly acknowledge the links between the European market of prostitution, Trafficking in women, Violence and Femicide, and commit to concrete actions to eliminate these inter-connected forms of VAWG.

WE DEMAND that those men in Europe who demand sexual access to female bodies through commercial transactions are finally held accountable for their anti-woman and anti-human-rights attitudes and behaviour.


It is for these men that the women are trafficked to Europe. It is because of these men, they are now dead. It is these men, along with the traffickers and exploiters, not their victims, who have to be called to justice.


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Enterprise Nigeria – a Nigeria Trade Mission with the African Caribbean Business Network in the UK

ACBN on behalf of our member and partner Compass Consulting, are delighted to introduce to you the above event, which is the 4th in a series of annual Trade Missions and Exhibitions held in Nigeria, 20-25th September 2010.

The Enterprise Exhibition aims to forge linkages between businesses from Nigeria, African Union, United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America and Canada whilst promoting Trade and Investment. The Event, which was initiated in 2007 is organised by Compass Consulting UK in partnership with the UK Trade and Investment, Greater London Enterprise OneLondon, Federal Ministry for Commerce and Industry (Nigeria), the Bank of Industry (Nigeria), Lagos State Government, the British High Commission (Embassy), and a host of other organisations within the Organised Private sector in Nigeria. Register Now!

Background Information to the Event

The Enterprise Exhibition is the first Event of its kind to bring UK Businesses and Entrepreneurs from the African Diaspora to Nigeria on a Trade Mission/Exhibition with the aim of putting them in touch with the vibrant and diverse Nigerian Business Communities. The core objectives of this multi agency platform are to promote Investment through International Trade/Global Partnerships, and the exchange of learning and good practices as Business Communities across Continents dialogue and exhibit goods and services.

The 2010 Enterprise Exhibition

The focus of this year’s Exhibition is to host Nigerian Businesses and Businesses from Europe, United States of America, Canada and other parts of Africa. Through partnerships and collaborations with Key Organisations and Stakeholders across Continents, the event aims to provide a framework that will support and fast track the integration of businesses across the board into the Global Market Place.

Highlights of the Event

v Road Shows in Abuja and Lagos Exhibition of Goods and Services
v Field visits to Industries in Key Sectors – Abuja and Lagos
v Export-Focused Workshops
v Case Studies of Successful Entrepreneurs from the Diaspora
v Conferences on Female Entrepreneurship and Supporting SMEs

Event’s Symposium:

Topic – Harnessing Diaspora Resources for Africa’s Development – A Case Study of Nigeria.

For international entrepreneurs interested in hearing more about opportunities in African and how this successful event now in its fourth year can help you – please register your interest here. We will forward to you the necessary information and forms to complete your registration with all necessary contact details.

Register Now until July 09, 2010!

Through the eyes of 5 black women in Oslo +Happy birthday Mommy!

QUEENDOM offers spectacular live performances with a conscious and positive message. Through energetic music, slam-poetry and strong vocal harmonies, this performing arts collective aims at entertaining audiences in a humorous and intelligent way. Queendom has developed a unique sound based on their musical heritage – from blues and soul, to highlife, soukouss, reggae, hip-hop and slam poetry. Welcome to the new face of Scandinavia – welcome to QUEENDOM.


Queendom is based in Oslo, Norway, and draws on the talent and experience of five performing artists with backgrounds from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Trinidad and Gambia. Queendom was established in 1999, and as an all black, all female performing arts collective, it is still unique in Norway. The members are professional actors, journalists, singers and songwriters.


Queendom aims to create both socially aware and entertaining performances. Presenting original material, they touch on themes relevant to their everyday lives, such as racism, identity, women’s issues – as well as universal issues of friendship and love. Queendom is both thought-provoking and fun! Using political satire as their trademark, the group has succeeded in creating public debate and making audiences both think, feel and dance – truly a mind, soul and body experience.


Queendom came to the attention of the Norwegian public in 1999 after the premiere of the cabaret ‘Queendom On The Rocks- the world seen through the eyes of five Black women’.

Since then Queendom has produced another two comedy shows, a satirical book, a TV mini-series and continues to compose new, inspiring music.

In 2007 they launched ‘Queendom in concert’ at the Oslo World Music Festival, featuring the respected and versatile South- African guitarist Louis Mhlanga.


Queendom now tours and performs extensively as a popular world music band, around Norway and abroad.

They have performed at numerous events hosted by commercial companies, festivals, state institutions and NGO’s.

Audiences include several Nobel Peace Prize laureates, ministers and members of the Norwegian royal family – as well as ordinary people of all ethnic backgrounds.

QUEENDOM MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/watch

QUEENDOM MUSIC ON MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/queendomproductions

How to get in touch:

E-mail: booking@queendom.no

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