Are you a young Black expat? Voting info for you!

Are you an 18-29 year old Black expat? Maybe you’re doing a semester of college overseas. Or you have an internship at a US multinational or international company abroad. Perhaps you were born to AMerican parents but have never lived in the US. Whatever your situation, don’t miss your chance to vote in the November US Presidential elections.

Youth Vote Overseas (YVO) brings you the online tools that will make your overseas voting experience easy and fast. Register to vote, look-up election official contacts, check filing deadlines and access help desk services ??? it’s all here for you at YVO.

Black Expat Voters in Stockholm Know Their Votes Count

Democrats Abroad Sweden had a voter registration event in Stockholm this week. It was just one of their many voter registration events and fundraising activities.

Black Expats realize the importance of voting absentee ballot. I was happy to meet several others who are proud to exercise their right to vote.

Go to Vote From Abroad today(!) to request your absentee ballot.

Vote From Abroad

The whole world is watching to see who the American people will choose as their next President. In fact they are even voting:

Vote For President

While their votes don???t count towards electing the US President, the votes of Black American Expatriates do. Are you prepared to cast your vote?

Whether you are a student studying abroad, active duty military, a long time expat, or just traveling abroad during the election you can register to vote and/or request your absentee ballot online using the Vote From Abroad website:

Vote From Abroad

State deadlines to request your ballot or to register are fast approaching, so sort yourself out today.