Tjejmilen 2017


Tjejmilen 2017

The 34th edition of Tjejmilen took place on Gärdet and Djurgården in Stockholm on Saturday 2 September. 30,000 participants ran or walked Tjejmilen, Sweden’s largest sports event for women. 

Tjejmilen 2017

I participated in the Fun Run in 2013, 2015 and again this year.

Tjejmilen 2017

Two sisters came in from the US to participate. One is a former Stockholm resident.

Tjejmilen 2017

Source: Tjejmilen

An Ethiopian sister took 2nd place in the elite race category.

Tjejmilen also provides an opportunity for participants to support education for girls.

I’ve already signed up for next year.

Lola Akinmade Åkerström’s bird’s-eye view of Stockholm

An urbanist’s guide to Stockholm: ‘Find your own secret space and own it’

Lola Akinmade

My name is Lola Akinmade Åkerström. I was born in Nigeria, studied and worked in the United States, and moved to Stockholm for love many moons ago after giving up my life as a system architect working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). That was in 2009. Coming from two boisterous cultures – Nigerian and American – Sweden as a whole was an initial shock to the system. Life slowed down tremendously and the words “work-life balance” slowly crept into my psyche.

Today, I’m a freelance travel writer and photographer who contributes to many major publications. My photography is represented by National Geographic Creative and I’m also the editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm – a site that encourages travellers to my city to slow down, re-examine their motives for visiting, and get to know the city on a much deeper level. Yes, Stockholm truly is that superhot person who is also a modest rocket scientist. Getting beneath its surface is challenging but rewarding.

Read the full story on The Guardian.

Nice things happen to me in Sweden – My first Tjejmilen

On the 30th Anniversary of the Tjejmilen, I decided to participate. It is the biggest sporting event for women in Sweden.

Ready to walk
Ready to walk.

I signed up in the walking category so we were the last two groups to start the race.

Her canine babies.
Her canine babies.

This was the category for women with baby strollers, walking sticks, and newbies like me.

Me and Germaine.

I walked up on Germaine, we hugged, took a photo and I kept on moving. She was in a zone.

My Swede popped up to take my pic.
My Swede popped up to take my pic.

This may be around the 3 km mark, in the park and just by the restaurant where we took my mother on her most recent visit. So I thought of her as I walked by.

Beautiful course.
Beautiful course.

We walked a beautiful 10k course that took us through some of Stockholm’s prettiest paths.

My and my bottle.
My and my bottle.

One bottle of water lasted me the entire time. I only needed half of it. I did consumer half of a banana and a small power bar too. I got hungry.

Some of the dozens of volunteers.
Some of the dozens of volunteers.

Of course there were water stations along the route. Toilets too and at one point, we could take an energy tablet, that was chewable, from the hands of the dozens and dozens of volunteers.

Some of the live entertainment on the course.
Some of the live entertainment on the course.

My Swede described the event as a follkfest. There was live music at different stages along the course. How fun!

The second spot where my Swede popped up.
The second spot where my Swede popped up.

My Swede had the course map so I never knew where he may pop up. Can you imagine how much fun it was for him to surprise me?

Yay! I did it.
Yay! I did it.

What a great feeling to cross the finish line, pick up a medal and celebrate. And I didn’t event break a sweat. How cool is that? Ha ha!

My Swede had a congratulatory rose for me.
My Swede had a congratulatory rose for me.

I got the medal, the rose, and the Swede. It was a good, no GREAT day.

Tjejmilen journey
Tjejmilen journey with my time.

Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

Kendra Williams-Valentine and the European Business Plan of the Year – Very tasty

Source: Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

SSES at European Business Plan of the Year

Kendra getting up close and personal with the local butter at the Borough Market

Kendra getting up close and personal with the local butter at the Borough Market.

SSES was represented on June 7-9 at the London Business School by Kendra Williams-Valentine. Her business idea for flavoured cultured sweet cream butter, tentatively called ‘Better Butter’ left left judges and competitors skiing for more in the finals of the European Business Plan of the Year Competition.

Kendra has developed a special process for making the butter where she can meld organic ingredients to create unique flavour profiles. She had a couple of delicious varieties with her in London that were served to the jury after her presentation – on knäckebröd, of course – and later the same night to her competitors with a barbecue dinner, showcasing the versatility of the product.

The team didn’t make it all the way this time but with the support and valuable feedback from the jury Kendra felt like they came out as the winning team anyway. “We of course would have preferred a win, but I am certainly not ashamed of the reason why we did not, the business concept and team are genuine. We got so much enthusiasm and great feedback from everyone, I feel like ‘I’ should have paid out a cash prize myself.” On representing SSES Kendra said “it was great to represent SSES at the competition; it was easy to see how interdisciplinary cooperation shapes SSES contenders to stand out from a crowd of the more traditional MBA students.”

Dr. Terrence Brown who coached the team and noted that “The jury had no doubt this business could succeed. The only question was how big Kendra wanted to take it. The only strong critique centred on why she was not already selling the product.”

Congratulations to Kendra, and we are looking forward to trying or better still, buying Better Butter.

Editor’s note: I know Kendra and am so proud of her! I have been fortunate enough to taste her cooking and am looking forward to her new venture. It is sure to be tasty.

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The Maisha (Swedish African) Inspirer of the Year Award went to Caroline Cowan

Caroline Cowan
Winner, Caroline Cowan, on the right

Caroline Cowan is the Inspirer Award winner!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a moving picture worth? More so how much is it worth for a woman of colour? The award for Inspirer of the Year goes to a successful scriptwriter and director, whose stories for both the big screen and the little screen both affect and effect.

A woman whose filmography includes TV dramas, short films, commercials and music videos. A woman whose integrity and passion for film should serve as an inspiration for other black women to come to the fore, and get behind the lens. With a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Fine Art, and the merit of being the only Swedish film director nominated at the Venice Film festival in 2007.

She is living proof that there is a place for black women in the film and TV industry in Sweden.