The 2010 Maisha (Swedish-African) Artist of the Year is Jaqee

Jaqee is a singer songwriter, whose songs are both personal and political. Who dares to defy, where dozens comply. She is both charismatic and courageous, inspirational and infectious.

She is a two time Swedish Grammy nominee; a member of Nationalteaterns Rockorkester, and in the span of 5 years, has recorded and released four albums covering soul, r n’ b, blues, big band jazz, rock and reggae. She defies categorization, borders and genres.

The 2010 Maisha (Swedish-African) Entrepreneur of the Year is Awa Ndao

The award for Entrepreneur of the Year went to Awa Ndao who has shown great resilience in the face of adversity and overcome a destructive and oppressive marriage to create a thriving business, centered around, extensions, braids, plaits, dreadlocks and cornrows.

It is a business she has run successfully for six years. Her success has led to such accolades as a collaboration with fashion giant Elle magazine. She was and is also instrumental in creating a platform for African hair and fashion to be showcased in Sweden, by way of a mastodon hair and fashion show involving a host of models and live music. A show that she plans to hold annually.

But perhaps the most striking of her achievements has been to introduce one of kind, diploma certified, courses in extensions, dreadlocks, braiding and platting.

The 2010 Maisha (Swedish-African) Woman of the Year is Professor Hannah Akuffo

The Woman of the Year was awarded to Professor Hannah Akuffo, who was recognized for her extensive efforts in the field of research, in the immunology of leprosy and the mechanisms of resistance to the infections caused by the parasite leishmania.

Her contributions in this field include showing the importance of natural immunity to leishmaniasis in humans, and the consequences of co-infection of HIV with the leishmania infection. Her studies also include significant efforts to develop an affordable tool for the diagnosis of the causative agent of river blindness. At present, she is involved in the study to find a method for improving the results of the anti-tuberculosis vaccine, BCG, in low income countries, through de-worming.

She has served a telling 12 years in the research steering committees of the World Bank , the United Nations Development Program and the World Health Organizations’ special program on Tropical Disease Research. And yet, with all of these achievements, she still finds the capacity to supervise PHD candidates, mentor young scientists, chair the European Malaria Vaccine Initiative and raise three daughters!

The Hannah Akuffo Group at Karolinska Institute in Sweden – Hannah is a nominee for the African-Swedish Woman of the Year


The research area of my group is directed at a closer understanding of parasites in influencing the human host immune response. Specifically we have studied the participation of Natural Killer (NK) cells in Leishmania infection, the pathogenesis of ulcer formation during cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) and the contribution of helminth infection in immunity to tuberculosis.

In 2006 I was appointed Adjunct Professor at MTC. For 80% of my time, I am the Head of the Division for University Support and National Research Development (UNI), at the Department of Research (SAREC), of the Swedish International Development cooperation Agency, Sida. The division is responsible for research, research training and other research capacity strengthening support to currently 12 countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia, namely Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Laos, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. In addition I represent Sweden on two boards (EMVI, European Malaria Vaccine Initiative & EDCTP, European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership) that work for developing products and clinical testing of interventions against malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. In my own right a member of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee of the Tropical Disease Research (TDR) program based within WHO in Geneva.

See Hannah’s groups’ publications and projects.

Maria LLerena is the Queen of Salsa in Sweden and a nominee for African-Swedish Woman of the Year

Caramba is run by Maria Llerena. Maria has in her entire life engaged in Afro-Caribbean music, songs and rhythms from her homeland Cuba. Maria has toured internationally in many countries and has performed with many famous artists including Edmondo Ros Orchestra, The Mills Brothers, and Josephine Baker.

Maria became famous in Sweden when she appeared on TV in Hylands Corner 1967 the girl from Havana. Among the Swedish artists including Mary have performed with Maria, and other include Evert and Sven-Bertil Taube, Lill-Babs, Siv Malmqvist and Cornershop.

For the fifteenth year in a row, Maria has arranged Maria Baby Salsa Eurhythmics on Mosebacke terrace. It has become something of an institution for young parents. Many activities are also available in locations around Sweden from Skåne to Norrbotten!

When it comes to arranging entertainment, music, dance and celebration, we at Caramba can organize a good suggestion for a successful event.

Caramba is best remembered for the Salsa Babies / Children rhythm that only we engage in Sweden. Course leader and creator of this method is Maria Llerena.

All Caramba activities, performances and courses start and are continuously carried out on site with clients / customers. Caramba will be happy to come to your home / company / school / party venue and arrange courses.

Awa N’dao is a nominee for Swedish-African Woman of the Year

The name African Magic Salong is named for the amazing continent where the owner Awa was born and to raise awareness about Africa as a continent, the word Magic mirrors what we think we do every day. We create works of art that should feel “magical” and special. The art of doing wonders with your hair is a family heritage and our motto, miracles that environment will not be able to tear his eyes away.

Awa N’dao

African Magic Shop is owned and operated by Awa N’dao. The salon has been around since 1998 and specializes in hair extensions, dreadlocks, braids and lace wigs. What makes the African Magic Salong unique is that we are targeting both European and Afro hair and that we see our customers as sources of inspiration.

Each customer is unique and contributes with her personality and her thought to make the African Magic Salong better and better. We have received much praise for the way we respond to customers and their desires and we wish to continue in that line. It should feel like an experience to step into the salon and therefore our decor and the staff contribute to this. There is always coffee or tea with us as a means to promote knowledge sharing on all planes, whether if it’s dreadlocks, hair extensions, or Africa, you want to discuss.


African Magic Lounge OBJECTIVES:
To be Stockholm’s first and best hair salon specializing in both Scandinavian and Afro hair.
African Magic Lounge VISION: Whether you are a woman or a man who wakes up with “a bad hair day” directly refer to African Magic Shop where we perform “magic” on your hair.

Ölandsgatan 48 (Subway Skanstull)
116 63 Stockholm
Tel: 08-644 01 64
Mob: 073-181 92 70
Mon-Sat: 10 – 19
Sun: Closed
We are located approx. 200 meters walk from the Ring Shopping – Skanstull
Take the green subway train to Skanstulls subway station.
Bus 4, which runs between Gullmarsplan and Karlaplan (Radio House).
Bus 3, which is between the Karolinska Hospital and Söder Hospital

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