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Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2017 – A List of Our Own©

Black Women in Europe™: Power List 2017 – A List of Our Own©

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Ronke Lawal asks Do Black Women Need To Leave The UK To Be Successful?

Do Black Women Need To Leave The UK To Be Successful?

by Ronke Lawal

In April 2014 I was quoted in Pride Magazine (not a cover girl yet but I’m working on it) “Do Black Women Have To Leave The UK To Be Successful?” http://pridemagazine.com/
Unfortunately I cannot find a link to the full article online but here is an image from the print version. The piece looks at the high number of black women who leave the UK for overseas, in particular The USA to find success.

In the piece I was quite adamant that black women should really be focusing on their countries of origin for love and support, with so many opportunities across Africa and The Caribbean I could see why I said it. Whilst I still think, as members of the Diaspora black women should look to our countries of origin for support & opportunities, I must say that I am now more passionate than ever for Black women to be recognised in their birth countries or their countries of residence. As black women in UK and indeed across Europe struggle to be acknowledged the fight is tough but certainly worth fighting.

We do not live in a vacuum and deserve to be given the same opportunities as women from all backgrounds. We should not have to leave The UK to find success. It’s a challenge but if we all leave to go to The US who will be left to fight for the equality of future generations.

Pride Magazine
Pride Magazine
What do you think? Do Black Women Need To Leave The UK To Be Successful?

Entrepreneurs: What does your telephone number say about your business?

British flag

When you decide to reach out to a company using the telephone do you hesitate to call if they do not have a toll-free number? Do you have your own business in the UK? Think about your current clients or customers and potential clients and customers. Are they not calling because of the expense to them?

Maybe you’re not UK-based but have or want clients in the UK. What does your telephone number say about your business?  Does it say I am small? Does it say I am local only? A toll-free number makes it easy for your customers to call you. Along with a local number you can offer a toll-free number to attract customers across the UK.

The Internet has leveled the playing field in so many areas, for one enabling small businesses and 1 person consultancies to create an International presence. On the Internet businesses can provide detailed information about who they are. It is a platform to highlight expertise. And above all on the Internet anyone can sell services and goods without ever coming face-to-face with your customer. Toll-free numbers can do the same thing by making a small business look big.  If you are unsure of which number to choose click here for more information on 0845 numbers.

BME Concern – making a difference in the UK and Africa

BME Concern

We are BME Concern


Our vision:

A world where there’s no hunger, where an African woman can feed her family and an African child can survive and develop to his full potential.

Our mission:

To inspire support for the empowerment of minority women (in the UK), inspire support for the African village woman and achieve sustainable and lasting change in reduction of poverty for the African village woman.

What we do:

In Africa we work in African villages to set up Village Enterprises for women, small businesses to generate income to feed children and sustain a family; we run medical surgeries and AIDs awareness campaigns.

In the UK, we support women in distress, help women back to work and run Youth projects that educate the youth about African culture and Norms.

What you can do:

Support our Village Enterprise Appeal, investment in the African village woman, and save a generation of children from a life of hunger and poverty:

Tahira Jumah: UK Singer


Tahira, has forged a solid reputation as a singer with a unique vocal style. an accomplished singer/songwriter whose five octave range and strong visuals, has secured her sessions and / performances with artist as diverse as:- Patrick Adams, Odyssey, Ronnie Jordan, Gabrielle, Major, China Black, Skip McDonald (Tackhead), Angelo Starr, Sheena Easton, Sessions with both David & Carrie Grant, As well as singing for Royalty and at numerous high profile functions and a recording/writing project with Patrick Adams.

Always maintaining a strong presence on the Live circuit. Tahira has also been concentrating her talents in recent months in the recording studio on a new solo project in which there has been a lot of interest both at home and abroad…. Her musical pedigree is impeccable and her performance style exquisite an Artist to watch out for!