Your absentee ballot vote is critical.

Your vote is critical. Register now at Vote From Abroad

Twenty-five states, including nine swing states ??? Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, ??? have registration deadlines in the next two weeks.
Voters in the following states (who have not yet registered and/or requested their ballots) must ensure that their FPCAs are sent in NOW!

Oct. 4 ??? Illinois, Nevada, South Carolina
Oct. 5 ??? Alaska, Mississippi
Oct. 6 ??? Colorado, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wyoming
Oct. 8 ??? Missouri
Oct. 10 ??? Idaho, New York

All of these states except for NY and WY will accept faxed FPCAs. Please use the following US fax number: +1-703-693-5527 (the toll free numbers in many parts of the world do not work). All faxes are received in Virginia by the Federal Voting Assistance Program. The FVAP will log in the date and time that the fax was received and then forward it on to your local election official. For deadline purposes, your form is deemed received when it arrives on the FVAP’s fax machine, but you still must MAIL the original form to your local election official.

Exceptions: NY and WY do NOT accept faxes. The only way to meet the deadlines for NY and WY is to ensure that your original FPCA arrives in the local election office by mail no later than the deadline. (NY and WY will also accept FPCAs by commercial courier.) NOTE: FPCAs need NOT carry a foreign postmark!

Later Deadlines: The other states have later registration deadlines. Check them here: Democrats Abroad and watch for our forthcoming Voter Alerts. You can expect these every few days through October.
To check the status of your registration, check Democrats Abroad. If your state is not listed, contact your local election official. You can find this information at Vote Smart.

Americans Living Abroad Can Contribute to the Obama Campaign

One of the remarkable things about Obama’s campaign has been his engagement with people across demographics and the enthusiasm felt for him by Americans living abroad.

Until recently it was not possible for Americans living abroad to contibute to the Obama campaign without a US address. Well, we asked for it and we got it! If you’re an American living outside of the United States of American, you can make your contribution(s) here.

I’m voting for Obama from Sweden

My absentee ballot for the DC Democratic Delegation arrived in the mail today. Yipee!

If you are an American living overseas have you requested your absentee ballot for November?

If you don’t receive one in the worst case scenario, you can use a Federal Write In Ballot that you can download, print out, fill out, and mail in.

Visit Vote From Abroad for more information.

Have you shared the Vote From Abroad video with your American friends overseas?