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Join the midterm election watch party in Stockholm on November 2, 2010.

On November 2, Americans will determine whether Democrats or Republicans will run the House and Senate. Follow the race with fellow Democrats at Democrats Abroad Sweden.

Come talk with other Americans in Stockholm about their views on the U.S. mid-term elections on Tuesday, November 2, at the First Tuesday election watch party hosted by Democrats Abroad Sweden.

Where: Herman’s Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: Fjällgatan 23a
Time: 18.00-22.00 (6 pm-10 pm)
Entry: Free, open to the public

“There’s a lot at stake”, says Democrats Abroad Sweden Chair Peter Dahlen. “Today, Democrats control both chambers of Congress, but Republicans hope to regain control”.

Over the last several months, volunteers from Democrats Abroad Sweden have reached out to voters throughout the country about the importance of the November elections.

Americans will cast their ballots for 435 House seats, 37 of 100 Senate seats, and 37 gubernatorial elections.

The party in power in each house runs the committees, the most powerful bodies in Congress. Committee members control which bills come to a vote, and bills that committees approve can affect issues such as taxes, immigration, health care, energy policy, and education.

“There are 2 choices voters face in November-moving America forward or going back to the failed policies of the past”, adds Dahlen. “It’s taken two years just to stop digging the hole we were in when President Obama took office. Now we have to give him two more years to continue creating jobs and re-energizing the U.S. economy”.

Please join us November 2 to talk politics and public policy and to follow the early election returns. And please remind every American you know to vote!

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