Editor’s note: I met Kass in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was part of our Democrats Abroad delegation to the Democratic National Convention. She was in Charlotte to help manage our press requests and interviews. Kass is also the Chair of the Italian Country Committee of Democrats Abroad and I liked her right away. Good energy.

About Kass:

Kass is an international events organizer, media production consultant and motivational trainer and speaker. Born and raised in Boston, she’s live in NYC, Paris and currently resides in Rome, where she owns and runs a boutique B&B with her husband Marco out of their 1923 villa.

Here are some questions that she uses daily to motivate and inspire herself and others:

What can I add to my life today that will bring me more ease, joy and glory?

What is you were the change the world is waiting for? Are you being you?

What else is possible?

How does is get any better than this?

Contact Kass for more information about Access Learning or her B&B.

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