What the hell is this?


What the hell?
What the hell?














Cecilia Gärding, a dynamic young and beautiful Zulu, British and Swedish woman bought to light for me the above pic snapped during last weekend’s Stockholm Gay Pride Parade. What the hell? I do know that participants have to be approved by the organizers, as Democrats Abroad Sweden was allowed 15 participants in the parade.

So the question is, “who approved these two in blackface and whatever the heck it is they have on?” Who I ask.

Dear Gay Pride
Dear Gay Pride,








Above is the letter I sent the organizers.

More about Cecilia Gärding: she is a writer and editor for the book “Afroswedish in the new Sweden, and also a filmproducer who made the first film against hatecrimes toward afroswedes named “We are like Oranges”.

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  1. Here is the picture of the actress in black face. Thank you for sharing this Cecilia Gärding.

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