Any contribution I receive for my expenses will be great, greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
I am one of 8 Democratic National Committee (DNC) members elected by Democrats Abroad (DA). My term is 2016 – 2020. The DNC meets twice a year in the US. I live in Sweden. I am born and raised in Washington, DC at before 2016 at least one of the DNC meetings was held in DC. That has not been the case for me so far. We met briefly in Philadelphia, met again in Atlanta to elect new leadership and are now meeting in Las Vegas with Association of Democratic State Chairs starting on October 17.

State party DNC members are volunteers. As a DA DNC member I represent the millions of Americans who live outside of the US and vote in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territories. I am also the Global Volunteer Coordinator for Democrats Abroad and that is also voluntary. In that role I work to help our global caucuses form and have the members they need to accomplish their goals.

To attend our fall meeting in Las Vegas my expenses are:
Flights – $511
Airport transfers – $22
Hotel (we are sleeping 4 in a room) – $180
Meals – $150

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