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It’s time to put your hard-earned money where your mouth is and use it to support black women-owned/led companies. Ellevest has put together a list of over 100 such businesses. Here is an excerpt and link to the full list.

Black women have been starting businesses faster than anyone else — much faster, actually. Over the past five years, companies owned by women overall grew by 21%, according to the annual State of Women-Owned Business. But companies owned by Black women grew by 50%. Put another way, these represent 42% of new women-owned businesses over those five years. Nearly half! That’s three times population share, and it’s damn impressive.

A collage of squares featuring images from women-owned businesses Elle West, Empress Collections, Golde, and Au Naturale Cosmetics.

Image credit: Image credit: Women-owned businesses Elle West, Empress Collections, Golde, and Au Naturale Cosmetics.

But systemic racism and a culture of white supremacy stand in their way. The revenue gap between businesses owned by Black women and the “average” woman-owned business is wider than any other. And a full 99% of Black women describe themselves as “sidepreneurs,” with their business as part-time rather than full time. (Even though many would prefer to leave the workplace — where Black women are routinely and disproportionately paid less, blocked for promotions, and harassed — behind.)

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*Ellevest clients must have a US bank account.

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