2008 us presidential election

Democrats Abroad needs one minute of your time (important information on voting in the Global Presidential Primary)

Here at Democrats Abroad we have just launched a new database and e-mail system which will help us serve you better ??? including letting us provide internet voting for the Global Presidential Primary from February 5-12, 2008.

Our new system allows you to log in with your own password and update your own contact details. If you want to vote in the Global Primary, we need you to take a moment right now to click on the link (below) to our new web site, create your own password, and verify that all your voting details are correct. Remember to also tick the box which indicates your intention to participate in the Global Primary.


This really only takes a minute, and in addition to letting you register for the Global Primary, it will give you access to all the new features of the Democrats Abroad web site as we roll them out in the days and weeks ahead, including online discussion forums and access to the latest information from all the candidates??? campaigns.

Don’t forget that in addition to internet voting, the Global Presidential Primary will also allow voting between February 5-12 by mail, fax, and in person at Voting Centers around the world. Log on to the site for more details.

Many thanks for your help and best wishes for the New Year ??? may it be happy, healthy and Democratic!

Christine Schon Marques
International Chair
Democrats Abroad
430 S. Capitol Street, SE
Washington, 20003

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