Black Women in Europe

Deutschland Black and White by Noah Sow

Singer and activist Noah Sow is also an author! Her new book titled Deutschland Black & White is now out and available for purchase.

Non-Germans may be surprised to learn about the existence of numerous Black Germans (Schwarze Deutsche) who have always been here. Even the most cautious estimates say that there are far more than 1,000,000 Blacks currently living in Germany, most of whom are German citizens. This makes up more than one percent of the country???s population. Nevertheless, many Germans are unfamiliar with this fact and would never guess that their own country has a Black minority. This is due to the lingering phantasm of German nationality being defined by racial terms. Up until today, the majority of Germans likes to pretend that all Germans are (must be) white and whoever is not white simply cannot be German. This belief prevails to the extent that many even have the opinion that there can???t be racism in Germany as there are no Black Germans. Both, of course, are wrong.

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  1. Eddie G. Griffin says:

    Germany is where the ideology of white supremacy began. The Teutonics considered themselves the “purest” of the Aryan nationalities… ideation based upon blood hair and blue eyes.

  2. Black Women in Europe says:

    That’s why it is so exciting to see young sisters like Noah Sow that are so passionate about their black Germaness. Their history is long and rich and no doubt they are strong people.

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