Tiphanie Jamison
Black Netherlands, black Holland

I laugh a lot because I am a dork and a legend in my own shower. 

Because we can save ourselves, I want you to meet Tiphanie.

The Natives (the Natives are my 4 babies 8 and under Twins +1+1) are sleeping or at least pretending to be… so I have a few minutes before the youngest among them summons for his middle of the night libation. LOL Hey there from the Netherlands (some people refer to it as Holland, but that’s actually a province not a country—the equivalent of referring to the US as New York LOL) …

Tiphanie Jamison

Currently, I’m on the first page of google and bing for Leverageable Income.  My biz philosophy, is “Never Compete Create”… Generate Revenue WHILE Building Authority and Differentiation– Multiple Streams of Cash Flow and Wealth By Creating an Unduplicatable Category of 1 for Which YOU ARE the Immediate and Only Authority-Harnessing the Power of 2 Psychological Principles + Leverage+ Automation… It’s not about visibility it’s about Memorability and I share with peeps crazy enough to differentiate themselves WHILE building cash (aka being RAD revenue, authority and differentiation™), how they can literally stop sounding like everyone else by removing forgettable words™ from their messaging and capturing the buying brains of their prospects, no shams, or yuck required in hours not months, weeks or yearsJ… simply by solving problems … so you are like Seducing Your Prospects to Choose YOU Creating Win/Win situations While Staying True to Yourself, Having Fun and Your Self-Respect intact… without BS or Hype.  As a single mom,  I need to get as many 2fers as I can get, so that’s why I got to bundle up my results. LOL   Let’s see… that’s about it for now.  

Tiphanie Jamison

While the Natives are multi-lingual, learning the language is “on the list”… so maybe l someday, when I am less busy (never) I’ll learn the language. LOL  Much to the horror of the Natives, see mystery meat debacle on my feed…   #NativesTaughtMeaLessontoday 

I believe in infusing YAY energy into everything I do, because hell, I am just tired of feeling broke and battered after a lifetime of abuse, heal, recover, abuse, heal recover… this is one cycle that is so not fun.  

Oh, I love cereal and sports… probably in that order…. And I am NOT hip or cool, so please don’t get that impression. I laugh a lot because I am a dork and a legend in my own shower.  Lmbo  YAY!

Tiphanie Jamison

Tiphanie Jamison

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