2008 us presidential election

Remember my dream? If you’re an American abroad, don’t sleep, VOTE!*

My dream? Yes the one of a Black President in the US of A.

Following Barack Obama’s victory in the Iowa Caucus,

I knew that he would be attacked as a means to draw votes away from him in the New Hampshire primary. In fact I’ve been wondering what Billary was concocting:

Edwards is taking a different route:

while Barack Obama is trying to keep his momentum going!

Will New Hampshire provide a second big blow to the Clinton campaign? Will the results strengthen Edwards’ position? Will Obama win again?

If you are an American who will vote from abroad, like me, and you are a Democrat, be sure to participate in the first ever primary just for Democrats Abroad in February. You must join Democrats Abroad before January 31st to vote online, or you can join at a polling site.

*This post does serve as an edorsement of a Presidential candidate. The views expressed here belong to the author.

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  1. FantasyIslander says:

    check out this very interesting site http://www.huckabeevsobama.com

  2. kenyatta says:

    I very much prefer John Edwards to Barack Obama and all other candidates. Edwards has stayed true to his anti-poverty, fighting for the poorest and most in need, 2004 mantra of “One America”. Edwards launched his campaign in 2007 from the site of Hurricane Katrina where he had been actively working to help blacks who suffered rebuild their homes and their lives. I like Barack. But, he is a symbol that has already begun to stand for a false proposition that American blacks have overcome. He is one very fortunate and gifted man. For most of us, nothing could be further from the truth. Whites flock to Bararck because the very thought of him immediately absolves them of any residual sense of guilt, duty, or resonsibility that many, subconsciously and consciously, harbor, regarding the abominable, unrepaired, American breach to blacks and its continuing effects. I’d prefer to see Barack remain in the US Senate for now. Let John Edwards set the wheels of substantive change in motion, and once Edwards has laid the foundation, Barack would be great to continue where Edwards leaves off. Just my view, may not be popular, but mine, nonetheless.

  3. Black Women in Europe says:

    A lot of people don’t want Obama to be President, so perhpaps you do hold the popular opinion.

    When it comes down to it, it may take a white man to beat a white man in a Presidential election. It always has.

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